• Spring annotation development


    Introduction: Spring annotation development 1. spring original annotation Spring is a light code and heavy configuration framework. The configuration is heavy and affects the development efficiency. Therefore, annotation development is a trend. Annotation instead of XML configuration file can simplify the configuration and improve the development efficiency. The spring original annotation is mainly used to […]

  • Usage instructions for replace and translate in PG (Chinese sorting with less data)


    1. First create the students table CREATE TABLE students ( id integer NOT NULL, name character varying(255), sex character varying(255), class character varying(255), “like” character varying(255), school character varying(255), phone character varying(255) ) 2. Insert data INSERT INTO “public”.”students” (“id”, “name”, “sex”, “class”, “like”, “school”, “phone”) Values (‘1 ‘,’ big cat ‘,’ female ‘,’ first […]

  • PostgreSQL code to implement the replace into function


    PostgreSQL 9.5- Implement with function or with create table test(id int primary key, info text, crt_time timestamp); with upsert as (update test set info=’test’,crt_time=now() where id=1 returning *) insert into test select 1,’test’,now() where not exists (select 1 from upsert where id=1); PostgreSQL 9.5+ PostgreSQL 9.5 introduces a new function, update (insert on conflict do), […]

  • Common analysis software and methods in comparative genomics


    Reprinted fromhttps://blog.csdn.net/qq_36608036/article/details/109466468 Common analysis software and methods in comparative genomics (1) Search of homologous genes OrthoMCL or Orthofinder; (2) Multiple sequence alignment Muscle / mafft / clusalw / T-Coffee, the effect of muscle is better (3) Call the conservative area and close the connection to form a supergene Gblocks (4) Evolutionary tree construction Raxml, mega, […]

  • Several practical scenarios for MySQL to implement the replace function


    Replace syntax REPLACE(String,from_str,to_str) That is, the from of all occurrences in the string_ Replace with STR to_ STR, from here_ STR does not support regular matching. Operation instance The test table data are as follows: mysql> select * from `LOL`; +—-+—————-+————–+——-+ | id | hero_title | hero_name | price | +—-+—————-+————–+——-+ |1 | shadow of […]

  • C# unlock files downloaded from the Internet that require the right-click attribute “unlock”


    1、 Code implementation 1、AlternateDataStream.cs using System; using System.IO; using System.Linq; using System.Runtime.InteropServices; using System.Text; namespace FileUnlockOnNtfsTool.Common { /// ///NTFS file system, file substitution stream, operation method class /// internal static class AlternateDataStream { public const int _MaxPath = 256; private const string _LongPathPrefix = @”\\?\”; public const char _StreamSeparator = ‘:’; private static readonly char[] […]

  • Instructions for replacing strings package in golang


    The function is declared as: func Replace(s, old, new string, n int) string The official description is: Returns a new string that replaces the first n non overlapping old substrings in s with new. If n < 0, all old substrings will be replaced. The sample code is, and the results of each line are […]

  • MySQL implements string splicing, interception, replacement and location finding operations


    The splicing, interception, replacement and search location of MySQL strings. Common string functions: function explain CONCAT(s1,s2,…) Returns the string generated by the connection parameter, one or more contents to be spliced. If any one is null, the return value is null. CONCAT_WS(x,s1,s2,…) Returns the string after splicing multiple strings, with an X between each string. […]

  • HTML tutorial: title attribute and alt attribute


    XHTML is the basis of CSS layout, jb51 Net has always emphasized the learning of XHTML knowledge and attached importance to semantics and document structure. The title and ALT attributes give me the most intuitive feeling that they can improve the adaptability of documents and reasonably increase the keyword density. In the XHTML standard, the […]

  • How to solve the big data jam problem of select component under layui


    The thing is, I took over an old version of the project not long ago. I learned from the inquiry that the layui framework was used in the project. I had no choice but to connect it. As the development proceeded in an orderly manner, suddenly one day, the test raised a question and hurriedly […]

  • How to use a third party logging provider instead Net core


    . net core supports logging APIs for various built-in and third-party logging providers. Let’s first look at how to use the logging API with the built-in provider. Call createdefaultbuilder, which will add the following logging providers: Console debugging EventSource Eventlog: windows only public class Program { public static void Main(string[] args) { CreateHostBuilder(args).Build().Run(); } public […]

  • Linux content batch replacement command


    Today’s work needs, in fact, a line of command,For example, replace all ABC files containing ABC with def find -type f | xargs perl -i -pe s%abc%def%g If you want to replace the contents of the subdirectory together ls -R | xargs perl -i -pe s%abc%def%g