• Alibaba’s practice and Optimization on the open source pressure measurement tool JMeter


    Author: lingran, Jianquan Apache JMeter [1]It is an open source pressure testing tool under apach. It was founded in early 1999 and has a history of more than 20 years. JMeter has rich functions and a large community (user community). It is one of the mainstream open source pressure testing tools. Performance testing usually focuses […]

  • Why enterprises choose report tools? Let’s see how many you have won


    When entering the big data analysis industry, many people will inevitably hear“Reporting tools”Word. Let’s learn about reporting tools and the criteria for selecting reporting tools. A report is a data presentation tool that dynamically displays data in forms such as tables and charts. As the name suggests, the report tool is a tool for making […]

  • How to generate code coverage report with phpunit


    Phpunit integrates phpcoverage to generate test coverage reports when running tests directly from the command line. Previous versions of phpunit also required Xdebug plug-in to generate reports, but after phpunit 8x, you can install pcov plug-in as code coverage driver. > apt install php7.4-pcov Then install the pcov code package > composer require –dev pcov/clobber:^2.0 […]

  • Chapter IX Yunji datacanvas Co., Ltd. deeply participated in the blue book of China financial technology development report 2021


    On December 18, the “2021 financial technology · regulatory technology · blockchain Blue Book Conference” hosted by Beijing blockchain Technology Application Association (bbaa) was successfully held. The blue book of China financial technology development report (2021) (hereinafter referred to as the “report”) was officially released at the meeting. As a professional work in the field […]

  • Microsoft, Google and atlassian all raised the reward for vulnerability reporting


    Along with many other companies, gitlab has increased the bonus for researchers to discover and report software vulnerabilities. Over the past two years, Microsoft, Google and atlassian have all raised the reward for vulnerability reporting.The Devops platform gitlab announced that it had raised the reward for key vulnerabilities by 75%, promised to pay $20000 to […]

  • Traditional data analysis reports take too much time? You lack a smartbi!


    Background | throughout the enterprise operation In the daily operation process of modern enterprises, in order to find problems and obtain opportunities in time, improve operation efficiency and ensure the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises,Data analysis reportIn fact, the application and sharing of e-commerce run through every moment and every aspect of enterprise management. […]

  • Code Coverage with CircleCI + Codecov


    Original:http://blog.amowu.com/2015/11/code-coverage-with-circleci-codecov.html In recent casesRedux + ReactBecause itPure FunctionSounit testing It’s easy to write, and I’ll take the opportunity to playCode coverage(Code Coverage)。 Unit test I won’t tell you how to write unit tests here. There are many great God’s good articles on the Internet. In short, I useMocha + Chai: Mocha is a test framework […]

  • How to write a report


    u=203448570,1335589887&fm=26&fmt=auto.jpeg Write a report Loophole bounty hunters do more than just look for loopholes; It also explains them to the organization’s security team. If you provide a well written report, you will help the team you work with reproduce the exploit, assign it to the appropriate internal engineering team, and solve the problem faster. The […]

  • App automation test framework (III. allure beautification test report)


    1、 Install allure allurefile: https://docs.qameta.io/allure/# Allure download address: https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/io/qameta/allure/allure-commandline/2.13.8/ Allure installation(1) You need to install the Java environment first(2) Windows downloads the zip package, unzip it and add the bin directory to the environment variableMac can be installed with brew brew install allure (3) Install allure pytest Library pip install allure-pytest Reprint:https://blog.csdn.net/z_erduo/article/details/116332523?spm=1001.2014.3001.5502 2、 Production report […]

  • Construction of docker redis cluster


    Redis is the earliest and most convenient way to set up a cluster of virtual machines. 1. Pull the image docker search redis docker pull redis 2. Generate configuration file mkdir redis-cluster cd redis-cluster vim redis-cluster.tmpl port ${PORT} masterauth 123456 requirepass 123456 cluster-enabled yes cluster-config-file nodes.conf cluster-node-timeout 5000 cluster-announce-ip cluster-announce-port ${PORT} cluster-announce-bus-port 1${PORT} appendonly […]

  • How to quickly build a data reporting service in the microservice architecture?


    Scene description In the microservice architecture, each microservice is responsible for its own database. Microservice A is not allowed to directly connect to the database of microservice B for operation. Now there are two micro services, one is order service and the other is user service. There is a need for a data report: generate […]

  • JMeter pressure test procedure


    1. Create thread group Click to select the test plan and right-click to create a thread group Click thread group, where you can set the name, add comments, set the number of threads (how many threads are started at the same time each time), thread response time (how many seconds to complete threads), number of […]