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  • Processing traffic of nginx + Lua + redis


    Record the problem of using nginx + Lua + redis to handle the traffic in the project. Project background This is the background of the project. The project is an article distribution platform, which is to send an article with graphics and text on a platform. When sending the article, you will choose which media […]

  • Ufqi news: there are no rich mines. We only provide a treasure map


    About 10 days ago (2021-07-02), we wrote the ufqinews update log of Youfu news: “ufqinews Youfu news update: improving quality and efficiency”(https://ufqi.com/blog/ufqinew…)。 This time, we want to write about the original intention and mission of Youfu news ufqinews, and briefly review what the core pursuit and vision are in the process of improvement in the […]

  • MAC system uses Sherlock to find specific information


    Sometimes we need to find some information, such as bus, phone number, news information, etc. How can we quickly find these in Mac? Now Xiaobian will introduce a gadget in MAC to all users, that is Sherlock. Let’s see how Sherlock can help us find these specific information. There are many preset channels in Sherlock’s […]

  • Make a unique information chart resume


    There is no doubt that you have seen an information chart or similar resume on the Internet. This has become a trend in the fields of design, illustration and marketing, but even job seekers in fields with less traditional creativity have begun to use them to help control increasingly competitive games. You might wonder why […]

  • Vue.js entered the vue3 RC stage and greeted with correct posture


    👑 👑 👑 👑 👑 👑 👑 👑 Entered RC version stage: 3.0.0-rc.2 (2020-07-20) 3.0.0-rc.1 (2020-07-17) — Alpha( α): The preview version, or internal beta version, is generally not released to the outside, and there are many bugs. Generally, it is only used by testers.— Beta( β): Beta version, or public beta version; the version […]

  • vue.js Entering the stage of vue3 RC, the correct posture is domineering


    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? In the RC version stage: 3.0.0-rc.2 (2020-07-20) 3.0.0-rc.1 (2020-07-17) — Alpha( α): Preview version, or internal beta version; Generally, it is not released to the outside, so there will be a lot of bugs; Generally, it is only used by testers.— Beta( β): Beta, or public beta; […]

  • What is UUID


    UUID is the abbreviation of universal unique identifier. The purpose of UUID is to enable all elements in a distributed system to have unique identification information without specifying the identification information through the central control terminal. In this way, Everyone can build UUIDs that do not conflict with others. Go generates UUID: At present, UUID […]

  • Swiftui2020 writing plan


    1、 Real time information Share the latest swiftui information Share the latest news of IOS development Share swiftui’s latest open source projects 2、 Basic capabilities 01 initial swiftui series 02 the foundation of the world, everything is vieww 03 list and navigation farewell to annoying uitableview How to layout in swiftui 05 some advanced state […]

  • Collect vue3 related products in the first half of 2021 and give them to you who are working hard!


    To learn new knowledge, you should be as diligent as a bee. — Bruce Jenn Vue3、Vue CLI 3+ & Vite News ? Find the latest breaking Vue3、Vue CLI 3+ & Vite News. (2021):github.com/vue3/vue3-News welcomeStar, which will be updated continuously.Last updated: 2 ️⃣ 0 ️⃣ two ️⃣ one ️⃣/0️⃣3️⃣ Hello 2021(´▽`)ノノ)Go on!【2021】 ≡≡≡≡≡≡≡—————————- 【2022】 Goodbye in […]

  • Practice and research of DIY technology information grabbing tool


    preface I believe that every technician has a periodic demand for technical information, and there are various ways to obtain it. For example, using APP, RSS subscription, attending industry meetings, in-depth technical community, subscribing to journals, official account, etc. are optional ways. The cost of seeing information in these ways is very low, and it […]