• Several common methods of ASP regular expression (execute, test, replace)


    Regexp is to create regular objects.For example:Set regEx = New RegExp Regex. Pattern is used to set regular patterns,For example:regEx.Pattern =”/d+” Regex. Ignorecase = true ‘sets whether case sensitiveRegex. Global = true ‘sets full availability. Regexp has three methods: execute, test and replace. The test method performs a regular expression search on the specified string […]

  • Grasp regular expressions quickly


    1. Preface When it comes to regularization, maybe many people will feel headache as I used to. The purpose of this article is not to make you become regularization experts, but just to describe some problemsSimple and regular writingandHow to write some simple rulesCome on! 2. Text 2.1 welfare section First of all, release the […]

  • Interviewer: let me take the exam


    I don’t know if you are the same as me. You have a strange fear of regularization. When you meet regularization matching in daily development, Baidu and Google give you suoha. But when the interviewer asked this question during the interview, he began to regret why he didn’t study hard at the beginning. This is […]

  • Summary of regular expression


    Regular expression learning Regular expressions are used to solve < span style = color:red; Background: background color; Font size: text size; ‘” String search and replacement problem < / span >, you can use the regular expression engine to determine whether a string is in line with the well-defined rules in the regular expression engine, […]

  • Base64 format check


    preface Recently, projects need to use cropper, butvue-cropperIt’s too troublesome to match. I want to find a ready-made mobile cropper. As a result, I found the one who was just born for more than two monthsvue-cropper-h5. But it’s not suitable for my project. It needs to be optimized and can be usedLoadFile()andLoadBase64(). So Base64 format […]

  • The second world in JS — regular expression


    Recently busy let me have no time to calm down to write some articles. Fortunately, all the busyness has passed. I hope tomorrow will be better. Just after Tanabata, with a happy mood to write this article. I hope readers can like it~~ Do you often encounter regularization, but you don’t know what it is […]

  • JavaScript IP, domain name, mobile phone number regular expression verification code


    This mobile phone number regular verification function can be said to be the latest support, which has a detailed description, no matter what number segment you add in the future, it is very easy to modify it a little.JavaScript mobile phone number regular expression verification function Copy codeThe code is as follows: // IP and […]

  • JS matching multiple email address code


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: ^([a-zA-Z0-9_-])[email protected]([a-zA-Z0-9_-])+((\.[a-zA-Z0-9_-]{1,4}){1,4})$ The key is (\. [a-za-z0-9 -] {1,4}) 1 and 4 represent. This pattern needs to be matched at least several times and at most several times.

  • Crawler boss, gave me the regular expression he summarized!


    Author: Xiao Fu GeBlog:https://bugstack.cn Precipitation, sharing, growth, so that they and others can gain! 1、 Preface Programming always produces results in practice! Regular expression, also known as regular expression. Regular expression, often abbreviated as regex, regexp or re in code, is a concept of computer science. Regular expressions are usually used to retrieve and replace […]

  • asp.net (C #) code to generate string arrays using Rex regularization


    Look here. If you’re familiar with regular expressions This tool is called regular expression exploration. You can download it from here. The current version is 1.0 release, The specific usage can be seen by executing in CMD. This is a. Net program. We can refer to it, and then use the following code to generate […]

  • Record the blood case caused by regular expression


    Have a problem A few days ago, when I was doing the online inspection demand, I met a field verification request when I developed the detection task page. The specific requirement was: “users can fill in multiple groups of IDS, each group of IDS can be composed of commodity ID and SKU ID, or only […]

  • Ruby: Web based Ruby regular expression editor


    When we use regular expressions in Ruby projects, if we want to see the regular matching results immediately, there seems to be no other way than running the code. If the match is wrong, we have to go back and revise the regular expression. It is not only inefficient, but also time-consuming. If we useRubularThis […]