• IOS memory partition


    #Stack area It is a continuous data structure expanded from high address to low address, which is used to store the values of local variables and function parameters #Heap area Programmers need to manage and release the data structure domain expanded by low address like high address and discontinuous memory area #Global area Global variables […]

  • Hire MLP of vision MLP: vision MLP via hierarchical arrangement


    Hire-MLP: Vision MLP via Hierarchical Rearrangement Original document:https://www.yuque.com/lart/pa… This article is very easy to read. There are no complex words and sentence patterns. It is very smooth from beginning to end. I like this writing style very much. Learn about the article from the summary This paper presents Hire-MLP, a simple yet competitive vision MLP […]

  • OSPF virtual connection of HCNP Routing & Switching


    Previously, we learned about ospf network types, frame relay switch mapping and router frame relay mapping. For review, please refer tohttps://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/15195762.html; Today, let’s talk about virtual connection in OSPF; In OSPF, in order to avoid the loop between regions, OSPF stipulates that it is not allowed to publish routing information directly between two non backbone […]

  • Software performance test analysis and tuning practice – Performance Analysis and tuning of Java applications – excerpts from manuscripts


    Since its birth, Java programming language has become a very popular programming language, covering many technical fields such as the Internet, Android applications, back-end applications, big data and so on. Therefore, the performance analysis and tuning of Java applications is also a very important topic. The performance of Java applications is directly related to the […]

  • OSPF LSA type of HCNP Routing & Switching (I)


    Previously, we learned about the topics related to virtual connection in OSPF. For review, please refer tohttps://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/15202348.html; Today, let’s talk about LSA types in OSPF packets; We know that the core of OSPF is to establish LSDB database through LSA, and then calculate the corresponding route from the content of LSDB database according to SPF […]

  • Case of data time zone of JVM virtual machine


    In the process of Java program, the memory it manages will be divided into several different data areas.Xingchi mining serverThese areas have their own purposes and the time of creation and destruction. Some areas always exist with the start of the virtual machine process, while others are established and destroyed depending on the start and […]

  • OSPF LSA type of HCNP Routing & Switching (II)


    Previously, we learned about OSPF’s class I, class II and class III LSAS. For review, please refer tohttps://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/15209829.html; Today, let’s talk about OSPF’s four and five LSAS; Before talking about class IV and class V LSAS, let’s talk about the introduction of OSPF external routing; The so-called route introduction refers to the route that does […]

  • Vue + element UI realizes the function of role information


    Last week, the user information list and login function were updated. Today, I took the time to finish the role information list and role assignment. Share your work achievements with your partners and continue to update the information of commodity management in the future~ First show the renderings This is a role list information. The […]

  • Portrait matting + OpenGL es can still play like this? I didn’t expect it


    OpenGL es uses matting algorithm to realize portrait color retention Portrait color retention Portrait color retention Principle of portrait color retention Now, like the original face detection algorithm, human image segmentation technology is called the widely used basic algorithm. The portrait color retention introduced in this article today is actually an application scenario displayed by […]

  • OSPF special area of HCNP Routing & Switching


    Previously, we learned about OSPF LSA update rules and routing summary related topics. For review, please refer tohttps://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/15231880.html; Today, let’s talk about OSPF’s special area related topics; The main purpose of OSPF’s special area is to shield the relevant LSA, so as to simplify the LSDB database and routing entries; It is both an optimization […]

  • Linux disk LVM root directory expansion


    Basic concepts of LVM Physical volume (PV): the medium on which a volume group can be established. It can be a hard disk partition, the hard disk itself or a loopback file. The physical volume includes a special header, and the rest is cut into physical extents Volume group volume group (VG): collects a group […]

  • IS-IS basis of dynamic routing protocol for HCNP Routing & Switching


    Previously, we learned about topics related to OSPF’s special areas. For review, please refer tohttps://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/15236330.html; Today, let’s talk about another topic related to dynamic routing protocol IS-IS; Introduction to IS-IS IS-IS (intermediate system to intermediate system) dynamic routing protocol is the same as OSPF routing protocol. Both are internal gateway protocol (IGP) based on link […]