• How does c-chen run


    Before explaining the process, you need to understand some basic concepts. Basic concept explanation: CPU :The central processing unit, the brain of a computer, is made up of millions to hundreds of millions of transistors. It is the place where interpretation and operation are finally converted into machine language (binary code). Machine language is processed […]

  • Embedded development notes — debug component segger_ HardFaultHandle


    Author:zzssdd2 E-mail:[email protected] 1、 Preface in useCortex-MWhen the MCU of kernel is developing, sometimes the program will be abnormal because of the wrong access to the memory and other reasons, so it will enter the systemHardFaultHandlerError interrupt. If the program structure is complex, especially when running RTOS, it may not be easy to locate the cause […]

  • How to realize software registration code machine code by Python DES encryption and decryption


    This article mainly introduces how to achieve Python DES encryption and decryption software registration code machine code, the article through the example code is very detailed, for everyone’s study or work has a certain reference learning value, need friends can refer to principle Determine whether the identification file exists in the path, decrypt and compare […]

  • [operating system virtualization] process


    concept The informal definition of a process is very simple: a process is a running program. The program itself has no life cycle, it only exists some instructions (or some static data) on the disk. People often want to run multiple programs at the same time. A normal system may have hundreds of processes running […]

  • Viewing disassembly code in Visual Studio


    Set breakpoints in the source code, and then click debug To enableDisassemblyWindow, pleasetool>option(ortool> option>debuggingNext, chooseEnable address level debugging。To open during debuggingDisassemblyWindow, please selectwindow>DisassemblyOr press Alt + 8. In addition to assembly instructions,DisassemblyThe window also displays the following optional information: The memory address of each instruction. For native applications, it is the actual memory address. For […]

  • Vernacular takes you to open the door of operating system


    The origin of everything Turing machine Turing machine is mainly composed of data storage unit, control unit, operation unit and a read-write header for reading and writing external data.Turing machine work needs a paper tape, the paper tape is full of grid, can record characters on the grid, characters can be divided into data characters […]

  • C # multithread programming (1) process and thread


    1、 Process In short, process is the abstraction of resources and the container of resources. In traditional operating system, process is the basic unit of resource allocation and execution. Process supports concurrent execution, because each process has independent data and independent stack space. If a program wants to execute concurrently, it can open multiple processes. […]

  • JVM – 02. Program counter


    A series of articles: JVM – 01. What is a JVM JVM – 02. Program counter definition Program counter register effect Remember the execution address of the next JVM instruction characteristic Thread private There will be no memory overflow JVM This work adoptsCC agreementReprint must indicate the author and the link of this article

  • Yii2 framework user-defined authentication model, complete the login and registration operation example


    This paper describes the user authentication model in yii2 framework, and completes the login and registration operations. The details are as follows: Sometimes we need to define our own user classes and operate our own user tables to complete the login and registration functions. The user table structure is as follows. Of course, you can […]

  • Program compilation


    catalog The essence of procedure Memory & register The development of programming language Essential differences of programming languages https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1UV411B7qU?p=7 note The essence of procedure Compiler transforms program code into CPU instruction / machine code; Instructions are loaded into memory; CPU reads / writes memory; The CPU controls the hardware of the computer CPU is an […]

  • Misunderstanding of CPU cache refresh


    Even senior technicians, I often hear them talk about how certain operations lead to a CPU cache refresh. It seems that this is a common mistake about how the CPU cache works and how the cache subsystem interacts with the execution core. This article will focus on explaining the function of the CPU cache and […]

  • Hospital appointment registration system wechat small program project sharing


    This is a hospital appointment registration small program system, this project is relatively easy to understand, it is suitable for doing computer final homework or graduation project. The main function modules of wechat applet project of hospital appointment registration system are analyzed as follows: The analysis and design of the system has the following main […]