• Learn the basic syntax of regular expressions through JS regular expression examples


    Regular expressions, also known as regular expressions, are generally used to check whether there are substrings matching the rules in the string, so as to achieve the purpose of extracting, deleting, replacing and other operations on the matched substrings. First, find out what methods you can use regular pairs of strings to achieve these operations: […]

  • Full explanation of the core technology of PHP regular expression section 5 PHP regular replacement function


    Author: geek Xiaojun, a post-80s generation who focuses on Web Technology I don’t have to spell smart people, I just need to spell those lazy people, and I will surpass most people!CSDN @ geek Xiaojun, original article, technology sharing at station BPersonal blog:cnblogs.comFront end HTML + CSS + javascript technology discussion and exchange group: 281499395Backend […]

  • Nginx regular expression


    1. Nginx configuration basis 1. Regular expression matching ~Case sensitive matching ~*Case insensitive matching !~ And~* Case sensitive mismatch and case insensitive mismatch ^Matches that begin with what What does $end in Escape character. You can turn. *? etc. Represents any character 2. File and directory matching -F and- F is used to determine whether […]

  • Regularization of special requirements


    /^[a-za-z] [\ D \ sa-za-z] * $// / must start with a letter. You can only enter letters or numbers, not Chinese characters  

  • Nginx cannot load CSS / JS pictures and other files 404 Not fund


    Nginx cannot load CSS / JS pictures and other files 404 Not fund, because files with different suffixes must be accessed in nginx Declare rules in conf //The notes here are only for explanation. Notes cannot be interspersed during normal configuration in nginx location ~ .*. (js|css|png|jpg) $// this is the regular filter that needs […]

  • Regular notes


    Regular methods There are four common methods of regularization: test() exec() match() replace() Regular call: test(), exec()① Test() returns only Boolean value;② Exec() returns the matching text content String call: match() replace()① Match() returns the matching text content② Replace() modifies the matching content e.g.1 var reg = /(\d{4})-(\d{2})-(\d{2})/; console. Log (‘symbol: ‘+ reg. Exec (‘1993-12-23’)) […]

  • Supplementary learning of regular expressions


    Some supplementary learning of regular match,matchAllandexecDifferences between Match, matchall act on strings, exec act on regular expressions When match matches the regularity of G pattern, it returns an array composed of all matched characters; When matching non-G regular patterns, the first array returned is matched, and the rest is the string captured in parentheses. The […]

  • Shell.2


    1、 Input and output echo Echo, for printout work -n: No line breaks are allowed -e: Escape characters, \ t = = = enable printf Printf “% D,% s \ n” 10 “hello” Note that there is no comma between the parameters 10 and “hello” Pipeline| Use | to splice multiple commands together cat /etc/passwd […]

  • 38. Appearance sequence | algorithm (leetode, with mind map + all solutions) 300 questions


    Zero Title: algorithm (leetode, with mind map + all solutions) 300 question (38) appearance sequence Code farmer three little, a blogger who is committed to writing simple but complete problem solutions (algorithms) I. topic description II. Overview of solution (mind map) Three complete solution 1 scheme 1 1) Code: //Scheme 1 “similar to Fibonacci sequence, […]

  • VBS regular discriminant prime (prime)


    Using regular discriminant primes, from the network, God and man!   Copy codeThe code is as follows: Set regex = New RegExp regex.Pattern = “^1?$¦^(11+?)\1+$” For i = 1 To 100  If Not regex.Test(String(i,”1″)) Then   WScript.Echo i  End If Next   When you see the title, you will despise it. Who won’t enumerate prime numbers? […]

  • Regularized svmax and vicreg for feature embedding


    Remember Lecun’s rejected paper vicreg? Today we’ll talk about it Which is more important in depth network, weight and activation? Obviously, it is the weight, because we can deduce the activation of the network from the weight. However, the depth network is a nonlinear embedding function; We just want this nonlinear embedding. To train and […]

  • Zero foundation “machine learning” self study notes | note8: regularization


    Regularization_ Cover jpg Write in front This series is my personal notes when I taught myself [machine learning]. There may be many mistakes in the learning process. I hope all readers will give me some advice. With this seriesTeacher Wu Enda’s [“machine learning” course]As the key link, supplemented byHuang Haiguang’s [personal notes of Stanford University […]