• asp. Net core supports multiple authentication methods


    Paste the official document of certification and authorization firsthttps://docs.microsoft.com/zh-cn/aspnet/core/security authentication:Also known as authentication, the user provides credentials and compares them with those stored in the operating system, database, application or resource. During the authorization process, if the credentials match, the user authentication is successful and the authorized operation can be performed. to grant authorization:The process of […]

  • A “out of the box” personal blog full stack system project! vue+node+express+mysql+sequlize+uniapp


    ” 🔥 MG’Blog “ A “out of the box” personal blog full stack system project! Explore the source code of this project » Foreground Preview · Management side Preview V1.0.2 applet Preview V1.0.2 introduction Mango ‘personal blog system, including the complete basic functions of the front and back desk, small programs, one click graying of […]

  • Personally design a high concurrency seckill system


    1、 Requirements There are several types of goods, each of which has 100 pieces, and each person is limited to one piece of each type of goods at most. Start the purchase at x:00, x:00, x month x day. Before the agreed time, you can only see the product page, and the purchase button is […]

  • Kuguayun class (Tencent cloud version) v1.3.5 release, open source online school solution


    v1.3.5(2021-05-20) Update content Update presentation data Optimize the installation script install sh Upgrade script upgrade Add update navigation cache to sh Writing articles and asking questions markdown editor column display Improve the browsing permission of articles and questions Optimize generic Ajax form submission Articles, questions, answers, likes authors have reminders and points rewards Add preview […]

  • Development and production of marriage and dating website, Part II


    ​The front-end time is too slow to be updated. Now we will release the code behind the development process of the marriage and dating website of this project, hoping to help you learn and use it. This is the front desk, member part controller Recommendation part class IndexController extends SiteController { public function index($w=””){ if(!$this->uinfo){ […]

  • Deployment record of angular + spring boot project


    preface The log system online test needs to deploy the project to the server. I will share my implementation process below. Vomit bad: let the epidemic end early. It’s too hard to live in isolation. Connect server Select tool ssh I only heard about SSH at the beginning, so I didn’t think of SSH at […]

  • Android 11 adaptation scheme change and adaptation strategy


    Finally started the adaptation of Android 11. Record it for those who need it. 1. Preparatory work The old rule is that we should firsttargetSdkVersionChange to 30. Maybe using compatibility debugging, which I will mention later. 2. Storage mechanism update Scoped storage The detailed adaptation method is not much different from that in the Android […]

  • Implement a UNIX shell by yourself


    thisexperimentBy implementing a system that supports job controlUnix Shell, let’s be more familiar with process control and signal control. curriculumLabHas helped us buildShellAnd implemented the code that is not very relevant to this experiment. The core part needs to be completed by ourselves. Overall framework ShellInput from standard(stdin)Read the command entered by the user, and […]

  • From MVC to cloud native: the evolution of CBU R & D system


    Introduction:This paper briefly summarizes the research and development mode of CBU in the past ten years and the prospect of CBU technology in the future. Author: yuanyan, senior development engineer. Graduated and joined Alibaba in 2019, mainly responsible for the construction of CBU app front desk scene engineering system and server-side serverless. preface As one […]

  • 10 days to develop foreground system technology series


    After determining the detailed planning and overall function of the front desk system, it takes more time to polish the technical details. This article is a summary of the foreground development technology, and will also guide other sub topics. This topic draws lessons from my personal websiteYu Li saidAnd sort out various technical points that […]

  • A simple laravel5 + Vue single page blog


    After watching the communityTwo tutorialsAfter that, I think I’ll write a blog based on this tutorial (I happen to have the wool of Tencent cloud on hand). explain The blog is based onlaravel5.5andvue2.*To write, the front desk isvueFor the single page application, the traditional template rendering is used in the background (simple and fast). Because […]