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  • Insufficient disk space


    1. Tips during gitlab runner construction error: failed to write new configuration file .git/config.lock analysisYes, there is not enough disksolve Go to the root directory to view directories with high occupancy cd / du -sh /* The following is a list of directory sizes 2.2G /root 18M /sbin 4.0K /selinux 4.0K /srv 1.2M /static 0 […]

  • Avoid RM misoperation


    1. Download rmtrash wget https://github.com/LaiJingli/rmtrash/blob/master/rmtrash.sh 2. Set as command MV rmtrash.sh / usr / local / bin # move to the bin directory Chmod + X / bin / rmtrash.sh # increase executable permissions 3. Replace the rm of the system vim ~/.bashrc #Add alias alias rm=/bin/rmtrash.sh 4. Common commands Rmtrash – H # help […]

  • Can computer mistakenly deleted data be recovered? Tutorial on mistakenly deleted data recovery


    We often delete the computer’s garbage files. The deletion will be directly sent to the recycle bin. Too many recycle bin files will occupy the computer memory and affect the operation of the computer. Many users will empty the recycle bin from time to time. Sometimes the wrong files are deleted, but the recycle bin […]

  • Trash cli, command line recycle bin for Linux


    rmThe biggest problem is that after deletion, there is no way to recover the file by conventional methods. If the file is deleted by mistake due to hand shaking and shell script errors, it must be a very troublesome thing. trash-cliIt is used to move files to the recycle bin. At the same time, the […]

  • Give you a chance to go back


    Under LinuxrmThe command is to delete a file, but Linux has no recycle bin mechanism, so once the file is deleted, it will be completely deleted from the disk. And a lot of people like to add-fOption, which means mandatory, is more violent when deleting a folderrm -rfIn this way, the folder itself, as well […]

  • The recovery methods of data and tables deleted by Oracle include truncate


    In our work, when we operate the database, we often have a problem that shouldn’t happen: users accidentally delete a very important table or the data in the table, and there is no backup, so we need to restore it as soon as possible. The following is the solution: we mainly use the flash feature […]

  • How to set up FTP server


    Want to set up FTP server, in fact, is very simple, just need to download a FTP server, I did not know how to do before, but later found a very easy to use FTP server, especially suitable for novice use, the following to give you an introduction. This FTP client isIIS7 server management toolIts […]

  • How to recover the files in the recycle bin


    A registry restore method suitable for technical residence First, press the shortcut key win + R (or click Start) and enter “regedit” to start the registry editor; Then find and navigate to “HKEY”_ LOCAL_ MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Desktop\NameSpace””; Find an item value named “{645ff040-5081-101b-9f08-00aa002f954e}” in the left tree structure. If there is no item value, create a new […]

  • Hadoop framework: detailed explanation of datanode working mechanism


    Source code:GitHub. Click here || Gitee. Click here 1、 Working mechanism 1. Basic description The data block on datanode is stored on the disk in the form of file, including two files: one is the data itself, the other is the data block metadata, including length, check and time stamp; After the datanode is started, […]

  • Flash back of Oracle


    reference material:Using Oracle Flashback Technology New features of Oracle 11g flashback operation flashback query flashback query Flashback Version Query flashback transaction query Flashback data Flashback table flashback drop Flashback data Flash back to file These operations are described below. Before introducing these operations, see if the flashback feature is on. Check that the flashback feature […]

  • Give you a chance to repent


    Under LinuxrmThe command is to delete a file, but Linux does not have a recycle bin mechanism, so once the file is deleted, it will be completely deleted from the disk. And a lot of people like it-fOption, which means mandatory, is used when deleting a folderrm -rfCommand, in this way, the folder itself, as […]

  • How to find the important files deleted in the recycle bin?


    The recycle bin is a unique function of the computer. When the files are not used, we can put the unnecessary files in the recycle bin. After a period of time, the files in the recycle bin will disappear automatically or empty manually. In the computer technology developed at the same time, everyone knows that […]