• Dynamic acquisition of chart data information of echards


    In recent development projects, we need to call the backstage interface and write a blog to record the implementation process with the source code attached at the end   First, prepare a JSON file echarts.json (the name doesn’t matter) is used to simulate getting data from the background   The second step is to download […]

  • Kkw learning to use regular


    All of a sudden, I have to do it myself. I’m a little flustered. 1. Mobile number regular expression requirement:The length is 11 bits, and it is a pure number,The first place starts with 1,The second is between 3, 5, 7 and 8,Third to eleventh, any numberSo a simple rule is /^1[3578]\d{9}$/ ^On behalf of […]

  • Elementui limit start and end dates


    Project requirement: the date before the current date is disabled for start date and end date. Also end date disable date before start date Start time: * End time: * vm = new Vue({ el: “#app”, data: function () { return { Value1: ”, // start time Value2: ”, // end time startDateLimit: { disabledDate: […]

  • [regular expression series] quick start


    introduction First of all, please let go of the fear and disgust in your heart! What regular has to say Is regular expression difficult? It’s not easy to master it. It needs a lot of practiceBut if you are just a beginner, you can write some simple expressions (such as mailbox verification, etc.), which is […]

  • The way of learning the story 1.1 (regular expression)


    ^ Start with $ End with * Any number of times, greater than or equal to 0 ? Let some cancel greedy matching, which can be understood as changing from left to right matching to some + One at least once, greater than or equal to 1 { }For example, {2,5}, 2 to 5 times […]

  • How to use VIM in Linux


    1、 Import file content :r explain Import file Example In edit mode #Import the contents of / TMP / test.txt to the next line where the cursor is located :r /tmp/test.txt :! explain When editing a file, execute system commands Example In edit mode #View the directory of LS command :!which ls [No write since […]

  • Simple application of bitmap in MySQL


    In a binary data, each bit represents a certain meaning. In this way, only one integer data can be stored to explain multiple meaningsThere is a field in the business that is specially used to store the opening and closing of certain functions by users. If it is a traditional thinking, it is sure to […]

  • 45. Jumping game II


    Given an array of non negative integers, you are initially in the first position of the array. Each element in the array represents the maximum length you can jump at that location. Your goal is to reach the last position of the array with the least number of jumps. Example: Input: [2,3,1,1,4]Output: 2Explanation: the minimum […]

  • MySQL Introduction (2) – database information reference


    We talked about MySQL and SQL structured query statements in the previous article, and we will learn about them step by step. 1. Login MySQLMySQL – u user name – P passwordFor example: mysql-uroot-pabc123The results are as follows: 2. Check the databaseshow databases;The results are as follows: 3. Use the specified databaseUse specified databaseFor example: […]

  • On HTML string regular judgment and matching


    Preface Recently, when writing a component, you need to pass in an HTML string, which uses a lot of regularities to determine whether it is an HTML tag or matches the text in the tag, etc., which is recorded here. How to judge whether the incoming string contains a closed HTML tag /<\/?[a-z][\s\S]*>/i In fact, […]

  • Use cookies to prevent malicious clicks


    /Set cookies to avoid malicious clicks/ function setCookie(key,value,times) { var exdate=new Date(); Exdate. SetTime (exdate. Gettime() + (times * 60 * 1000)); // times if it is 6, the cookie life cycle is 6 minutes document.cookie=key+ “=” +escape(value)+ ((times==null) ? “” : “;expires=”+exdate.toGMTString()); } function getCookie(key) { if (document.cookie.length>0) { c_start=document.cookie.indexOf(key + “=”); if (c_start!=-1) […]

  • Getting started with simple MD


    An entry note of mark down Experience I always thought that the writing method of MD file would be very complex, and then I found it was so simple after contacting it that I could start in 3 minutes. With some simple symbols, you can write a clean page. Use her, will gradually fall in […]