• Completely uninstall Oracle11g R2 tutorial


    Compared with other mysql, the installation and uninstall of Oracle is more troublesome. So far, I have specially uninstalled the previous Oracle Software and re installed it (successfully), so I have the following tutorial. First of all, open the services, find the services beginning with Oracle, and close all of them Click the start menu […]

  • Add tls1.2 support to Windows Server 2008 R2


    Many applications based on HTTPS need the support of tls1.2, such as wechat applets, but it’s not so easy for Windows Server 2008 R2 to deploy wechat applets directly. It seems that tls1.2 is not turned on by default in this system. Here’s the registry modification code to turn on tls1.2. In addition to tls1.2, […]

  • Windows 10 open CMD here


    Statement: the following is my personal understanding. If you find any mistakes or questions, you can contact me for discussion In Windows 10, we often need to open the CMD window in a certain folder. Although we can open it by inputting CMD in the address bar, it is still troublesome. We can modify the […]

  • How to catch dump when. Net program crashes? I summed up three options


    1: Background 1. Tell a story In recent days, I have received several requests for help from crash. Maybe these friends haven’t played how to generate dumps, so they can only teach them by hand, which is not a good way. So it’s necessary to summarize. If there is a friend’s consultation in the future, […]

  • Delete IP record in Windows 10 remote desktop


    Registry location: 1.Click start in the lower left corner of the computer and select run. 2.Enter “regedit” in the runtime and click OK. 3.Click HKEY in turn_ CURRENT_ USER→Software→Microsoft→Terminal Server Client→Default Select unnecessary remote connection records, right-click and click delete. 4. Click HKEY in turn_ CURRENT_ USER→Software→Microsoft→Terminal Server   Client→Servers Delete unnecessary IP addresses.

  • Win10 user directory modification (Continued)


    Win10 user directory modification (Continued) Modification of user name in win10 user directory After the previous process is completed, some software may show that its registered users are still old users, For example, it shows that our modification is incomplete and needs further modification Method: win+rinputnetplwiz clickattributeJust modify it In particularHome versionThere is no user […]

  • Evolution of microservice architecture and preliminary practice of go


    Zero, background In recent years, I have been learning and practicing how to use go to realize the development of microservice architecture. This paper records what circumstances to use microservice architecture, and analyzes the advantages and disadvantages. In addition, grpc + etcd is used to implement the microservice model with service discovery function. 1、 Evolution […]

  • Oracle ultimate complete uninstall


    1、 Stop usingOracleOur services Out of serviceoracleService, access to computerManagement, in the service, find oracleAll services at the beginningRight click to select stop.   2、 Open the universal installer tool and run the program to uninstall Oracle database (1) General operationOracleBuilt in uninstall program, such as using Universal Installer Tool uninstall. clickopening menufindOracle,Then clickOracleInstall products,Click againUniversal […]

  • Windows 10 prohibit update


    1. Win10 disable auto update Reprinted inhttps://jingyan.baidu.com/article/1e5468f94dc9a3484961b7a8.html Method 1: (close in registry mode) Enter gpedit.msc in Cortana to open the general management document   Select computer configuration management template windows components   On the right, click Configure auto update, and then select disabled Method 2: (service shutdown) Enter services.msc in CMD to open the service […]

  • Add Windows terminal to right click menu


    install Install in Windows store. quick start Win + R, enter “wt” to start quickly. Add to right click menu Win + R, enter “regedit” and create a new registry key “computer / HKEY”_ CURRENT_ Open “Windows terminal command” here, and edit the input in the right default itemwt -d “%V” test