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  • Display report data in react application


    Create react app Create a reference link for react application, such as using NPX package to run tools: npx create-react-app arjs-react-viewer-appIf you are using yarn, execute the command: yarn create react-app arjs-react-viewer-appFor more ways to create react, please refer to the official documentation Install activereportsjs NPM package The react report viewer component has been placed […]

  • Integrating pure front-end report designer in react framework


    Create react app The easiest way to create a react app is to create a react app, such as using the NPX package to run the tool: npm init react-app arjs-react-designer-appOr use the yarn command to create: yarn create react-app arjs-react-designer-appFor more information about creating react applications, please refer to the official documentation Install activereportsjs […]

  • Big data report menu bar problem


    1、 Business scenarioThe project is a big data report system, which uses php’s Yii framework combined with Smarty. The main business reports are divided into two types, one is the external chain report embedded in iframe, and the project’s own report.For the convenience of viewing, the menu bar of favorites and recently accessed reports is […]

  • How to create new data transformation and edit data transformation in stillsoft reports


    Stillsoft reports. Net is a report generator based on. Net framework, which can help you create structured and functional reports. The report designer of stillreport. Net is not only user-friendly, but also easy to use, which makes it easy for you to create all reports; The report designer can be used in the process of […]

  • Problems encountered when migrating report server database


    1. Project background Due to historical reasons, part of the company’s system reports are built based on SQL Server report service, and reporting services and report server database are deployed on different dB. The report server database and report server tempdb database need to be migrated to the new server because the machine where the […]

  • What is data Lakehouse


    This article is reproduced fromhttps://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Il… background Data lake and data Lakehouse seem to have become the hottest buzzwords in the field of big data. When we accept these buzzwords, as technicians, we often ask, is this a new technology, or is it just a conceptual renovation (new bottles and old wine)? What problems does it […]

  • Visual studio report solution supporting PDF export


    Click to get Tools > >Devixpress reporting is a report platform with perfect functions under. Net framework. It comes with easy-to-use visual studio report designer and rich report control set, including PivotTable and chart. Therefore, you can build reports with incomparable and clear information. Devexpress. Net reporting v20.2 supports PDF export – visual signature, enhanced […]

  • Application example of artificial intelligence — smartbi big data AI robot


    With the development of modern science and technology, ai artificial intelligence robot has gradually become the most powerful helper of human activities. The times are progressing, and so are AI robots. As the saying goes: to grasp AI intelligence is to grasp the “fourth industrial revolution”. Every reform will bring tremendous changes to our living […]

  • The intelligent decision engine of millions of businesses


    Author: Algorithm & Jianxi, technical expert of Alibaba data technology and product department Introduction of business consultant Business advisor is an all channel, all link, one-stop data platform built by Alibaba. It is dedicated to providing users with diversified data services such as business analysis, market insight, customer group insight, etc., so as to help […]

  • A magic Bi software, so born! ——Smartbi


    In 2011, Southeast RONGTONG, which once occupied half of the financial IT field and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, was delisted for some reason. At that time, Wu Huafu, who was engaged in Bi product research and development in Southeast RONGTONG, led the original technical backbone to set up smartbi. Since its […]

  • Open source report development or commercial? 2020 report software product arrangement


    Open source reports are more and more popular with programmers, such as ireport, jsper report and JfreeChart, which are free and open source Java report tools. In the open source Java report related forums, they are all in full swing, and there are many questioners. I found that there are both advantages and disadvantages. Recently, […]

  • Share a few bugs-1


    1、 On the abnormal operation of idea When I got back to work, when I turned on my computer and opened idea, I was about to do some blind J8 operation. When I ran the project, I found a series of mysterious process end codes:Process finished with exit code -1073741819 (0xC0000005) I believe most of […]