• Timing task of Linux foundation


    Timed task crond Crond is a service or software used in Linux system to execute commands / scripts or specified program tasks on a regular basis. Generally, after we install centos5 / 6 Linux operating system, we will start crond task scheduling service by default. The crond service will check whether there are tasks to […]

  • Browser kernel classification


    Browser kernel classification At present, there are four main browser cores Trident kernel, representing the product Internet Explorer Microsoft ie Gecko kernel, which represents the product Mozilla Firefox Presto kernel, representing the product opera Blink kernel, representing chrome, Microsoft’s edge, 360, QQ and 2345 WebKit kernel, representing the product, Apple’s safari Blink kernel has evolved […]

  • Go into the browser behind the scenes and have a look!!!


    preface I believe that after a period of contact with front-end development, you will find that the more you learn, the more confused you will be, or there will be more and more questions( It’s better to feel the stone to cross the river when you are tired of fishing For example:We all know that […]

  • Encapsulating a simple Axios in Vue CIL


    If you try to integrate Axios in Vue, you can learn it by hand. The main reason is to meet the business requirements. Install Axios $ npm install axios New axios.js Introducing Axios import axios from ‘axios’ Create Axios instance const service = axios.create({ // headers: { // TODO // }, // baseURL: process.env.BASE_ API, […]

  • Structure design of “workflow” and “to do”


    In the approval business system, it is usually based on “workflow” to remind users with “to-do”.In the design structure, both are based on the “form” to achieve.   1、 Definition of form   The definition of form mainly involves two aspects. (1) Business table: represents business data. Business table is the place to store business […]

  • Sed stream edit command of Linux command


    1. Sed matching format Line edit command By default, the source file is not edited, only the data in the schema space (which can be understood as a row buffer) is processed, and the schema space data is displayed to the terminal after processing 1.1. Start and end line matching: start, end For example, 1100 […]

  • Regular expressions in Linux


    importance Through sed or awk tools, we can easily and happily analyze a pile of text, process data, analyze server error logs, and analyze server user access logs. But in order to play well with sed and awk tools, regular expressions are the foundation, so we have to master them. Single character Specific characters Such […]

  • Oracle clear waterline without data table


    *: Oracle uses delete to clearly represent the high water mark left after the information ①.alter table tablename enable row movement;②.alter table tablename shrink space;   Truncate table can automatically clear the high water mark To be verified

  • My journey of canvas drawing (common basic interface)


    Introduction to canvas 1. Create a canvas <canvas id=”myCanvas” width=”400″ height=”400″></canvas> Note that writing width and height attributes directly in the tag is different from writing them in style. The width and height of the canvas label are the actual width and height of the canvas, and the graphics are drawn on it. The width […]

  • High availability implementation of sessionstate ~ redissessionstateprovider


    As early as a few years ago, there was a way of sharing session with session state. Today, let’s summarize the way of sharing session with highly available redis Construction of sentinel cluster Working process diagram to configure Redis data service configuration First, configure the master-slave server of redis and modify it redis.conf The document […]

  • Difference between IOS class method and object method


    Object method [instance object method name] Call Represents an instance method, which is executed within the scope of a specific instance of a class. In other words, you must create an instance of a class before calling this method; Class method [class name method name] Call Represents the class method, which can be called directly […]

  • Semantic version


    The semantic version is usually divided into the following parts [major] major version number has incompatible API modification [minor] minor version number [minor] has downward compatible API modification The problem of downward compatibility in the revision number of patch has been corrected Antecedent version Alpha stands for the internal test version Beta stands for the […]