• 4. “Illustrated HTTP” – status code


    tjhttp 4. “Illustrated HTTP” – status code The content of the status code chapter is too poor. For reference, I found an Australian blog, which contains the introduction of HTTP status codes. Why did you choose this as a reference? One is that the website is very beautiful, and the other is that I made […]

  • 7. “Illustrated HTTP” – HTTP Header and HTTP Collaboration Server


    tjhttp 7. “Illustrated HTTP” – HTTP header and HTTP collaborative server knowledge points There are many types of request header fields. This chapter introduces the following headers, which contain a lot of content. Just be familiar with common request headers. Introduction to the first field Non-HTTP1.1 header fields General header request header response header Payload […]

  • Finally, “Graphic HTTP” reading notes – summary (summary)


    Finally, “Graphic HTTP” reading notes – summary (summary) introduction I finished another book on the basics of the network. This book is recommended to be combined with [[“How the Network is Connected” Reading Notes-Summary]](https://segmentfault.com/a/11…) This reading note is edible (of course, you can also read the original book directly). After reading these two books, I […]

  • Summary of “HowTomcatWork” notes (1)


    Summary of “HowTomcatWork” notes (1) foreword ​ This article is the content of the book notes of howTomcatWork. Below are some personal notes based on the content of the book. Book address: Link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1jazo… Extraction code: lp96— Sharing from Baidu Netdisk Super Member V6 personal evaluation ​ There is nothing to say, the book written by […]