• RPM management package for Linux


    #Install package rpm -ivh zsh-5.5.1-6.el8.x86_64.rpm #Check whether the installation is successful rpm -q zsh #View the list of installed files rpm -ql zsh #Uninstall package rpm -e zsh #Ignore dependencies uninstall package rpm -e zsh –nodeps #Check whether the uninstallation is successful rpm -q zsh #Upgrade or install the software package. If it is not […]

  • Knowledge database


    1、 Knowledge database 1.1 why learn database Job demand Big data Era Forced demand: save data Database is the core of all software systems DBA   1.2. What is a database database (DB,DataBase) Concept: data warehouse,Software, installed on the operating system (window, Linux, MAC, etc.) Above Function: store and manage data   DBMS (database management […]

  • Dynamic splicing expression


    Will we encounter the following query requirements in the project? For example, you need to find members that meet the following conditions:  Condition group 1: male members aged 30-40 Condition group 2: female members aged 20-30 Condition group 3: members aged 60-80 with Unknown Gender There are and relationships within condition groups, but there are […]

  • [go] init function


    reference material Five minutes to understand golang’s init function 1. Golang program initialization The initialization of golang program is executed before the main function, which is executed by theruntimeThe initialization sequence is as follows: Initialize the imported package (the initialization order of the package is not executed according to the import order (“top to bottom”),runtimePackage […]

  • Relationship between header files in keil


    Header file order in source file There are several header file relationships to look at: Inclusion relation: it is complex and requires relation order Independent relationship: it doesn’t matter who is in the front and who is in the back In the header file under KEIL, the conditional compilation display (gray or normal) is not […]

  • Coredata collation (I) — basic concept and simple use


    Coredata collation (I) — basic concept and simple use preface The reason for writing this article is that the company chose this framework when it asked for technology sharing. Although the coredata framework is officially produced, its various concepts and existing details make the learning cost higher, which is also cumbersome compared with libsqlite and […]

  • Analysis on the inference of gene regulation network of genie3


    GENIE3 GENIE3(GEne Network Inference with Ensemble of trees) , a tree based ensemble learning algorithm is used to infer gene regulatory networks from gene expression data. Tips: at the end of genie33Not the third version of genie, but because it is pronounced through a French accent,treeandthreeThe pronunciation is the same. Attach two French sounds:tree, three […]

  • Spring cloud Alibaba component version relationship and graduation version dependency


    Component version relationship Each spring cloud Alibaba version and the corresponding version of each component to which it is adapted (after verification, the version of each component matched by itself is not guaranteed to be available) are shown in the following table (the latest version is marked with *): Spring Cloud Alibaba Version Sentinel Version […]

  • Fastapi learning path (55) operating redis


    Previously, we shared the specific articles on operating relational databases,     Fastapi learning path (32) creating database     Fastapi learning road (33) operating database      Fastapi learning path (34) database multi table operation This time we share a non relational database – redis. First, we install the corresponding dependencies pip intsall aioredis==1.3.1 Next, let’s […]

  • CSS and HTML and front-end technology layer diagram


    JavaScript and DOM have a very ambiguous relationship. I don’t understand CSS and HTMLFront end technology layer (the picture is a little extreme, for reference only)The relationship between JavaScript and DOM is very ambiguous. I can’t understand it!CSS and HTML

  • BGP neighbor establishment conditions, optimization and authentication of HCNP Routing & Switching


    We have learned about BGP related concepts, as related concepts, BGP neighbor types, basic configurations, etc. Please refer to the related reviewhttps://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/15370838.html; Today, let’s talk about the conditions and optimization of BGP’s neighbors; BGP neighbor establishment condition We know that dynamic routing protocol can learn routing, and the most basic thing is to establish neighbors; […]

  • MySQL operation summary (multi table query)


    brief introduction In the last articleMySQL operation summary (single table creation query)In, we introduced how to create a single table in MySQL and perform related operations such as query, update and delete. But in fact, a database often contains multiple tables, so it is often necessary to join multiple tables. Join is the most important […]