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  • MySQL massive data processing and optimization


    What is MySQL MySQL is a relational database management system, developed by MySQL AB company in Sweden, which is currently a product of Oracle. MySQL is one of the most popular relational database management systems. In web application, MySQL is the best RDBMS (relational database management system) application software. Why MySQLMySQL is a kind of […]

  • The way to the top of Chinese database oceanbase


    On this year’s tmall double 11, oceanbase database once again refreshed the peak of database processing, reaching 61 million times / second, setting a new world record. A month before that, according to TPC, an authoritative international affairs processing performance Committee, ant financial’s distributed relational database oceanbase broke Oracle’s world record of 9 years and […]

  • Interview super awkward moment: I have never participated in a full stack project!


    Article reprinted from http://www.qingmengtech.com/blogdetail? Id = 34 Writing a resume is the first step to find a job, and the second step is an interview. Then a resume is a stepping stone to an interview. So the basic purpose of writing a resume is to reflect your professional level and project experience. What kind of […]

  • Hadoop introduction


    1. Brief development Hadoop includes HDFS (for distributed storage) and map reduce (for Parallel Computing). Hadoop is mainly divided into two major versions, 1.0 and 2.0 1 version Map reduce is not only responsible for parallel computing, but also used to integrate underlying CPU, memory and other resources, and allocate computing content to these resources. […]

  • One of the simplest introductory tutorials for mongodb: Environment Building


    Mongodb is a very popular solution between relational database and non relational database in recent years. It is especially widely used in many domestic Internet companies. Mongodb is the most functional and like relational database. Mongodb supports a very loose data structure, which is similar to JSON’s bson format. This flexible format enables mongodb to […]

  • Complete interpretation of NoSQL


    Past life and present life of NoSQL Java great ape growth manual,GitHubJavaegg, n-line Internet development necessary skills weapon spectrum What: NoSQL (NoSQL = not only SQL), “not only SQL”, generallyNon relational database。 With the rise of Internet Web 2.0 sites, traditional relational databases have been unable to deal with Web 2.0 sites, especially the super […]

  • [SQL] basic SQL


    SQL introduction SQL is the abbreviation of structure query language, which is the RDBMS application language. SQL history In the early 1970s, Edgar Frank Codd (also known as Ted Codd) of San Jose, California Research Laboratory of IBM, published the application principle of data into tables (Codd’s relational algebra). In 1974, d.d.chamberlin and r.f. Boyce […]

  • Learning record of mongodb Master Course (day 20)


    Twentieth days These days, there are projects ready to go online, so the progress of learning is a little affected.Today, I’m going to learn the 23 | change stream chapter, which focuses on change stream, which is similar to the trigger of relational database. What is change stream Change stream is mongodb’s solution for change […]

  • Goweb access database


    Access database For many web applications, databases are at the core. Database can be used to store almost any information you want to query and modify, such as user information, product catalog or news list. Go has no built-in driver to support any database, but go defines database / SQL interface. Users can develop corresponding […]

  • In 2019, the world’s most popular database came out. Did you guess?


    DB engines, a world-renowned database popularity ranking website, announced that MySQL was more popular than any of the other 350 monitored database management systems in the past year. Therefore, MySQL is the annual DBMS of 2019. DB engines 2019: MySQL won the title of “database of the year” The calculation results are based on the […]

  • Installing MySQL in docker


    Sketch: MySQL is the most popular relational database management system, and MySQL is one of the best RDBMS (relational database management system) application software in web application. Official Guide to docker hub Installation steps #Get MySQL image from docker hub docker pull mysql #Start the image in the background, mount the data directory, map the […]

  • Forced benchmarking of relational database with mongodb and elasticsearch


    Structural benchmarking RDBMS MongoDB Elasticsearch Table Collection Index Row Document Document Column Field Field Schema Schema Mapping SQL DSL Noun interpretation RDBMS RDBMS is the relational database management system, which organizes data into related rows and columns. The computer software for managing RDBMS is the relational database management system. The commonly used database software includes […]