• Java controls the probability of random numbers


    //App status The second scheme is the method of generating a new weight value array /** Reference link Java controls the probability of random numbers This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must indicate the author and the link to this article

  • Structural design of “workflow” and “to do”


    In the approval business system, it is generally implemented based on “workflow” and uses “to-do” to remind users.In terms of design structure, both are based on “form“.   1、 Definition of form The definition of forms mainly involves two aspects. (1) Business table: represents business data. Business table is the place where business data is […]

  • asd asd


    [tcallusdb knowledge base] manually view the online operation of tcallusdb As an operation and maintenance personnel, one of their daily work is to check the overall situation of the database and ensure the normal operation of the background. Here is a brief introduction to how to check the situation. Find a tcapsvr machine and enter […]

  • Ubuntu configures openssh to support intranet penetration


    SSH is a very powerful tool. We can use it to implement proxy, FQ, intranet penetration and many other things. In this article, I will talk about how to use SSH for intranet penetration. First of all, reading this article may require some basic knowledge. These are some articles I recommendMost basic:http://www.ruanyifeng.com/blo…http://www.ruanyifeng.com/blo…promote:https://www.ibm.com/developer…Chinese man documents (you […]

  • Linux system management summary


    1. What is a process? A process is a program or command being executed. Each process is a running entity, has its own address space, and occupies certain system resources. 2. Role of process management? Determine the health status of the server Look at all the processes in the system Kill process ==View process commands== […]

  • R language economics: dynamic model average (DMA) and dynamic model selection (DMS) predict crude oil time series prices


    Original link:http://tecdat.cn/?p=22458  brief introduction This paper provides an economic case. Examples focusing on the crude oil market. This paper briefly provides the arguments for using model averaging and Bayesian methods in economics, uses dynamic model averaging (DMA), and compares it with ARIMA, TVP and other methods. It is hoped that it will be useful to […]

  • El expression cross reference JSP built-in object table


    El expression built-in (implicit) object pageContext Pagecontext object in JSP page can obtain other 8 objects pageScope Represents the data saved in the page field, the map object requestScope Represents the data saved in the request field, the map object sessionScope Represents the data saved in the session domain, the map object applicationScope Represents the […]

  • CentOS 7 regularly executes Python scripts


    CentOS 7 regularly executes Python scripts In CentOS, crontab can be used to process scheduled tasks. 1、 Installation of crontab By default, crontab is already installed in CentOS 7. If it is not installed, you can install it through Yum or up2date. yum install crontabs 2、 Timing syntax description of crontab In corntab, a line […]

  • Git in idea is pulled from the remote wrong branch. How to restore it


    The reflog command can view your history of changes: git reflog  In fact, just one of the following: original branch: my_ branchmy_ Branch represents the remote branch you want to fallback to, the latest submitted git reset –hard origin/my_branch

  • Brush questions — DFS — 823. Arrangement


    DFS 823. Arrangement Given an integer n, there are many ways to arrange numbers 1 ~ n in a row. Now, please output all the arrangement methods in dictionary order. Input format A total of one line, including an integer n. Output format Output all arrangement schemes in dictionary order, and each scheme occupies one […]

  • Bert Chinese classification learning for deep learning


    Bert Chinese classification learning for deep learning Bert experiment Analysis of pre training results tfhub_handle_preprocess = “https://hub.tensorflow.google.cn/tensorflow/bert_zh_preprocess/3” bert_preprocess_model = hub.KerasLayer(tfhub_handle_preprocess) text_ Test = [‘I’m such a genius!!’] text_preprocessed = bert_preprocess_model(text_test) print(f’Keys : {list(text_preprocessed.keys())}’) print(f’Shape : {text_preprocessed[“input_word_ids”].shape}’) print(f’Word Ids : {text_preprocessed[“input_word_ids”][0, :12]}’) print(f’Input Mask : {text_preprocessed[“input_mask”][0, :12]}’) print(f’Type Ids : {text_preprocessed[“input_type_ids”][0, :12]}’) Print results Keys : […]

  • Timing task of Linux foundation


    Timed task crond Crond is a service or software used in Linux system to execute commands / scripts or specified program tasks on a regular basis. Generally, after we install centos5 / 6 Linux operating system, we will start crond task scheduling service by default. The crond service will check whether there are tasks to […]