• How to rename the MAC folder? Mac folder rename shortcut


    Many friends are familiar with renaming folders under Windows system, so how can Mac OS rename files? Let’s take a look How to rename the Mac OS system folder? Which is the shortcut key for renaming Mac OS? I believe many people who have just started the Mac OS system will have a question, holding […]

  • Python universal code template: automatic office, improving work efficiency by X10 times


    Hello, I’m yuechuang. I wrote earlier: Python universal code template: crawler code Python universal code template: Data Visualization Then, I finally caught up with a weekly tweet, and I almost dove. Recently, the epidemic in Xiamen is relatively serious, and nucleic acid has been made five times in a row. I hope to get there […]

  • Create and manage tables


    The operation on the table belongs to DDL (date definition language) data definition languageDdl: used to define the structure of the database, such as creating, modifying, or deleting database objectsThe rollback of DDL operation is useless (it is submitted automatically). Only the addition, deletion and modification (DML) can be rolled backCommon database objects:Table: basic data […]

  • command line


    CD ~/desktop enters the desktopMKDIR demo-1 creates a directory. At this time, you can switch to the desktop and see the demo-1 directoryRM -rf demo-1 delete directorytouch 1. Txt create filemv 1. txt 2. Txt so we put 1 Txt move to 2 Txt, that is, rename Create directory make directory MKDIR Delete emove RM […]

  • Nocode warm-up series: implementing a task tracking and management system (Part 2)


    This article is the third in the Nocode column and the second in the design and implementation of a lightweight task tracking and management system based on Amazon Honeywell. Nocode warm up series: are you ready Nocode warm up series: implementing a task tracking and management system (Part 1) Keywords: Amazon Honeywell code, Nocode, Nocode […]

  • Method of batch renaming files in Linux


    In Linux, when you want to change a file name, use the MV command. However, MV cannot rename multiple files using wildcards. You can use sed, awk, or in combination with xargs to handle multiple files. However, these command lines are cumbersome, unfriendly, and error prone if you are not careful. You don’t want to […]

  • Centos8.4 installing confluence7.13 md


    Reference 1:https://blog.whsir.com/post-5854.htmlReference 2:https://confluence.atlassian.com/confkb/confluence-basic-nginx-configurations-for-proxy-load-balancing-logging-1019381716.htmlReference 3:https://confluence.atlassian.com/conf73/running-confluence-behind-nginx-with-ssl-991928804.html System environment and installation preparation System version database Application software CPU Memory CentOS 8.4 MySQL 8.0.21 Confluence 7.13.0 16 cores 16G Confluence 7.13 download from the official website MySQL drive connection Cracking tool download jdk-8u301-windows-x64.exeThis is to run the cracking tool #Kernel parameter optimization VIM /etc/sysctl conf net.ipv4.ip_forward = 0 net.ipv4.conf.default.rp_filter […]

  • Installation of Google browser proxy plug-in switchyomega


    1. Download address https://www.chromedownloads.n… 2. After downloading, open Google more tools extension: 3. Rename the downloaded file to Rar file and complete the decompression: 4. Load the decompressed extension program in Google browser and import the decompressed installation package. 5. You can use it at this end. Dragging directly will prompt an exception.

  • Perl text file read and write operations, file renaming and deletion, multiple text files merge implementation code


    Read file: Copy codeThe code is as follows: #!perlopen filetxt,”/path/a.txt”; # filetxt is a file handle, which is used to establish a link with the file a.txt. File handles can be named arbitrarily, but do not have the same name as several file handles that Perl comes with.print <filetxt>; # here, the print function is […]

  • Batch file rename tool


    explain Recently, I downloaded some materials on the Internet, and all the file names were added with website related information, resulting in very long file names Besides, I don’t like it either Then, it is necessary to modify the file name again. There are still many files, which is really inconvenient to modify manually So […]

  • R (tidyverse package) common operations


    Extract column Select columns select function Extract row Select a row and use the filter functionSlice (): extract rows by positionFilter (): extract rows that meet specific logical conditions. For example, iris% >% filter (sepal. Length > 6).filter_ all(),filter_ If () and filter_ At (): filter variables and select rows. These functions replicate all variables […]

  • Table correlation


    1.Create table #Create table create table Table name(       field1Name, field1type       field2Name, field2type       field3Name, field3type   )   create table t_uesr(   id int,   name varchar(4),   age tinyint,   sex varchar(2),   phone varchar(11),   score double(5,2)   );      #(2)View all tables   show tables; (3)Delete tabledrop table Name of the table; #Delete name as:t_user Table ofdrop table t_user; ##View the structure of the tabledesc Name of […]