• [big data practice] Kafka producer programming (4) — detailed explanation of producer config (1)


    preface The previous article has made a general introduction to producer process and its customizable configuration classes. This article will continue to explain the relevant knowledge points of Kafka generator programming.ProducerConfigClass stores the configurable items of producer client and its corresponding explanation documents. In this paper, based on the description documents, this paper analyzes some […]

  • [big data practice] Kafka producer programming (5) — detailed explanation of producer config (2)


    preface In the last article [big data practice] Kafka producer programming (4) – producer config detailed explanation (Part I), the relevant configuration items of Kafka producer were introduced. In this article, we will continue to introduce the remaining configuration items. Producerconfig class buffer.memory Importance: highType: longDefault value: 33554432 bytes, i.e. 32m Producer can be used […]

  • git reset –hard not work


    When using git to switch branches, you will be prompted that I have local changes. Prepare to reset, and then switch branches git reset –hard git status But it didn’t get the desired results: It’s strange that the file is still prompted to be modifiedreset –hardThe original is not to retain file changes to restore […]

  • Kafka documents (contents)


    Kafka documentation Apache Kafka? Is a distributed streaming platform: publish and subscribe to record streams, similar to message queuing or enterprise messaging systems, store record streams in a fault-tolerant and persistent manner, and process them when they occur. 1. Introduction 1.1 INTRODUCTION 1.2 use cases 1.3 quick start 1.4 ecosystem 1.5 upgrade 2. API 2.1 […]

  • The springboot project uses slf4j to save the log to the local directory


    1. Import jar package <dependency> <groupId>org.slf4j</groupId> <artifactId>slf4j-api</artifactId> <version>1.7.25</version> </dependency> 2. Compilation application.properties/yml #.properties logging.config= classpath:logback-spring.xml logging.file= #Storage path #.yml logging: config: classpath:logback-spring.xml File: ා storage path 3. Write logback- spring.xmlWe create a logback in Src / main / resources- spring.xml ,Note: – spring can be scanned after application, if only write logback.xml Then the XML […]

  • Git gets started quickly


    1、 Install Git Download directly from official website Git — version / / view version number 2、 Set Git Generate key Check to see if you already have the SSH key: Cd ~ /. SSH If there is no key, there will be no such folder. If there is, it will be deleted by backup. […]

  • Serious async in SQL Server Mail related SQL statement_ NETWORK_ IO wait event case


      DPA monitoring found that a SQL server server executed system stored procedures in the last two days msdb.dbo.sp_ Serious async occurs when a SQL in mailitemresultsets is used_ NETWORK_ IO wait. As shown in the screenshot below     Further analysis shows that it is mainly the execution of stored procedures msdb.dbo.sp_ Async appears […]

  • InnoDB data page storage Shi Hongbao


    1、 Introduction MySQL is the most popular relational database management system, which has the advantages of small size, fast speed and open source. InnoDB is the most widely used storage engine in MySQL. InnoDB designs row locks, supports mvcc, and provides consistent non lock reads. Learning InnoDB data page storage can help us understand some […]

  • Introduction to Apache bookkeeper


    Original author: Sijie GuoTranslation: streamnnative Sijia Apache bookkeeper is an enterprise class storage system designed to ensure high persistence, consistency and low latency. Pulsar, developed by Yahoo! Research, aims to achieve high availability of Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS) namenode. Before this, namenode did not have high availability and had a single point of failure. […]

  • Should domain name resolution be broken


    Original address: https://www.wjcms.net/archive… preface Domain name servers respond to DNS requests based on resource records. In DNS system, the most common resource record is Internet class record. Resource record is a 4-tuple containing the following fields: name, value, type and TTL. Where TTL is the lifetime of the record, which determines when the resource record […]

  • Data type and conversion of flutter, long-term update


    Because of the need in the work, so the side encountered problems, while recording. 1. String to int `String str = ‘1’; var a = int.parse(str); int aa = int.parse(str);` 2. String to double type `var b = double.parse(str); double bb = double.parse(str); ` 3. Converting strings, The tostring() method is used directly.

  • Why Apache bookkeeper? (Part 1)


    Original author: Sijie GuoTranslation: streamnnative Sijia Apache bookkeeper is optimized for real-time workload and is a scalable, fault-tolerant, low latency log storage service. Initially developed by Yahoo! Research, bookkeeper was incubated as a sub project of Apache zookeeper in 2011, and finally launched as a top-level project of Apache in January 2015. Since its initial […]