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  • The MacBook Pro screen shows how to set up the 2880 × 1800 resolution


    Apple’s recently released MacBook Pro screen display resolution supports 2880 × 1800, which makes many users feel very happy, but they don’t know how to set it. Now Xiaobian will teach you several methods of setting it. Setting method:  Mode 1:SwitchResX A third-party plug-in allows you to run a custom display resolution on any screen. […]

  • Customize camera with Camera2 API for Android


    preface Because the project needs to customize the camera, the author learned about the Android API for camera. Android SDK 21 (lollipop) has abandoned the previous camera class and provided Camera2 related APIs. At present, there is little information about Camera2 API on the Internet. The author collects online information and makes a summary here […]

  • Solve the problem of false screen font under win10 low resolution


    Scope of application Applicable when ClearType is off, all text on the screen (except uwp application) is blurred but not sharp. resolvent In visual effects, check “smooth screen font edge” first, then apply, then uncheck, and then apply! The font in the picture is blurred because the picture is scaled, not because the font of […]

  • Setting CentOS console resolution graphic explanation


    Solution: modify the bootstrap configuration / boot / grub / grub.conf Ll / boot / grub / # view grub directory There is a grub.conf file in this directory, which is the one to be modified. Some people modify menu.lst. As shown in the figure, menu.lst is connected to grub.conf, that is, modifying it is […]

  • Several recent must see visual reviews are recommended, including Gan, transformer, face super-resolution, remote sensing, etc


    Compile | CVReport | I love computer vision (wechat ID: aicvml) This paper introduces the relevant reviews in CV field since the first half of 2021. Package and download are attached at the end of the article. Gan overview Gan inverse mapping problem: a comprehensive survey(GAN Inversion: A Survey) Gan inverse mapping refers to transforming […]

  • CSS pixel and mobile terminal different screen adaptation problem


    Pay close attention to “learning front end seriously” Join us to study together and make progress every day This article starts with WeChat official account. pixel resolving power What we usually call the display resolution is actually the resolution set on the desktop, not the physical resolution of the display. But now LCD has become […]

  • Solve the problem that Ubuntu can’t be full screen


    problem   when opening the Linux operation interface in VM VirtualBox, click the full screen mode in the view, but the actual interface size does not change. As shown in the figure below: solve Search settings in the interface to find the settings Open the settings and find the display options Change the resolution After […]

  • svg


    Inline svg What is SVG? Svg refers to scalable vector graphics SVG is used to define vector based graphics for networks Svg uses XML format to define graphics The quality of SVG image will not be lost when it is enlarged or changed SVG is the standard of the World Wide Web Consortium Svg advantages […]

  • Image interpolation algorithm and its implementation


    Sensor, codec and display device are all based on pixel. High resolution images can present more details. Due to the limitations of sensor manufacturing and chip, we need to use image interpolation (scaler / restore) technology, which is low-cost and easy to use. At the same time, the technology can also enlarge the region of […]

  • VirtualBox centos8 adjust resolution


    1 Overview VirtualBoxInstallation completeCentOS8After that, the resolution cannot be adjusted and additional tools need to be installed. 2. Install dependency package First, make sure that the virtual machine is connected to the network, and then install:kernel、kernel-core、kernel-modules、kernel-devel、gcc、make、perl、elfutils-libelf-devel: sudo yum install kernel kernel-core kernel-modules kernel-devel \ gcc make perl elfutils-libelf-devel inspectkernelWhether the source code is consistent with […]

  • Computer monitor can’t set 1440 x900 resolution. What should I do?


    1440 * 900 is not found in the resolution, and the graphics driver has been updated to the latest. But still not how to do, today to bring you a quick solution: custom settings: 1440 * 900 Software name: Driver wizard 2015 v9.2.0802.1223b Chinese official installation version of intelligent detection hardware and automatically complete the […]

  • How to modify the resolution of a computer


    If the resolution of the computer is too low, it will cause great damage to people’s eyesight. If your computer is too large, the smaller the screen resolution is, the more blurred it will be. On the contrary, the smaller the display screen is, the clearer the picture will be. The higher the resolution is, […]