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  • Fill a hole that ionic encountered in half a month


    There’s nothing to talk about in this article. It’s basically in the form of Q & A. Update from time to time, do not update without ionic… Q:Failed to download Chinese name file using Cordova plugin file transfer under IOS, promptCould not create target file A: Encodeuri (“URI containing domineering Chinese file name”) Q:The application […]

  • Wechat app poster generation


    Recently, there is a need to generate sharing posters so that users can save the pictures locally and share them with their friends. I thought it was a very simple demand, but I never thought that wechat would be such a pit.The initial idea is as follows: The background obtains the corresponding small program code […]

  • Apicloud – chrome debug code in apiarady


    apireadyThe code in is executed only when the real machine is debugged. Generally, the data request will be put in it. During the development, you want to debug the interface request and page rendering on chrome, so you can add these codes in JS. setTimeout(function () { if (typeof api == ‘undefined’) { api = […]

  • Solutions to IOS flash back in unity3d Lab


    Problem generation This problem usually occurs when the project is relatively large, OO is well used, and generic inheritance is used more often. During the first real machine test, the project finally entered the real machine test stage. It was developed and tested in the unity editing environment before. It ran well and packed and […]