• Django’s key problems with Ajax


    If it’s a post method, don’t forget to add CSRF_ tokenHow to add Ajax to CSRF in Django doc_ token Note the URL and 302 redirection issues.Because HTTP does not keep the post data in the request after resetting. Therefore, when you find that your post data is empty, you can use firebug to check […]

  • Solve the problem of 301 circular redirection of WordPress under nginx reverse proxy Apache service


    In the process of using nginx reverse code WordPress, WordPress will judge whether the domain name and port of the access request are the same as the configuration information, which will lead to a circular redirection error using 301. Problem recurrence Nginx is configured as follows: server { listen 81; server_name www.codedemo.club; error_log /mengyunzhi/log/baeldung.cn-nginx.log info; […]

  • File upload progress prompt


    demand When the uploaded files are relatively large, users may need to wait for a long time. At this time, if there is no prompt on the front end, the experience is not very good. If there is a prompt on the upload progress, it will be much better. To display the upload progress in […]

  • Use Django social auth to log in to Chinese social networking websites (QQ, microblog, Douban, Baidu, Renren, wechat support)


    TODO After I wrote this demo, the author of Python social auth and Django social auth (a person),The two libraries have been greatly updated. Django social auth, version 0.8.1, has even been dropped from the PIP,So for the demo to run, you may need to use my two fork versions python-social_ Auth is a version […]

  • Replace Cortana Bing search in windows with chrome Google search


    1. First install the Chrome extension: chrome-extension://lllggmgeiphnciplalhefnbpddbadfdi/install.html The usage document will pop up after installation. Just press the document. The following is a brief description of the process. 2. Open the default application settings and set chrome as the default browser. The default application setting of win11 does not have a web browser, but is […]

  • Homemade Chrome extension: for redirecting JS


    preface As a front-end development, When debugging production environment code, do you suffer from the compression of production environment code without sourcemap? Have you ever thought about redirecting the JS of the production environment directly to the JS of the local development environment? When playing the micro front end, have you ever thought about replacing […]

  • Understanding serial port printing


    Previous articles《Detailed explanation of STM32 serial port》The serial port driver is introduced. In the embedded field, the serial port is not only a communication interface, but also a debugging tool. Its ease of use is no less than hardware simulation. Some environments are inconvenient to connect JLINK for hardware simulation, or it is not a […]

  • How does a website that installs SSL certificates implement HTTP redirection to HTTPS


    Recently, some people always ask, “why do websites with SSL certificates still show insecurity and need to manually decrease s after HTTP to access normally?” the reason for this problem is that HTTPS access orientation is not set for websites with SSL certificates. The solution is simple:You only need to permanently redirect HTTP access 301 […]

  • Zsh Development Guide (Part 13 pipeline and redirection)


    Reading guide So far, we have roughly understood the syntax characteristics of Zsh, and we can write some scripts with uncomplicated functions. However, the main application scenario of shell script is not to write independent programs behind closed doors, but to interact with the external environment. Therefore, to write a practical script, we should understand […]

  • Zsh Development Guide (Part 14 document reading and writing)


    Reading guide Previously, we have occasionally come into contact with the methods of reading and writing files. This article will systematically talk about various methods of reading and writing files. Write file Writing a file is easier than reading a file. The most common usage is to use > to redirect the output of the […]

  • Linux_ Learning summary of Chapter 11 of Linux command line and shell script programming


    Time: Monday, August 28, 2017Note: some of the contents of this article are taken from the book “complete collection of Linux command line and shell script programming”, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Summary of Chapter 11 of Linux command line and shell script programming (Third Edition) Chapter 11: building basic scripts Contents […]

  • Linux shell Basics


    1、 Shell overview 1.1 what is a shell summary:The command line interpreter translates program instructions to the kernel and requests to call hardware functions.Generally speaking, the command interpreter between the kernel and the user is equivalent to a translator. Computer recognition: binary (dependent)ASCIICode table translation)Provides users with a –LinuxKernel (send request) – run programEssence: interface […]