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  • Data forwarding process


    Data communication process: 1. Data encapsulation process: convert data to binary numbers (0 and 1) 2. Data transmission process: forwarding through media and network equipment 3. Data unpacking process: convert binary numbers into data 1. Data encapsulation process: convert data into binary numbers Reference model: TCP / IP reference model osi reference model     […]

  • Ethernet packet architecture


    1. Overview The term Ethernet generally refers to a standard jointly published by Digital Equipment Corp., Intel Corp. and Xerox in 1982. It is the main LAN technology adopted by TCP / IP today. A few years later, IEEE 802 committee published a slightly different set of standards, in which 802.3 is for the whole […]

  • The network protocol of PHP interview


    Hello, it’s Ryuki. Welcome to PHP interview column.This week (2-25 to 3-1, 2019), the articles updated during the 13th five year plan are as follows: Monday: session control in PHP interviewWednesday: network protocol for PHP interviewFriday: session control and network protocol for PHP interview questions Send 2 books: “php programmer interview written test real problem […]