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  • Implementation of remote access control in CentOS 7.4


    1、 SSH Remote Management SSH is a secure channel protocol, which is mainly used to realize remote login, remote replication and other functions of character interface. SSH protocol encrypts the data transmission of both sides of communication, including the user password entered when the user logs in. Compared with early applications such as telent, RSH, […]

  • How to open sqlserver remote access


    After the installation of Microsoft sqlserver 2012, the following work needs to configure the SQLSERVER database to allow remote access. Only if the remote access of sqlserver is configured, can other IP clients access it. The configuration of SQL server remote access is roughly divided into three steps, namely, the configuration of SQL Server Management […]

  • Detailed description of MongoDB remote access configuration steps


    This article is about MongoDB remote access configuration. Let’s go straight to the detailed steps. 1. First, modify the configuration file of mongodb so that it can monitor all external IPS Edit documents: /etc/mongodb.conf The revised contents are as follows: bind_ip = port = 27017 auth=true 2、 /etc/init.d/mongodb restart 3. Connection # Local connection […]

  • Customized SSH under Linux to simplify remote access


    SSH uses system global and user-specified (user-defined) configuration files. In this article, we will show you how to create a custom SSH configuration file and connect to a remote host through specific options. SSH (SSH client) is a program for accessing remote hosts, which enables users to execute commands on remote hosts. This is one […]