• Compile method of regexp object of JS regular expression


    Function Description: this method can compile the specified regular expression, and the execution speed of the compiled regular expression will be improved. If the regular expression is called multiple times, calling the compile method can effectively improve the code execution speed. If the regular expression can only be used once, it will not have obvious […]

  • JS regular expression input property ($_ )Introduction to regexp object properties


    Function Description: this property is a static read-only property of regexp. The value of this property is the string for matching detection with the regular expression described by regexp object. This property can also be expressed as$_ Copy codeThe code is as follows: <html> <script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript”> //Objstr is the content to be matchedvar objStr=’abcDdefCDDE’; […]

  • JavaScript regular expression regexp introductory text tutorial


    What is a regular expression? Regular expression, also known as “regular expression” (regexp), is a concept of computer science. What’s the use of regular expressions? It is often used to search for and replace text that matches a pattern. The regular expression is:The best choice for matching special characters or characters with special collocation principles. […]

  • On the efficiency of JS regular literal / / and new regexp


    A few days ago, we talked about the problem of regular matching JS string: “matching string of JS regular learning notes” and “matching string optimization of JS regular learning notes”.It is said that optimizing regularization can improve performance, but how much can it be improved?So I went to the test and found that TMD was […]

  • An example analysis of the search function of MySQL regular expressions (regexp and rlike)


    The example of this paper describes the search function of MySQL regular expressions (regexp and rlike). To share with you for your reference, as follows: We know that regular expressions are special strings that describe search patterns. It is a powerful tool, which provides us with a simple and flexible method to recognize pattern based […]

  • Notes on learning JavaScript regular expressions (2) – blame upgrade


    This article continues from the previous part. For those who are relatively weak in the basic part, please move to JavaScript regular expression learning notes (1) – theoretical basis. As described above8There are three kinds of properties of JavaScript regular expressions. In addition, this article introduces several properties of JavaScript regular expressions (note that they […]

  • Go regular use


    Define a regular expression callregexpHere are a few ways to define a regular expression by passing in a regular string of parametersFor example:regexp.MustCompile(“\d”) Compile CompilePOSIX MustCompile MustCompilePOSIX Method overview There are 16 methods in the regexp package to match the regular expression and identify the matched text. Their names can be matched using the regular […]

  • JS regexp function


    Some string processing scenarios are encountered in the project: Format the integer amount in thousands, such as 1000 Form field verification, such as the name can only be Chinese and the length range is [2,4] The ID card number is reserved from the first 6 to the last 4, and the middle 8-bit mask is […]

  • Introduction to regular expression syntax


    Summary This paper mainly introduces the syntax of regular expressions, so that students who have not contacted or want to learn regular expressions can have a basic understanding, so that they can understand and write regular expressions. The main contents of this paper are as follows: Character matching of regular expressions Position matching of regular […]

  • Advanced regular expression


    Summary This paper mainly introduces some advanced contents of regular expression, so that readers can understand a part of regular expression which is used less but more important in daily use, so that we can have a deeper understanding of regular expression. The main contents of this paper are as follows: The principle of regular […]

  • JavaScript regular Mini Book – Notes


  • Introduction to JavaScript replace new regexp


    There’s nothing to do today. Explain the replace method in JavaScript. If it’s wrong or unreasonable, it’s reasonable. Because I’m not an old bird or a rookie. I don’t know what kind of bird I am?? Ah ~ ~ The syntax of replace method is: stringobj. Replace (rgexp, replacetext), where stringobj is string, reexp can […]