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  • Installing Gollum under CentOS 6.4 (using markdown’s wiki)


    gollumIt is a wiki that can be written with markdown. During the installation process, record it. Introduction to Gollum characteristicThere are the following aspects: * lightweight * use Markdown * web-based * Can be easily stored in GitGitHub address isGollum,It’s a Sinatra based application. It supports, amongst others, Markdown. Evertime you make a change, it […]

  • Cross domain processing of canvas images


    Introduction In recent work, when dealing with image merging, the cross domain situation of image source is encountered, which is recorded here. Origin My GitHub Image cross domain processing When using canvas to synthesize images, some of the images placed in the canvas are from another domain name. Due to the same origin policy, the […]

  • Developing web with Python Django


    Environment construction 1. Preparation sudo pip3 install -U pip pip install django pip install ipython mysqlclient 2. Create project Django admin startproject myproject // create project cd myProject python3 manage.py Startapp myapp // create application 3. Start python3 manage.py runserver 0:8080 4. Basic directory structure myProject ├── db.sqlite3 ├── manage.py ├── myApp │ ├── admin.py […]

  • Improve office efficiency — shortcut key


    Only record the shortcut keys that improve office efficiency and use frequency when working for individuals The following is just a personal feel easy to use shortcut keys, need more and more complete use of shortcut keys, refer to the link at the end of the article Windows 1. Win + Shift + S / […]

  • Showtoast, showloading, showconfirmdialog


    This is a few commonly used global common prompt box method, which may be used many times in my later articles. Here, we will record them in a unified way.The following methods are all written inlib/common/toast.dartMedium. showToast fluttertoastToast library for Android and IOS for flutter.staypubspec.yamlAdd: fluttertoast: ^3.1.3 import ‘package:flutter/material.dart’; import ‘package:fluttertoast/fluttertoast.dart’; void showToast( String text, […]

  • NPM cool Library: Bluebird promise tool library


    NPM cool library, two minutes a day, learn about a popular NPM library. Yesterday we learned about the enhanced promise Library: Q. Q library implements more promise methods than es2015 standard. Today, we will continue to learn another powerful promise tool library: Bluebird. bluebird First of all, like the Q library, Bluebird is an enhanced […]

  • Flash back of Oracle


    reference material:Using Oracle Flashback Technology New features of Oracle 11g flashback operation flashback query flashback query Flashback Version Query flashback transaction query Flashback data Flashback table flashback drop Flashback data Flash back to file These operations are described below. Before introducing these operations, see if the flashback feature is on. Check that the flashback feature […]

  • Why are your query results beyond the query time range


    Let’s cut the crap. Go directly to the SQL code (test and verify it if you are interested). Why did the following query statement query the records of 2008-11-27? This is a problem encountered by colleagues. I designed an example.   USE AdventureWorks2014; GO SELECT *  FROM [Person].[Person] WHERE ModifiedDate >= ‘2008-11-26 00:00:00:000’   AND […]

  • Manual installation of electron trowel


    1、 Slow download of electron A lot of people got stuckDownloading electron-v9.1.0-darwin-x64.zipHere, many answers on the Internet say to go to electronic mirror to download the zip and put it in the cache directory. Of course, in earlier versions of electron, it is OK, but [email protected]/getPackage modification to make the method above invalid resolvent:Use the […]

  • Vue router source code explanation 1


    First personal website “Feng Yan Feng Yu” – Vue router source code explanation 1 beforeCreate In SRC/ install.js FileVue.mixiMix two lifecycle processing functions:beforeCreateanddestroyed, inbeforeCreateAnd are dealt with inrooterRelated operations: beforeCreate () { if (isDef(this.$options.router)) { this._routerRoot = this this._router = this.$options.router this._router.init(this) Vue.util.defineReactive(this, ‘_route’, this._router.history.current) } else { this._routerRoot = (this.$parent && this.$parent._routerRoot) || this […]

  • SQL server like field


    Reference: cannot resolve the settlement conflict between “Chinese”_ PRC_ CI_ AS” and “SQL_ L and the problem of null query results due to different sorting rules SELECT * FROM dbo.ESysUser eu WHERE et.TypeCode LIKE ‘%’+ eu.UserType +’%’ COLLATE database_default be careful:COLLATE database_default If you don’t add this, you will report an error

  • Heap sorting problem — C language implementation


    Topic: heap sort implementation Suppose there is a one-dimensional array a whose data type is integer, and the data elements in a are in a disordered state. Write a program to sort the data elements in a by heap sorting method from small to large. Complete code #include<stdio.h> int A[100]; //Adjusting the rebuild heap void […]