• Baidu super chain leads the development of IEEE cross chain standard naming protocol


    Baidu super chain takes the lead in the formulation of IEEE cross chain standard, which is the first in-depth disclosure of naming protocol, a cross chain standard of cross chain addressing protocol. Last year, IEEE (Institute of electrical and Electronic Engineers), the world’s largest professional technical organization, established the IEEE Computer Society blockchain and distributed […]

  • Hyperledger fabric 1.4 endorsement and endorsement strategy


    Endorsements in the hyperledger fabric are a more complex concept. If you need to learn fabric through video, you can refer to video tutorials. Endorsement is the process of digital signature before performing some operations. All operations of the upper block in fabric need to be endorsed.The node for endorsement is the endorsement node.The rule […]

  • Hyperledger fabric 1.4 order service


    Order service is a unique concept in fabric. It is mainly used to sort the received data, package the blocks, and distribute them to each node through consensus algorithm. So the consensus algorithm in fabric is embodied in the order node. If you want to learn fabric systematically, you can refer to the video tutorial […]