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  • Three solutions to avoid repeated submission of JSP form


    1 JavaScript, set a variable, and only one submission is allowed.  <script language=”javascript”>    var checksubmitflg = false;    function checksubmit() {    if (checksubmitflg == true) {    return false;    }    checksubmitflg = true;    return true;    }    document.ondblclick = function docondblclick() {    window.event.returnvalue = false;    }    document.onclick […]

  • Several methods to prevent the form from submitting repeatedly


    Form re submission is the most common and troublesome problem in multi-user web applications. Many application scenarios will encounter repeated submission problems, such as: Click the submit button twice.Click the refresh button.Use the browser Back button to repeat the previous action, causing the form to be submitted repeatedly.Submit the form repeatedly using browser history.Duplicate HTTP […]