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  • Table storage SQL query multivariate index


    Introduction: multiple index is an important function of table storage products. Multiple index uses inverted index technology to provide fast retrieval function on non primary key columns for table storage. In addition, it also provides statistical aggregation function. Table storage has recently opened the SQL query function. The SQL Engine reads data from the original […]

  • . net 5 /. Net core using EF core 5 to connect to MySQL database and write / read data sample tutorial


    This article was first published inSample tutorial for. Net 5 /. Net core connecting to MySQL database using EF core 5 (Entity Framework core) to write / read data preface In the application development of. Net core /. Net 5, the database often matched with it may be SQL server. The ORM components that integrate. […]

  • C + + primer notes VIII. IO


    8.1 IO class IO library types and header files Header file type iostream Istream, wistream: read data from streamOstream, wostream: write data to streamIostream, wireless: write stream fstream Ifstream, wifstream: read data from fileOFSTREAM, wofstream: write data to a fileFsstream, wfstream: read and write files sstream Istringstream, wistringstream: read data from stringOstringstream, wostringstream: read data […]

  • 032 intoiter of VEC in rust’s book of the dead


    introduce The videos recorded in this series are mainly put on station BRust dead book learning video The source code information related to rust dead book is ingithub.com/anonymousGiga/Rustonomi… Details Intoiter accesses VEC as a value rather than a reference, and also returns an element as a value. To achieve this, intoiter needs to take ownership […]

  • ES6 (VII) – Set & Map


    catalogue Set data structure Declare set Set method Store data Delete data wipe data Find data Size length Read data get API & keys API & values API & entries API forEach API for-of API Modify data Array de duplication ES6 can be handled with set Map data structure (Dictionary type) Before, the key of […]

  • Getting started with data pipeline logstash


    Getting started with logstash What is logstash Logstash is an open source data flow tool that does three things: Pull data from data source Filter and convert the data Write the processed data to the destination For example: Listen to log files in a directory, read file contents, process data, and write to influxdb. Consume […]

  • Gson-Expected a string but was BEGIN_ARRAY


    Record a problem encountered when reading data today:            com.google.gson.JsonSyntaxException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected a string but was BEGIN_ARRAY at line 1 column 233 path $[3].values[0].value。 First, debug, but it shows that the next step is abnormal when executing future. Get(). This is because a thread pool is used to execute the task, […]

  • The cache design is good, and the service will not fail


    This article is modified from the live broadcast content of go zero in the fourth issue of “go open source theory”. The video content is long and divided into two parts. The content of this article has been deleted and reconstructed. Hello, I’m glad to come to “go open source theory” to share with you […]

  • How to use redis cache in. Net


    Translation link:https://www.infoworld.com/art… Caching is a state management mechanism, which is usually used to improve the performance of your application. It can largely reduce the consumption of system resources by a request. Redis is an open source, high-performance, NoSQL database. Its speed is very fast, and all the data is poured into the memory. The performance […]

  • Learning dictionary transfer model for IOS development


    There are not many difficulties about this knowledge point. The main thing to remember is the dictionary to model. The general steps of dictionary to model are as follows: (1) First, create the get and set methods that need data, for example: @property (nonatomic, copy) NSString *answer; @property (nonatomic, copy) NSString *title; @property (nonatomic, copy) […]

  • The number of processes in spool is related


    In the configuration item of spool, you can set the number of processes used by spool, and then when we start the spool service, the server can see the related started processes Using process tree representation A summary of the official process of spool: The main process of spool is a multithreaded program. Among them, […]

  • 10 times performance improvement! Interpretation of DLA SQL data analysis acceleration function based on alluxio


    Introduction:In the scenario of separation of storage and computing, it is a costly operation to read data from remote storage through network, which often leads to performance loss. Taking OSS as an example, the data reading delay of OSS is usually much larger than that of local disk. At the same time, OSS limits the […]