• An exception in converting markdown files to PDF using atom under Ubuntu


    Today, an exception occurred when converting markdown to PDF using atom’s mark themeable PDF plug-in: assertionerror: HTML PDF: failed to load phantom JS module. You have to set the path to the phantom JS binary using ‘options. Phantom path’ Paste the abnormal information into Baidu to search. After looking for more than an hour, I […]

  • Cargo compilation error on MAC: failed to run custom build command for ‘*. *’


    An error occurred while compiling the project for rust: error: failed to run custom build command for croaring-sys v0.3.7 process didn’t exit successfully: /Users/…/grin/target/release/build/croaring-sys-20d6d5c35e3a436a/build-script-build (exit code: 101) — stdout TARGET = Some(“x86_64-apple-darwin”) OPT_LEVEL = Some(“3”) HOST = Some(“x86_64-apple-darwin”) CC_x86_64-apple-darwin = None CC_x86_64_apple_darwin = None HOST_CC = None CC = None CFLAGS_x86_64-apple-darwin = None CFLAGS_x86_64_apple_darwin = […]

  • 9.2 minikube quickly builds k8s single node environment


    https://github.com/kubernetes/minikube Minikube also needs to be supported by virtual chemical tools, such as VirtualBox Install on MAC Rely on kubectl [email protected]> kubectl version Client Version: version.Info{Major:”1″, Minor:”10″, GitVersion:”v1.10.5″, GitCommit:”32ac1c9073b132b8ba18aa830f46b77dcceb0723″, GitTreeState:”clean”, BuildDate:”2018-06-22T05:40:13Z”, GoVersion:”go1.9.7″, Compiler:”gc”, Platform:”darwin/amd64″} Server Version: version.Info{Major:”1″, Minor:”10″, GitVersion:”v1.10.0″, GitCommit:”fc32d2f3698e36b93322a3465f63a14e9f0eaead”, GitTreeState:”clean”, BuildDate:”2018-04-10T12:46:31Z”, GoVersion:”go1.9.4″, Compiler:”gc”, Platform:”linux/amd64″} Installing minicube #Download brew cask install minikube #View version [email protected]> […]

  • An error is reported when the Mac OS is upgraded to version 11.0


    Yesterday, I updated the MAC system from 10.15 to 11.0. It was found that PHP startup will always report errors, which roughly means that the extended Memcache. So is missing and drunk. PHP in my local environment comes with Mac OS. Then I downloaded the Memcache source code and tried to recompile it. During this […]

  • What if the network card driver is uninstalled? How do I reinstall the network card driver


    Many users are unable to continue to use the network due to the accidental deletion of the network card driver when cleaning the computer. How to recover in this case? Come and have a look with Xiaobian!   What if the network card driver is uninstalled? How to reinstall the network card driver? 1. Download and […]

  • gyp ERR! With node pre gyp err!


    problem: when a Vue project written by a colleague runs NPM install on my computer, an error is reported: gyp ERR! build error gyp ERR! stack Error: `make` failed with exit code: 2 gyp ERR! stack at ChildProcess.onExit (/Users/xxx/xxx/node_modules/node-gyp/lib/build.js:262:23) gyp ERR! stack at ChildProcess.emit (events.js:315:20) gyp ERR! stack at Process.ChildProcess._handle.onexit (internal/child_process.js:275:12) gyp ERR! System Darwin […]

  • Problems encountered in the use of laravel


    I haven’t studied for some time! Confused, in addition to confused or confused! Recently, the company received a laravel project. Unfortunately, it didn’t have PHPer, so it began to learn laravel. Now it’s going to start running before learning to walk, so it will hurt when it meets a pit! Problems with installation Installation steps […]

  • Navicat premier15 registration activation – database management tool


    catalogue Registration activation steps 1. Download Navicat premium 2. Activate Navicat premium 3. Click patch in the upper right corner 4. Click OK 5. Open Navicat software Resource acquisition Registration activation steps 1. Download Navicat premium Official website https://www.navicat.com.cn/ Download and install the latest version (the network disk address includes 64 bit installation package and […]

  • Ubuntu installation: sogoupinyin package fcitx-frontend-qt4 dependency is not installed


    environment Linux/Ubuntu20.04LTS sogoupinyin_2.3.1.0112_amd64.deb sogoupinyin_2.4.0.3469_amd64.deb fcitx-frontend-qt4 download https://pinyin.sogou.com/linux/ abnormal Install sogoupinyin_ The software package fcitx-frontend-qt4 is not installed when amd64.deb Selecting unselected package sogoupinyin. (Reading database… The system currently has 186515 files and directories installed.) Prepare to unzip sogoupinyin_ amd64.deb … Decompressing sogoupinyin ( Dpkg: the dependency problem makes the configuration of sogoupinyin unable […]

  • Vue cli service is not an internal or external command


      Reason 1: the newly pulled project does not execute NPM install, and the related dependent package cannot be found (that is, there is no node)_ Modules folder). Solution: execute NPM install Reason 2: the dependent package of the project is damaged. Solution: delete node_ Modules folder, execute NPM install to reinstall

  • Error not fund MySQL when installing mysqlclient in MAC environment_ config


    Problem introduction When using Django to develop web projects, most developers must encounter a problem, that is, the installation of mysqlclient, which often reports errors. The core is not fund mysql_config This is because in/usr/local/binMySQL not found under path_ Caused by the conf GI configuration file. The solution is as follows: Install mysql-connector-c brew install […]

  • Some problems encountered by bashonwindows are solved


    Gradle cannot run under bashonwindows When bash in Windows 10 executes gradle, it always reports: Could not determine a usable local IP for this machine. The reason for this problem is that bash in the old version of windows 10 does not support IPv6 well. See bashon windows for detailsissue。 Officials say this problem has […]