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  • Understand the principle of kubernetes apiserver


    preface The whole kubernetes technical system is composed of declarative API and controller, and Kube apiserver is kubernetes’ declarative API server, which provides a bridge for the interaction of other components. Therefore, it is very important to deepen the understanding of Kube apiserver. Overall component function Kube apiserver, as the only entry for the whole […]

  • Cast in PHP


    Friends who have studied static language development will not be unfamiliar with type conversion, such as Java, c#, C + +, etc. The advantage of static languages is that variables must be forced to specify types, which is also the requirement of compilation, so most compiled languages will have the requirement of mandatory variable types. […]

  • CRD resources of container scheduling system k8s


    Previously, we learned about k8s node stain and pod’s tolerance to node stain. For review, please refer to:https://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/14255486.html; Today, let’s talk about expansion k8s related topics; The process of creating a resource object on k8s We know that in k8s, resources have types. Different types of resources have different definitions and fields; When a user […]

  • Read kubernetes apiserver principle


    preface The whole kubernetes technology system is composed of declarative API and controller, and Kube apisever is the declarative API server of kubernetes, and provides a bridge for other components to interact. Therefore, it is very important to deepen the understanding of Kube apisever. Overall component function Kube apisever, as the only entrance of the […]

  • Myna learns from k8s (3): how to create resources in kubernetes


    In the last article, we have successfully deployed a demo service of golang to k8s environment. We used the yaml configuration file when deploying. Today, we will briefly introduce how to create resources in kubernetes. In kubernetes, all objects are resources, which can be created by commands or configuration files. Command line create resource Through […]

  • About Android resource


    1 what is resource In Android, resource refers to the use of additional files and static content in the code, such as bitmap, interface layout, interface string, animation description, etc. We place resources in the catalog for individual maintenance, such as strings in images and code. In addition, spare resources shall be provided for specific […]

  • [original sharing by Ruiyi] tomcat8 parameter optimization


    Tomcat8 performance optimization1、 Download addresshttps://tomcat.apache.org/dow…2、 Optimization1: Disable AJP connection (disable it if nginx is used)2: Adjust thread poolMaxthreads = “1000”: the maximum concurrency is generally recommended to be 500-1000Minsparethreads = “50”: number of initialization threadsPrestartminsparethreads = “true”: maximum number of waiting queues openedMaxqueuesize = “100”: maximum number of waiting queuesMaxIdleTime = “60000” MaxIdleTime: maximum number […]

  • How to use the tag editor


    When creating alicloud resources, you can bind labels to them. For the created resources, you can also add, change and delete tags in batch on the resource list page or through the API. When the following more complex problems and scenarios are encountered, how to solve the label problem quickly? ResourcesLarge spanYou need to label […]