• Git rebase command using actual combat


    1、 Preface In a word, GIT rebase can help clean up the submission history in a project!!! 2、 Avoiding the bifurcation of merging git merge operation 1. Create a new branch    2. Create two new files on the development branch 3. Then execute add, commit and push respectively 4. Then switch to the master […]

  • Problems and solutions of (Master | rebase 1 / 10) after careless git rebase


    Sometimes it’s going to the servergit push origin masterThere will be failures. It’s like this Then, I went through a lot of hardships on Baidu and found a solution.He said that the remote warehouse and the local warehouse file conflictgit pull –rebase origin master(pull the remote file, overlay the local file, and then upload it). […]

  • How to undo git rebase successfully


    Rebase is a very attractive command in GIT. If used properly, it will greatly improve your work efficiency; on the contrary, if you misuse it, it will bring trouble to others in the team. It can edit, delete, copy and paste a certain linear submission history; therefore, the rational use of rebase command can make […]

  • Git rebase – I method of modifying history submission


    Git rebase – I modify history commit commit 3 add 22222 commit 2 add 11111 commit 1 create file We have submitted the above three times and found that the second submission has errors, so we are ready to modify the second submission. Git log – oneline view head f206555 add 2222 572a41e add 1111 […]

  • Implementation of GIT rebase – I merging multiple commit


    brief introduction In the daily development, code changes are frequent. Sometimes you want to merge the previous submission into one submission. Here, you can use the GIT rebase – I command to complete it. Of course, the GIT rebase command is not only used for merge and commit, but also has many uses, such as […]

  • How to use git rebase


    There are two ways to use git for branch merging in daily development: merge and rebase. Merge is the most commonly used. Rebase does not use as much as merge. What’s the difference between rebase and merge? When to use rebase? What are the considerations when using rebase? Let me introduce these three questions. Basics […]

  • Take you to understand merge and rebase in Git


    concept Rebase and merge are both designed to consolidate changes from one branch to another, but they are implemented differently. If we commit as follows, merge will merge the codes of the two branches, and rebase will reapply all changes on the feature branch on the master branch: When you rebase the feature branch to […]

  • Git merge — squash / git rebase-i / git cherry-pick


    git merge –squash git merge –squash {srcBranch}Usually used tofeatBranches merged todevCompress the complex submission log to make the merge clear. takesrcBranchSuperior to the current branch.commitsMerge to the current branch, and the current branch does not proceedcommitAfter the merger or resolution of the conflict is successful, we are allowed to do it manually.commit logSosrcBranchMultiplecommitsOnly one is […]