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  • Kafka monitoring of k8s (Prometheus + grafana)


    Welcome to my GitHub https://github.com/zq2599/blog_demos Content: classification and summary of all original articles and supporting source code, involving Java, docker, kubernetes, Devops, etc; For Kafka deployed on k8s,Prometheus+GrafanaIt is a common monitoring scheme. Today, we will monitor Kafka of k8s environment through Prometheus + grafana; preparation Today, we focus on Kafka monitoring, so k8s, helm, […]

  • Docker deployment. Net core 3.1 (Chapter 2)


      The previous chapter described how to install docker and pull images【 https://www.cnblogs.com/smile-live/p/13596861.html 】The basic environment has been set up. Here is how to deploy the. Net core project 1. Create a new. Net core project (version 3.1 is used here). This function can run and access it                  2. […]

  • A journey of mobile optimization (2)


    What is the goal of our optimization: make the interface display earlier, whether the data is correct or not can wait for the query to return to update. preface The first part introduces the direction of code optimization Remove the time-consuming jQuery Optimize personal code Remove the time-consuming jQuery Where jQuery is used in the […]

  • Better writing experience with typora and picgo!


    Write it at the front In numerousmdIn the editor,TyporaIt is widely recognized as one of the writing software with better experienceWhat you see is what you getYou do not need to preview in split screen or open a new page preview. In addition, there are many advantages, here do not introduce, not the focus of […]

  • Quickly build Maven background project based on SSM framework


    Quickly build Maven background project based on SSM framework Environmental preparation 1.IntelliJ IDEA 2.Maven https://maven.apache.org/ 3.MYSQL https://www.mysql.com/ 4.Tomcat http://tomcat.apache.org/ 5.JDk https://www.oracle.com/java/t… Introduction to SSM framework Whether you are a front-end, app, back-end development engineer, building your own background is very helpful for learning. This article is the record of the author building the SSM back-end […]

  • Using ECJ compiler in idea appears java.lang.IllegalArgumentException


    Using ECJ compiler in idea appears java.lang.IllegalArgumentException Idea’s built-in ECJ version is too high Replace the appropriate version of the package in the red box. In addition to being downloaded separately, the jar also exists in the Tomcat / lib directory

  • Android | teaches you how to quickly integrate machine learning capabilities


    @TOC background After the last blog post about how to quickly integrate code scanning, I went to the official website to learn about other functions. Among them, machine learning service is relatively popular at present, and it is still free. Just hurry in and learn. See what you can do quickly. The link is here: […]

  • Correct posture of jar package in Java / kotliiin project using idea


    Exported jar package cannot run?Can’t find main class for exported jar package? Maybe I don’t have a deep understanding of exporting jar package. Anyway, I still don’t know how to use the interface and functions of exporting jar package from idea. But I finally found out the right way. Step 1: add a build The […]

  • Pit encountered by idea running Maven multi module project


    engineering structure Check webui module Pay attention to the red box part. For normal web projects, the folder style should be as follows:Note that the webapp folder has a small blue dot. Only in this way can this module be considered as a web module by idea. Since our project is not a web project, […]

  • Mongodb 4.2 memory limitation


    Let’s start with conclusions. This paper adapts mongodb 4.2.1 Cannot strictly limit the memory occupied by mongodb through its configuration file Just configure the storage.wiredtiger.engineconfig.cachesizegb to occupy about 60% of the expected maximum memory Recommended to learn Tang Jianfa’s mongodb master class How to use memory in mongodb? Why is the memory full? View mongodb […]

  • https://moba.en.softonic.com/


    To open the connection tool, I use mobaxterm? Personal? 12.1 (download address: https://moba.en.softonic.com/) Connect to ECs and remove the default MariaDB database: Yum remove mariadb-libs.x86 ʄ Then create a directory. I usually put the software in / usr / local, and then enter the directory. Download: WGet https://dev.mysql.com/get/mysql80-community-release-el7-3.noarch.rpm       Then install The two […]

  • Zimbra


    Step 1: read the configuration file with xxE   Cve-2019-9670 vulnerability is exploited here to read the configuration file. You need to place a DTD file on your VPS server and make the file accessible through HTTP. For demonstration, I created a warehouse on GitHub to get DTD files from GitHub. In the above figure, […]