• Jigsaw pre training: get rid of Imagenet, pre training method of jigsaw backbone network | ECCV 2020


    Jigsaw pre training generates data sets for backbone network pre training in a jigsaw way from the detection data set, without the need for additional pre training data sets, such as Imagenet. In addition, in order to make the network better adapt to the mosaic data, this paper proposes the ERF adaptive dense classification method, […]

  • [paper reading]


    Which Is Plagiarism: Fashion Image Retrieval Based on Regional Representation for Design Protection By Ying Lang, yuan he, Fan Yang, Jianfeng Dong, Hui Xue Unit: Ali; Zhejiang Business University; azft Meeting cvpr2020 Paper address summary In the field of clothing, although the crackdown on counterfeit goods has been continuous, the problem of piracy and plagiarism […]

  • ArcGIS for JS Argus map limits the display of specific areas


    ArcGIS map services restrict specific areas and mask other maps that are not displayed Method 1: using canvasclearRectMethod to achieve the effect of hollowing outMethod 2: using the path of canvas to achieve the effect of hollowing out Clearrect method: var c=document.getElementById(“myCanvas”); var ctx=c.getContext(“2d”); ctx.fillStyle=”#fff”; ctx.fillRect(0,0,300,150); ctx.clearRect(20,20,100,50);

  • Setting up DNS server in Linux (CentOS 7)


    DNS resolution process For example, client resolution www.126.com The client queries its own cache (records in hosts), and if it does not send the query to / etc/ resolv.conf DNS server in If the local DNS server is authoritative for the requested information, it will send (authoritative answer) to the client. Otherwise, if the DNS […]

  • Traffic and latency halved! Challenge the cross data center problem of distributed database tidb


    As we all know, in the highly available industries (such as finance and communication), distributed database needs to establish a disaster recovery and flexible system architecture between multiple data centers across regions, while maintaining the integrity and availability of data. However, this method also brings some problems Inter regional network delay is very high, usually […]

  • CSS margin overlap and solution


    Recently, I reviewed the knowledge points related to CSS, and summarized the classic margin overlap problem in CSS. The purpose is to test the review effect, and also hope to help others. If there are omissions, please do not hesitate to comment.Ask a question: when using CSS layout, you will find that the upper and […]

  • MySQL installation tutorial


    This version of MSI is easy to download and configure automatically 1. Download from official website Address: https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/   Note: Area 1 is the download location of MSI version, go to download, area 2 is the download location of zip file, which is not recommended, and area 3 is the historical version   Note that […]

  • Implementation of vertical layout based on Flex


    Generally speaking, we all doHorizontal layoutAt most, make a vertical center. Moreover, for some floats and positions, it seems that they are not suitable for vertical layout. Just a while ago, we made a page with weex. Weex is naturally based on flex. And weexflex-directionThe default value iscolumn,flex-directionThe arrangement direction of flex member items in […]

  • Png background black


    The transparent area of the PNG image is filled with black For more daily use of public class operation methods, you can pay attention to the followingSmall pulley website Question: When processing PNG with canvas todataurl, we find that the transparent area is filled with black.Why does canvas turn the transparent area of PNG black?The […]

  • JVM virtual machine GC


    GC During GC, the JVM does not recycle the three regions uniformly. Most of the recycling is in the new generation Cenozoic era From, to Old age There are two types of GC: light GC (normal GC) and heavy GC (Global GC) When an object has gone through GC for 15 times and has not […]

  • Chrome native region and node screenshots


    Recently, we often use puppeter to get screenshots of page elements. Suddenly, the idea that chrome itself should also support HTML nodes node screenshots came out, so I searched it Sure enough, chrome 62 in 2017 already supports region screenshots and HTML element node screenshots. Customize Chrome DevTools | Tools for Web Developers Area screenshot […]

  • Practical scheme of Vue background management system


    This is a note of the front-end project of e-commerce management system. This project mainly includes login / logout function, home page layout, user management module, authority management module, classification management module, parameter management module, commodity management module, order management module and other functions. I have sorted out some functions inside, hoping to help you! […]