• Boring recruitment, on-site perfunctory


    Everything you prepared carefully when you had time, when you arrived at the scene, it was just a joke. In order to use PPT for an interview, I specially bought a USB flash disk on the Internet, made the PPT two days in advance, and tried different versions of laptops and desktops at home, which […]

  • Detailed explanation of four Android components: Service


    Detailed explanation of four Android components — Service Android service is a component that runs in the background and performs tasks that run for a long time and do not require user interaction. Even if the application is destroyed, it can still work.1: Service basic usage1. Start serviceCreate a new testservice, inherit the service, and […]

  • Flask project practice – environment construction


    Environment path configuration myblog/ ├── apps │♪ – CMS # background │ │ ├── forms. Py # form │ │ ├── __ init__. Py # init file │ │ ├── models. Py # database template file │ │ └── views. Py # view file │♪ common # common │ │ ├── __init__.py │ │ ├── […]

  • When DCAT admin uploads a picture, it will automatically press the picture into a 2:1 format?


    The 1920×960 I uploaded shows 1600 * 800 on the foreground This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must indicate the author and the link to this article

  • Unified return and exception handling commonly used in Java projects


    First create a crud project. Controller calls service and mapper The following is replaced by simple code controller @GetMapping(“/getUserById”) public String getUserById(String id){ String userById = userService.getUserById(id); return userById; } service @Override public String getUserById(String id) { //Simulated service User user = userMapper.selectById(id); return user.toString(); } Although the above code returns the data to the […]

  • Add a template for Django 1.7 admin background (use Django suit)


    There seems to be a problem with using inline in Django Grappelli. Change the skin: Django suit is the second admin skin recommended by 2scoops Supports: Django 1.4-1.7. Python: 2.6-3.The environment of this article is Django 1.7.1 Django suit official websiteInstallation guide linkSet strategy The translation is as follows: install pip install django-suit # settings.py […]

  • GitHub combo 200 days (1) – showcase


    Today is my 200th consecutive day on GitHub. I’m very happy and finally reached: The back of the story is: after the national day last year, I went to India for graduate training – that magical country. However, I had been in the project for more than nine months before I went, and there were […]

  • Log file sync log wait


    When the user session (foreground process) commits (or rolls back), the redo information of the session needs to be brushed into the redo log file. The user session will use LGWR to write all redo requests required in the log buffer to the redo log file. When the LGWR completes, it will notify the user […]

  • Personal blog from building development environment to deploying Online


    Original address: https://www.jianshu.com/p/a14724d2315e Reception Preview address: https://panbingwen.cn Preview effect: home page Click the upper part of the navigation bar to switch the background dynamic Leaving a message. about Article details Background management system Preview address: https://manager.panbingwen.cn Preview effect: Sign in user management message management Comment management Article management write an article Website information management Focus […]

  • File export


    In the background management system, we often encounter the requirement of file export. Next, I will briefly introduce several common export methods, so that when you encounter such requirements in the future, you can adapt to the actual situation and adopt a relatively reasonable way. Export target File addressFiles already exist on the server, such […]

  • Besides nohup, you can do this


    I still remember when I first developed the back-end service, I knocked hard, the interface test passed, and the program was launched online. Say to the boss and the front end: my interface is deployed and you can test it. Then he collected his bags and flashed away, saying in his heart: you inefficient overtime […]

  • Today’s hodgepodge of inspiration


    As a background program, PHP only provides data, and all displays are handed over to the foregroundThe two-way binding of data and interface DOM in the foreground uses angular. The front end is under the control of angeluar, and PHP, as the back end, only needs to provide data to angelarGenerally speaking, jQuery uses $. […]