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  • PHP handwritten regular crawling constellation House website constellation potential data


    Constellation house (http://www.xzw.com/fortune/) potential interface: The final crawl data results are displayed on the APP Here is the code using regular implementation, which I spent half a day writing more than a year ago. Now, if you use scratch or phpspider, you can do it in just a few lines of code. You don’t have […]

  • Regular expression basics, continuous update


    basic content Definition Regular describes a pattern of string matchingIt can be used to check whether a string contains a substring or replace a substring. It is generally used for form verification, data filtering, format checking, data collection and data hiding Meta character Metacharacters are used toDescription match typeFor example. . Match any character other […]

  • A summary of the experience of hard regular expression


    In recent days, I have made a comprehensive literacy of regular expressions that I have not been very good at. I’m sorry for myself, but I still have some gains. I’ll make a scattered summary here, and sort out some points that are more beneficial to the understanding of regularity. One, “?” You didn’t read […]

  • Step by step to implement a regular expression (JavaScript) of birth date


    Brief statement In form validation, regular expressions are often used for birth date validation. This paper divides the birth date into several parts and introduces the whole process of implementing a birth date verification step by step. I believe you will have further understanding and experience on how to write and apply regular expressions after […]

  • The beginning of regular expression


    Why learn regular expressions Many people’s cognition of regular expressions is only to search a regular expression on the Internet for copy during form verification. In practice, it seems difficult to meet large regular expressions The first time I saw a large number of regular use was in jQuery source code. At that time, I […]

  • The small and famous regular expression


    In the last article, I have talked about how to match simple strings, how to search globally, and the meaning of some special letters I, G, MIt’s better to read this article twice if it’s a little too much, but don’t worry about many things you don’t need to rememberI know that it’s OK to […]

  • Regular questions in interview


    Regular expression, like me, someone has learned it for many times. They seem to understand it when they learn it. They forget it after a period of time. When they really want to use it, they are still confused. At the end of the day, there is still not enough practice, which is always on […]

  • Notes on learning JavaScript regular expressions (2) – blame upgrade


    This article continues from the previous part. For those who are relatively weak in the basic part, please move to JavaScript regular expression learning notes (1) – theoretical basis. As described above8There are three kinds of properties of JavaScript regular expressions. In addition, this article introduces several properties of JavaScript regular expressions (note that they […]

  • Front end slub (2) [regular expression]


    In front-end development, regular expression is absolutely a big killer for string processing tasks. At the same time, it’s also a basic skill for front-end developers, but if they just stay at the stage of being able to understand and know where to check, it’s probably more than one step and two steps to use […]

  • Basic concepts of regular expressions


    Quoted text What is regular expression A regular expression is an object that describes character patterns. It is mainly used to verify the input data of the client. After the user completes the form information submission, it will be passed to the backstage server, which will process it through backstage scripts such as PHP. Because […]

  • Python crawler from scratch (4) – powerful regular expression, re module


    If beautiful Sopu is likened to a detective who approaches the target step by step through a clue, then regular expression is the “eye system” of bull force. As long as it provides some features of the target, no matter how large the search range is, as long as there are one or two targets […]

  • Regular from zero to simple analysis of HTML tags


    For regular has always been a “Baidu programmer”, perhaps more than half or even more programmers, so this time to learn regular expressions A thing for it This part introduces the origin of the requirement, which has nothing to do with the main content There is such a demand for work: The data format from […]