• Windows installation of MySQL multi version Master Slave replication


    Install the following versions of MySQL under windows7:1、mysql-5.7.282. Mysql-8.0.20: main database3. Mysql-8.0.20: slave database 1、 Mysql-5.7.28 install and enable 1.1 download and install Installation free version:https://cdn.mysql.com/archives/mysql-5.7/mysql-5.7.28-winx64.zip Installation version:https://downloads.mysql.com/archives/community/ I use the installation free version and extract the file from the following path: F: mysqlmysql-5.7.28-winx64 1.2 configuration information First, create a new one under the path […]

  • Kiss — simple CSS animation display


    This case is the learning result of the class. This article is only used as the learning summary record. Welcome to learn and exchange. 1、 Display 2、 Conception Using technology: HTML + CSS Div box model Position positioning fixed element position Pseudo class manufacturing elements (blush part) 3、 Implementation HTML partial three-tier structure (container + […]

  • How to reset root password in Ubuntu system


    Many people have a problem, that is, they like to set their passwords very long and complicated. As a result, no one can prevent them, but they successfully prevent themselves For modern people, especially young people, have forgotten the password experience. In this article, let’s learn how to use theUbuntu 18.04 LTSandUbuntu 20.04Reset the forgotten […]

  • Android anr principle


    Introduction to anr Anr: application not responding. In other words, if the application does not respond to the input time of the main thread, that is, if the application does not complete its response to the input time of the main thread, that is, if the application does not complete its response to the input […]

  • Ajax anti shake & throttle


    What is anti shake Anti shake strategy (debounce)When the event is triggered, the execution will be delayed for N seconds. If the event is triggered again within this N seconds, the timer will be re timed benefit: it can ensure that the user will not execute the callback frequently and will only be executed once […]

  • Sourcetree rolls back the code to the specified version


    May all the detours you have gone through become a beautiful rainbow in the end 1. Open sourcetree, select the branch, find the version to be rolled back, right-click and select “reset XX to this submission” 2. Choose force merge 3. Find the latest version, right-click, select “reset XX to this submission” and select “soft […]

  • Explain the difference between git reset and hard


    Generally, we submit code in the process of GIT add, GIT commit – M and git push. Add to the temporary storage area, submit to git library to generate version number, and push to remote warehouse for others to use. This is a complete and very smooth process. However, the actual development is not so […]

  • Explain the difference between git reset — hard and git reset — soft


    Sometimes, an incorrect commit has been made, but the remote branch has not been pushed. If you want to undo the commit, you can use the GIT reset – – soft / hard command. 1. The difference between them is as follows Git reset – – soft: back to a certain version, only the commit […]

  • Explain the idea git reset option in detail


    1. Objectives Demonstrate the effect of GIT reset options in the figure below. 2. Git reset operation instructions The figure shows: his will reset the current branch head to the selected commit, and update the working tree and the index accoding to the seleted mode. intend: This action resets the current branch pointer to the […]

  • Practical development case 2 of using swote project in laravel (back end actively divides scenarios to push messages to the interface)


    Recommended reading:Practical development case 1 of using swote project in laravel (establishing swote and front-end communication)​   requirement analysis Let’s assume that there is a requirement. I click button 1 in the back end, and “button 1 triggered by the back end” pops up on the home page. Click button 2 at the back end, […]