• HTML5 history API to realize no refresh jump


    Once, when I was on * *.Com, I found that the animation effect of login and registration was very gorgeous, but I was shocked that the page could realize no refresh jump (it has been revised. You can hit here to watch this effect: GitHub or read FM). After reviewing the front-end knowledge learned, it […]

  • Wechat applet returns to the previous page to pass parameters and refresh process analysis


    This article mainly introduces the wechat applet to return to the previous page to pass parameters and refresh the process of parsing. The sample code is introduced in great detail in this article, which has a certain reference learning value for everyone’s study or work. Friends in need can refer to it problem The onload […]

  • JS returns the code of the previous page and refresh


    1. JavaScript returns to the previous page history. Go (- 1) and two pages: history. Go (- 2);2. history.back().3. Window. History. Forward() returns to the next page4. Window.history.goExample:<a href=”j avascript:history.go (-1);”> Page up</a>response.Write(“<script language=javascript>”)response.Write(“if(! Confirm (‘finish task? ‘){ history.back();}”)response.Write(“</script>”)response.Write(“<script language=javascript>history.go(-1);</script>”)<a href=”j avascript:history.go (-1);”> Page up</a>Page Jump: onclick = “window. Location. AP.S.Tips (JS reference JS)<script type=text/javascript><!–if […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play with linux010206 steam locomotive


    Let’s review What did we talk about in the last part? Two kinds of character drawing Start with figlet To toilet Character drawing options Change color Font effect `figlet oeasy toilet oeasy ` Is there any fun game to download? Power locomotive sl `sudo apt install sl sl ` We could see a train rumbling […]

  • Three implementation schemes of how to refresh iframe


    Copy code The code is as follows: <iframe src=”1.htm” name=”ifrmname”></iframe> Scheme 1:Locating with iframe’s name attribute Copy code The code is as follows: <input type=”button” name=”Button” value=”Button” onclick=” document.frames (‘ifrmname’). location.reload () “> or<input type=”button” name=”Button” value=”Button” onclick=”document.all.ifrmname.document.location.reload()”> Scheme 2:Locating with ID attribute of iframe Copy code The code is as follows: <input type=”button” name=”Button” […]

  • HTML5 localstorage local storage refresh value


    The biggest difference between the two storage technologies of H5 is the life cycle. 1. Localstorage is a local storage with unlimited storage period; 2. Session storage session storage, data will be lost when the page is closed. usage method: localStorage.setItem (“key”, “value”) / / store localStorage.getItem (key) / / value by key localStorage.valueOf () […]

  • Implementation idea and code of controlling parent page refresh by iframe in HTML


    1、 Application scenarios Parent page a.jspSub page b.jsp, as the page pointed by the iframe embedded in page a Copy code The code is as follows: <body> <iframe src=”b.jsp” …/> </body> Now we do an operation in the B page. After the operation, we need to refresh the iframe embedded in the a page 2、 […]

  • On the ineffectiveness of this. $router. Replace ({path: ‘/’}) refresh in vue3.0


    First, define the required variables in the store for initialization, and then define a method. After logging in successfully, you need to call the method of storing data in the store directly before jumping to page B on page a, which can be used globally Such as the above, the problem, Baidu for a long […]

  • Refresh redirection of HTML header tag meta


    Copy code The code is as follows: <html> <head> <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=gb2312″ /> <meta http-equiv=”Refresh” content=”5;url=http://www.baidu.com”> </head> <body> <p> I’m sorry. We have moved. Your URL is<a href=”http://www.baidu.com”>http://www.w3school.com.cn</a> </p> <p>You will be redirected to a new address in 5 seconds. </p><p>If you still see this message after more than 5 seconds, please click the […]

  • Pushstate, replacestate, onpopustate realize the forward and backward refresh of ajax page


    With Ajax, you can get data asynchronously and render pages more efficiently. But there are also some problems: Refresh the page again, and the page will become the initial state Browser forward and backward function is invalid Unfriendly crawling to search engine 1、 We will use the browser’s hash anchor earlier to solve this problem […]

  • FreeBSD Views Instant Network Traffic


    1Packet “netstat 1” accumulates once in a second and “netstat 2” accumulates once in two seconds. And so on 2. View network card traffic: “systat-if 1″ refreshes every second, “systat-if 2” refreshes every two seconds, and so on.

  • There are two ways to remove the residual refresh of computer screen


    Sometimes when we refresh the computer desktop, we leave a refresh residue. And refresh again, this residue is still there. Only when we restart the computer will the residue disappear. Is there any way to avoid restarting the computer? Method 1: Adjust screen resolution We right-click on the desktop as follows: We click on “Screen […]