• Hardware deblocking, software deblocking and key message processing of keys in embedded devices


    Key processing device in embedded system Key A button is a two – state switch equipped with an elastic device: on and off Due to the action of elastic parts, the button is disconnected most of the time From the perspective of circuit, the role of button is open circuit and short circuit Buttons are […]

  • Pit filling – about IIC communication


    ​01. Overview In previous articles《Stm32iic details》The IIC protocol is explained in detail, and the use is the official Manual of NXP. The demo example uses IIC to read the RTC chip, which runs normally without any problems. And updated《IIC stepped pit》, describes the problems encountered when using IIC to read RTC chip, and solves them […]

  • Memory on SOC


    SOC has application based memory. These memories are semiconductor memory blocks for calculation. Semiconductor memory usually refers to metal oxide semiconductor memory cells fabricated on a single silicon wafer. Memory types include: Volatile memory: memory that will lose data after power failure. They require a constant power supply to store information. Volatile memory is faster and […]

  • Everspin MRAM FAQ


    Everspin technologies, Inc. is a global leader in the design and manufacture of MRAM and STT-MRAM. Its market and application fields involve data persistence and integrity, and low latency and security are very important. Everspin MRAM products are widely used in data center, cloud storage, energy, industry, automobile and transportation markets, laying the strongest and […]

  • STM32 GPIO details


    The following will explain the GPIO function according to the GPIO block diagram in the stm32f207 reference hand. 01. I / O interface circuit The I / O circuit block diagram with FT shows that 5V voltage can be tolerated 1.1. Common input In the normal input mode, there are three modes with pull-up and […]

  • STM32 touch key


    This paper will use the capture channel 1 of stm32f207 timer 12 to realize the touch key function, which will be applied to the input capture function. Please see the previous article for details《STM32 input capture function》, refer to the development board of punctual atom for code and circuit design. 01. Touch key principle Touch […]

  • Working principle and technology of MRAM


    Ram is a storage technology that uses electron spin to store information. Nonvolatile MRAM has the potential to become a general-purpose memory, which can combine the density of storage memory with the speed of SRAM memory, and always maintain nonvolatile and high energy efficiency. MRAM memory chip can resist high radiation and can operate under […]

  • Digital potentiometer-x9c103piz


    The digital potentiometer is mainly used to establish the voltage to voltage ratio circuit, which is not suitable for series connection of pure variable resistor and external resistor 1. It can carry small current, generally in 1mA ~ 3mA 2. Its internal resistance is connected through MOS tube, so it is greatly affected by voltage, […]

  • Primary analog circuit: 8-5 micro signal measuring circuit


    Back to the catalog As an ideal amplifier, op amp is widely used in small signal measurement. This section introduces two common measurement circuits. 1. Micro voltage measurement For the measurement of micro voltage (several millivolts), in today’s digital technology has been very developed, basically not a problem. Using an operational amplifier and an in-phase […]

  • How to overcome resistance in agile Transformation — the power of invitation


    Almost all agile transformation projects encounter resistance from managers (Management), employees or other departments. In this article, we will explain why you encounter resistance and how to eliminate or reduce it. Why do we encounter resistance to agile transformation? Isn’t it to improve people’s working environment and make them more efficient? Let’s assume agile is […]

  • Automatic driving system positioning and state estimation – Recursive Least Squares Estimation


    The above-mentioned ordinary least squares estimation and weighted least squares estimation assume that all measurement data are collected in advance. But in practical application, the measurement data may be flow type, for example, the position measurement system continuously measures the vehicle position at the frequency of 100Hz. In the high-frequency update frequency, there are more […]

  • What is STT-MRAM?


    With the increasing availability of promising nonvolatile memory architectures to increase and potentially replace traditional volatile memory, new SOC level memory testing and repair challenges are emerging. By taking spin transfer torque MRAM (STT-MRAM) as the leading trend of embedded MRAM technology, power is enhanced What is STT-MRAM? Embedded memory IP options include STT-MRAM, phase change memory […]