• Laravel framework request, response and session operation examples


    This article describes the request, response and session operations of the laravel framework. To share with you for your reference, as follows: Request operation public function request(Request $request){ //1. value //echo $request->input(‘name’); //Echo $request – > input (‘sex ‘,’unknown’); /*if($request->has(‘name’)){ echo $request->input(‘name’); }else{ Echo ‘no such parameter’; }*/ //Get all parameters /*$res = $request->all(); dd($res);*/ […]

  • Android framework Volley USES: ImageRequest request to implement image loading


    First we import the framework into the project: implementation ‘com.mcxiaoke.volley:library:1.0.19’ Add network permissions to the AndroidManifest file: <uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.INTERNET”/> Here is our homepage layout: In this layout we made all the features of the Volley framework into a single button, and when the button is pressed it will display the results under “show results”, using […]

  • Post request implementation method used by Android framework volley


    First, we import this framework into the project: implementation ‘com.mcxiaoke.volley:library:1.0.19’ Add network permissions to the Android manifest file: <uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.INTERNET”/> Here is our homepage layout: In this layout, we have made a button for all the functions of the volley framework. After pressing the button, the result will be displayed under “display result”. A Scrollview […]

  • Talking about the problem that request. getinputstream can only be read once


    First, let’s review the basic knowledge of the InputStream read method. There is a postion inside the Java InputStream read method, which marks the position read by the current stream. Every time it reads, the position moves. If it reads to the end, the InputStream. read method will return – 1. The mark has been […]

  • The SRC address of img is a request way to display images


    1、jsp  <img alt=”test” src=”getImg2.do”> 2、controller @RequestMapping(“getImg2”) public void getImg2(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException { FileInputStream fis = null; OutputStream os = null; try { fis = new FileInputStream(“d:/log.png”); os = response.getOutputStream(); int count = 0; byte[] buffer = new byte[1024 * 8]; while ((count = fis.read(buffer)) != -1) { os.write(buffer, 0, count); os.flush(); } […]

  • Ten minutes on-line – function calculation to build the back end of Alipay applet


    FunctionCompute (FC) is an event-driven, fully managed computing service. With the extensive integration of function computing and cloud services, developers can quickly develop flexible and highly available back-end systems by simply writing function codes. Next we use FC to quickly implement a picture conversion service and transform the image service as the backend of Alipay […]

  • Fast solution to Ajax request error status code 0 problem


    Today, when using Ajax to request data from the background, there is an error. The prompt status code is 0. The background uses spring MVC architecture. What does a status code of 0 mean? Looking up, it means (uninitialized) that the send () method is not called. My original code is as follows: $.ajax({ url:”test”, […]

  • Ajax Request Sending Successful but Not Successful Solution


    1. Description of the situation:Ajax sent successfully, the background also successfully responded to the request, and returned JSON data, through the chrome monitoring request can also see the response of JSON data, but instead of success method, it ran to error method. Front end: $.ajax({ type : “get”, data : {‘dbId’:node.dbId,’viewId’:node.id,’date’:new Date()}, url : “${ctp}/ViewOperate/ShowViewSql”, […]

  • Fetch — Another posture for HTTP requests


    Traditional Ajax uses XMLHttpRequest (XHR) to send requests for data acquisition, and does not pay attention to the principle of separation. The Fetch API is based on Promise design and is designed to solve XHR problems. Links to the original text brief introduction XMLHttpRequest is a rough-designed API with confusing configuration and invocation.Send a JSON […]

  • [mrc] applet cache plug-in


    background wx.requestAPI provided by small programs is used to initiate network requests. In frequent and Slow-Response business requests, page white screen or loading time is relatively long. However, reasonable use of caching is a good way to improve interface response speed and reduce network resource occupation.MRC provides two alternative modes for business use Short term […]

  • Ajax engine Ajax request step detailed code


    Speaking of AJAX, many students may have seen it in many places, and the list of skills requirements for WEB front-end and PHP programmers on major recruitment websites is also an indispensable one. However, detailed code and instructions for Ajax request steps are rarely seen What is an AJAX engine? AJAX engine is actually a […]

  • Crawl Today’s Headline Ajax Request


    Website: https://www.toutiao.com/ Search headlines This web site is available: https://www.toutiao.com/search/?keyword=%E8%A1%97%E6%8B%8D Developer Tools View: We did not find the above text in the search, so we can preliminarily determine that this is loaded by Ajax, and then rendered. When you switch to XHR filtering, you can see that it is indeed an Ajax request. Observing the […]