• How to free memory in Linux system


    Let’s look at the memory usage first [[email protected] ~]# free -m total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 8004 6557 1446 0 163 5630 -/+ buffers/cache: 763 7240 Swap: 1983 0 1983 Temporarily write the data in the memory to the hard disk [[email protected] ~]# sync Modify / proc / sys / VM / drop_ […]

  • W3C tutorial (3): W3C HTML activities


    Html is a mixed language for World Wide Web publishing. XHTML is the latest version of HTML.Html is a mixed language for World Wide Web publishing. XHTML is the latest version of HTML.HTML tutorialTo learn more about html, please read our HTML tutorial.To learn more about XHTML, please read our XHTML tutorial.HTML 2.0 was developed […]

  • W3C tutorial (2): W3C program


    The W3C standardization process is divided into seven different steps.The W3C standardization process is divided into seven different steps.W3C specification approval stepsIn the process of W3C releasing a new standard, the specification is gradually established as a recommended standard from a simple concept through the following strict procedures:In the following chapters of this tutorial, the […]

  • Publish asp.net core website to Linux server


    For a long time, applications developed with. Net can only run on the windows platform. At present, due to cost considerations, domestic booming Internet companies use a large number of free Linux platforms, which makes. Net have unique skills, but can not get a large display space. The. Net platform is considered to be only […]

  • Some improvements in the release note of MySQL version 8.0.24


    On April 20, MySQL 8.0 updated version 8.0.24. In the evening, I read the release note, sorted out some improvement points and recorded them here. Later, I can download the corresponding version for testing. 1、 Connection management 1. More detailed connection information In previous versions, if a MySQL connection does not interact with the MySQL […]

  • How to release the occupation of video memory by Python


    If you call Python in Python, it is possible that the video memory and GPU occupation will not be automatically released. At this time, you need to add the following code torch.cuda.empty_cache() Let’s take a look at the official document Releases all unoccupied cached memory currently held by the caching allocator so that those can […]

  • Vscode plug-in development strategy package, release, upgrade detailed tutorial


    1、 Release method After the plug-in is developed, how to release it and share it with others? There are three main methods Method 1: directly send the folder to others, let others find the directory where vscode plug-ins are stored and put it in it, and then restart vscode, which is generally not recommended; Method […]

  • Explain the things that haven’t been released


    Due to the memory leak problem of router, many developers are troubled. Bloggers started to modify the code at the engine level to solve the internal memory problem of their code at 0.9.4, but each version needs to follow the official package, which is not very friendly to developers. However, the built-in version of smile […]

  • Net core web API project and publishing method under nginx


    preface This article will introduce some basic knowledge of net core and how to release webapi project of net core under nginx. testing environment Operating system: Windows 10 Development tool: Visual Studio 2019 Framework: net core 3 Net core webapi project creation First, create a net core webapi project, corepublishfornginx. Choose first Asp.Net Core web […]

  • How does vs2017 modify the debug and release operation modes?


    How to modify debug and release in vs? Today, let’s take a look at vs2017’s tutorial on how to modify debug and release. Software name: Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 official 15.8 (Community Edition) official simplified Chinese latest edition Software size: 1.09MB Updated: 2018-08-16 1. Open vs2017 2. Simply create a new oneConsole Application 3. See […]

  • Key features of WordPress


    Key words description: the main features of WordPress can be linked to post blog The main features of WordPress. WordPress has many features, such as free distribution, web standard, fast speed, and free; the default settings are very friendly, customizable and strong. It can be said that WordPress is a very excellent personal network publishing […]

  • Java version of ruby interpreter jruby 1.7.14 released


    Jruby 1.7.14 is released, which is now available for download: http://www.jruby.org/download Jruby 1.7 is mainly for compatibility with ruby 1.9.3. The improvement records are as follows: 30 issues solved Fixed potential memory leak in jar file source Invokedynamic is disabled by default because it starts slowly in rails applications Load / require internal refactoring and […]