• Oracle:row_number()、rank()、dense_rank()


    Syntax:ROW_NUMBER()  OVER(); row_numbeR is widely used. It is best to use it for sorting. It will generate a sequence number for each row of records found, and sort them in turn without repetition. Note that when using row Nu number function, you must select a column to be sorted with over clause to generate sequence […]

  • Analysis of price difference between sap mm purchase order and related contracts


    Analysis of price difference between sap mm purchase order and related contracts   In my project, the price of general production material Po comes from the contract price, while the contract price comes from the price recorded in the purchase information. The business department does not allow the Po to change the price casually.   […]

  • Filtering out logs that the ABP framework does not need to record


    This article is one of a series of articles based on the. NETCORE and ABP framework on how to let Windows services perform quartz scheduled jobs. problem ABP. Windowsservice / demo. Myjob / 4.0.0 this project not only contains job service, but also a web site service automatically generated by ABP project. The logging of […]

  • react-native—–hello word!


    React native runs helloword Today is a special moment. I started to learn react native the day before yesterday. I’ve been making mistakes in building environment towers and running packages. Tonight, I finally set up this difficult environment and successfully run the first helloword!! This environment: python2 + java JDK + Android I did it […]

  • SAP mm custom condition type appears in the condition interface of purchase information record?


    SAP mm custom condition type appears in the condition interface of purchase information record?   I copy a standard purchase condition type in SAP system, create a new custom condition type zc05, and assign it to purchase pricing process rm0000.   The result is a strange phenomenon: when me11 / me12 / Me13 is used […]

  • Kafka operation of spring boot series


    Kafka operation of spring boot series Kafka introduction Apache Kafka ® is a distributed streaming platform. There are three key functions: Publish and subscribe record flows, similar to message queuing or enterprise messaging systems. Stores the record stream in a fault-tolerant, persistent manner. Process flow when records occur. Kafka is commonly used in two broad […]

  • The last record in MySQL query table


      Query all records: select * from test [limit; Check the first record: select * from test [limit limit 1; Check the first two records: select * from test [limit 0,2; Check the second and third records: select * from test [limit 1,2; Check the last record: select * from test [limit order by ID […]

  • MySQL transaction rollback driven by ThinkPHP database


    1. Start transaction method starttrans()2. Transaction commit method commit()3. Transaction rollback method rollback () Usage example: $order = M(‘order’); $alladded = true; // first set a value to true; $data[‘name’] = ‘winter’; $order – > starttrans(); // start things for($i = 1;$i<3;$i++){ $sign = $order – > Add ($data); // add a piece of data […]

  • MySQL data synchronization to elastic search in docker environment


    Written in front There are generally two principles to implement MySQL data synchronization es: The synchronization is performed through the regular query of SQL statement. elasticsearch-jdbc [logstash JDBC] official logstash (https://www.elastic.co/blog/l Use binlog for synchronization Go MySQL elastic search, an open source project of Dashen This article mainly introduces logstash JDBCThe main reason is that […]

  • CMD get the currently logged on user and the remote connected user


    Open CMD to execute quser You can see that I have two conversations Band > is my current conversation RDP is a remote connection session. Console is a local operation. You can know who is connecting you The state is “record is not connected” means that there are two sessions connected  

  • [series] gin framework – logging with logrus


    Catalog Summary Log format Logrus use Recommended reading Summary The previous article shared the routing configuration of the gin framework, and this article shared logging. Looking up a lot of information, go’s log is the most usedgithub.com/sirupsen/logrus。 Logrus is a structured logger for Go (golang), completely API compatible with the standard library logger. By default, […]

  • Wonderful problems encountered


    Recently, I met some wonderful problems in the maintenance project. I studied them for a while, but they didn’t solve them. I’ll make a record here. The passing Daniel still hopes to find a way;Again, describe the problem for discussion 1. Mjrefresh layout There are two views of the same size as self.view in viewcontroller. […]