• Use kubernetes health check


    preface I’ve seen a lot of questions about kubernetes health checks and how to use them recently. For this, I’ll try to explain the differences between them and the types of health checks, and how each check will affect your application.​ Liveness Probes Kubernetes health check is divided into survival probe and ready probe. The […]

  • Implementing IO multiplexing with Python


    I IO operationAll ‘data exchange operations existing in memory’ can be considered as IO operations, such as: Interaction between memory and disk: read writeInteraction between memory and terminal: print inputInteraction between memory and network: recv send1.1 blocking IODefault mode, a kind of IO with low efficiency; Common blocking scenarios: Blocking caused by failure to meet […]

  • WinForm interacts with JS through WebBrowser


    WinForm interacts with JS through WebBrowser Wei Liuhong August 17, 2019 Prior to using Cef (which can be embedded in the Chrome kernel’s web browser component in Winform or WPF program), we used the function of calling JS in C# code, which is unique to Cef. Recently, we learned that Winform’s own browser control WebBrowser […]