• The addition and deletion of Oracle table fields, the renaming of tables, and the addition and deletion of primary keys


    1、 Add, delete and modify table fields: Syntax for adding fields:alter table tablename add (column datatype [default value][null/not null],….); Modify the syntax of the field:alter table tablename modify (column datatype [default value][null/not null],….); Syntax for deleting fields:alter table tablename drop (column); Note: if multiple columns are added, modified, or deleted, separate them with commas. Rename […]

  • Document management system


    design sketch Alert (‘read failed ‘); location.href=’https://www.cnblogs.com/chenyingying0/p/index.php’; “); } //Complete different operations according to different requests switch($act){ case ‘createDir’: // echo $dirName;exit; $res=create_dir($path.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$dirName); if($res===true){ $result [‘msg ‘] = basename ($dirname).’ created successfully ‘; $result[‘icon’]=1; }else{ $result[‘msg’]=$res; $result[‘icon’]=2; } exit(json_encode($result)); break; case ‘renameDir’: $newName=$path.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$dirName; $res=rename_dir($fileName,$newName); if($res===true){ $result [‘msg ‘] = $filename.’ rename succeeded ‘; $result[‘icon’]=1; }else{ […]

  • Translation of atom Flight Manual: 4.5 ~ 4.8


    Develop node module Some of the packages in atom are node modules, not atom packages. If you want to modify these node modules, for exampleatom-keymap, you need to link them to a development environment different from the normal atom package. Link the node module to your Aton development environment Here are the steps to run […]

  • Microsoft released a new version of open source tool set PowerToys, which was selected in GitHub trending daily list


    On December 3, Microsoft updated the open source software tool set PowerToys to version 0.14 in GitHub, and continued to improve and fix errors for fancyzones, a full window manager in the tool set, and powerrename, a batch rename file tool. PowerToys project has also been listed in GitHub trending daily list, with at least […]

  • Rename instance of variables saved and loaded in tensorflow model


    If you don’t talk much, you’re done. What is the use of variable renaming? Simple definition: simply, assign parameter a in model a to parameter B in model B Usage scenario: when you need to use the trained model parameters, especially the model parameters trained by others, the parameter naming method in others’ model is […]

  • Using rename command in Linux


    Rename is used for file naming management, batch naming and regular expression support. There are two versions of rename command, one is the C language version which supports wildcards, the other is the Perl version which supports regular expressions Command format:Usage: rename [-v] [-n] [-f] perlexpr [filenames] Parameter Description:V show details of file renameN do […]

  • Docker uses the mysqldump command to back up the MySQL data in the exported project


    The image below is named uoj after image rename. Now you need to export MySQL in this image   Run the following command: docker exec -it uoj mysqldump -uroot -proot app_uoj233 >/data/database_bak/app_uoj233.sql #Note: uoj is the image name – U database user name – P database password app · uoj233 is the data name in […]

  • Svn force commit


    Many developers don’t write comments when submitting changes, which makes it hard to view history and doesn’t conform to the specification. At this time, it is necessary to force developers to fill in comments when submitting, otherwise they cannot submit! Using the pre commit hook of SVN, this requirement can be easily realized. Enter the […]

  • web-pwa


    This paper mainly introduces a very convenient PWA library, which is suitable for novices to use PWA related functions. This library is written in response to the current PWA concept proposed by Google. PWA related operations are completed by chain API. (if you feel that the reading experience is not good, please refer to web […]

  • Common database statements – new database, new table, insert data in database table, delete data in database table, update data in database table


    Create database guns DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS guns; CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS guns DEFAULT CHARSET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci; Default character set utf8: set the default database character set of the database as utf8; collate utf8 ﹣ general ﹣ CI: database collation rules. The three parts are database character set, unclear interpretation and case sensitivity […]

  • [quick reference table] phpstorm shortcut key


    Common shortcut keys (in case of keymaps: default) Query shortcut function CTRL+N  Lookup class CTRL+SHIFT+N   Find the file and open the file in the project (similar to Ctrl + Shift + R in eclipse), so as to open the file in any directory under the current project CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+N  Find a method or variable in a […]

  • Windows-server-2012 install nginx service start up


    1. Download nginx1.1 mainline version or stable version2. Download winswDownload WinSW2.1 rename winsw-2.2.0-bin.exe (custom name, here take nginx-service.exe as an example)2.2 add XML file must have the same name as EXE file <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ ?> <service> <id>nginx</id> <name>nginx</name> <description>Nginx Startup</description> <logpath>C:/Program Files/nginx-1.17.7/logs/winsw</logpath> <logmode>roll</logmode> <executable>C:/Program Files/nginx-1.17.7/nginx.exe</executable> <startargument>-p</startargument> <startargument>C:/Program Files/nginx-1.17.7</startargument> <stopargument>-p</stopargument> <stopargument>C:/Program Files/nginx-1.17.7</stopargument> <stopargument>-s</stopargument> <stopargument>stop</stopargument> </service> […]