• Aof of redis persistence


    1、 What is it Log each write in the form of a log, all write instructions executed by redis are recorded (read operations are not recorded). It is only allowed to append files, but not to write files. At the beginning of starting, redis will read the files and rebuild the data. In other words, […]

  • Webpack modular implementation & dynamic module loading principle (8K + long text!! Read after collection)


    Initial address: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/_ r… Title Party: in order to better explain, the code accounts for more words, do not worry~ What can you learn from this article:Webpack’s support for modular syntax、Link execution of modules after packaging、Processing flow of dynamic loading module, as well as many knowledge points that may be involved, waiting for you to […]

  • The most complete and detailed PHP interview questions (with answers)


    The content of this article is about the most complete and detailed PHP interview questions (with answers), which has a certain reference value. Now I would like to share it with you. If you need help, you can refer to it Related recommendations: Share a wave of Tencent PHP interview questions The latest PHP interview […]

  • Ultra lightweight rapid development architecture based on Domain Driven Design (DDD)


      smartadmin.core.urf This project is based on asp.net On the basis of core 3.1 (the latest), this paper refers to the concept of Domain Driven Design (DDD) and the most popular ABP architecture to develop a lightweight and rapid web application technology architecture, Focus on business core requirements, reduce duplication of code, start building and […]

  • Production environment encountered a big bug – rounding database storage fields


    1. Problem description In the production environment, sometimes the user‘s income can be paid normally, sometimes it can’t be.User’s fund involves account module, and fund change mainly involves freezing request, request event, transfer record and operating user’s Fund. The freezing request mainly records the parameters of the request record. The simple point is recharge and […]

  • Query data in MySQL database, filter duplicate data and keep one piece of data – (row in MySQL)_ Number in disguised form)


    Transferred from: http://www.maomao365.com/?p=10564Abstract: The following describes how to keep only one data when querying duplicate data in MySQL databaseRealization idea:There is no row in MySQL database_ Number function, so we need to change direction to implement this function.  mysql> select * from `maomao365.com`; + | keyId | infoB | + | 1 | mysql test […]

  • MySQL learning 1: SQL Basics


    Introduction to MySQL MySQL is a famous open source relational database. It was first open-source by AB company, and then by Sun company. After sun was acquired by Oracle, MySQL was owned by Oracle. Since then, MySQL has been commercialized, and the database, also known as MariaDB, has been open-source as a branch of MySQL. […]

  • Specification of GIT commit submission record


    Blog original text: xxoo521.com “specification of GIT commit submission record (interactive command line)” With the increase of project volume, more and more students participate in the project. Everyone has their own habit of playing git log: Format 1:Add: add Format 2:[add]: add Format 3:Add In order to form a unified specification and reach a consensus, […]

  • 00014 layui open multi tab tabs pop up layer


    showRec:function () { var checkStatus = table.checkStatus(‘egressionListTable’) var recs = checkStatus.data; if(!recs || recs.length!=1){ layer.msg (‘please select a record’); return; } var rec = recs[0]; window.formData = rec; var dialog = layer.tab({ tab: [ { Title: ‘out of office information’, content: ‘<iframe style=”width:100%;height:100%;” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”auto” name=”iframe0″></iframe>’ },{ Title: ‘audit information’, content: ‘<iframe style=”width:100%;height:97%;” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”auto” […]

  • Simple implementation of ES6 promise


    Implementation of a simple ES6 promise (if there is a mistake, I hope you can give me your advice) Only promise and. Then methods are implementedThe full code is at the bottom start OnepromiseObject receives acallbackthiscallbackReceive two parameters(resolve,reject)When we arecallbackInternal executionresolveorrejectCall thePromiseDefined inresolveandrejectfunctionthen,resolveandrejectFunction changes the state of promiseSo it should be something like this function […]

  • On transaction isolation of MySQL


    Basic concepts When it comes to transactions, we will first think of the four characteristics of transactions (acid): atomicity, consistency, isolation, and persistence. This article mainly analyzes the isolation (for the InnoDB engine of MySQL). In a database, when multiple transactions are executed at the same time, some interference will inevitably occurFor example: Table t […]