• Git push commit error the remote end hung up unexpected


    Cause of error The connection with the remote service was interrupted, but the check found that the origin is still there. It may be that the file is too large and the cache is not enough. Increase the cache size Solution Project directory. Git config Add the following code at the end [http] postBuffer = […]

  • [antd warning] warning: ` XX ` should be` Select.OptGroup `


    Warning: Warning: `children` should be `Select.Option` or `Select.OptGroup` instead of `option`. reason: resolvent:

  • [reprint] programmer must: 30 suggestions for writing high quality SQL


    Blog reprinted from30 suggestions for writing high quality SQL The following article comes from the little boy who picks up the snail More practical SQL optimization statements, so I want to share and reprint, also convenient for their own reference The following is the Reprint: In this paper, combined with the example demo, 30 suggestions […]

  • Angle 2: common errors and solutions of NGC


    If your angular 2 code can run normally in the debugging environment, but it can’t passngcCompile (or some other task that needs to be compiled, such as ionic 2’sionic build androidCommand, etc.) and you’ll find some very crazy reasons for the error. TypeError: cannot read property ‘kind’ of undefined This is an example of a […]

  • PageHelper does not work in @ postconstruct of springboot


    scene In the process of using PageHelper, there is a very strange problem. Suppose that there are 30 country records stored in the database, we use the following method to perform paging query with PageHelper, then we hope to get page.size It’s 10. PageHelper.startPage(1, 10); List<Country> list = countryMapper.selectAll(); PageInfo page = new PageInfo(list); assertEquals(10, […]

  • Tomcat adds context configuration, which causes the project to be loaded twice during startup


    Tomcat demining notes 1. SceneEclipse publishes a web application to Tomcat. By default, accessing the project requires the project name http://localhost :8080/myapp/。Now it needs to be changed to this way http://localhost 。Modify Tomcat’s server.xml File, add the following configuration<Context path=”” docBase=”myapp” reloadable=”false”/>After modification, the host part is as follows: <Host name=”localhost” appBase=”webapps” unpackWARs=”true” autoDeploy=”true”> <!– […]

  • Dllplugin XXX is not defined solution


    There are three possible reasons for this error The context context is inconsistent Library and name are inconsistent The generated DLL file is not added to the HTML file dll.config.js module.exports = { mode:”production”, output: { path:path.resolve(__dirname, ‘../dist’), filename: ‘[name].dll.js’, Library: dllname, // and dllplugin are required here option.name agreement }, entry: { “lib”: vendors, […]

  • Tomcat Server Options


    1、 Configuration By default, the first two are not checked and should be checked: In the cotext node, there is a reloadable: ‘true’ attribute. Changing it to false can take effect without restarting the server after modifying the java file. However, it does not include creating new java files, adding methods and variables 2、 Browse […]

  • How to solve the problem of GIT submitting code without showing the green grid?


    Causes of problems Cause: the user name and mailbox configured by local git are inconsistent with the user name and mailbox of your remote git warehouse. terms of settlement: ➜ php-xxxx git:(master) ✗ git config user.email [email protected] Will display the local configuration of the mailbox, if and your Git is not the same, you can […]

  • Problems encountered in webpack3. X upgrading 4. X


    background stayvue-cli3Before publishing, usevue-cli2ConstructedvueThe project is based onwebpack3.xWith the iteration of the project version, the functions and files are gradually increased, and the packaging time is from the original5Minutes, the longest time19Minutes and a half. Because of the use oftsEvery time you packts-loaderType checking is required, resulting in a dramatic increase in time. Weighing the […]

  • Springboot exception set


    Anomalies and Solutions Spring and springboot exceptions 1. An error is reported when the springboot test class is running. The test class cannot be found Class not found com.cy.cj . common.cache.DefaultTestreasonInspection findings pom.xml The following dependencies are missing from the file <dependency> <groupId>org.junit.platform</groupId> <artifactId>junit-platform-launcher</artifactId> </dependency> 2. The sringboot test class runs and the console package […]

  • Detailed explanation of causality diagram in black box test case design


    The partition equivalence method in black box testing was introduced before. Today, let’s talk about the causality diagram method. The equivalence class partition method and boundary value analysis method introduced above all focus on the input conditions, but do not consider the relationship between the input conditions and their combination. Considering the combination of input […]