• Crowdsec: A Modern Collaborative Massively Multiplayer Firewall for Linux


    introduce CrowdSec is a massively multiplayer firewall designed to protect open Linux servers, services, containers or virtual machines on the Internet through a server-side proxy. Inspired by Fail2Ban, it aims to be a modern, collaborative version of this intrusion prevention tool. CrowdSec is free and open source (under the MIT license), and the source code […]

  • ES6 let name variable summary


    1 variable cannot duplicate name Let star = ‘Leehom Wang’;Let star = ‘Leehom Wang’// Error in declaring non repeatable lets 2. There is a block level scope {let star = ‘Leehom Wang’}console.log(star); 3. No variable lifting console.log(star)Let star = ‘Leehom Wang’; 4. It does not affect the scope chain ES6 Foundation This work adoptsCC agreementThe […]