• React + koa + mongodb + docker development environment


    preface This blog post is still rightmulti-spa-webpack-cliTo expand and improve. integratemongoose。 integrateDockerDevelopment environment. multi-spa-webpack-cliIt has been published to NPM, and only needs to be installed in node environment. npm install multi-spa-webpack-cli -g The operation steps are as follows: #1. Initialization project multi-spa-webpack-cli init spa-project #2. Enter the file directory cd spa-project #Docker not used #3. […]

  • React native builds development environment


    Just getting ready to learnReactNative, setting up the development environment gives me a challenge. Can’t help but remind me that when I first started to learn react, all the packages either failed to install or failed to install the affordable project. Finally, even the firstreactI can’t remember how the project started. But it’s hard at […]

  • React native custom alert / dialog / toast pop-up


    Preorder No matter in the web or native applications, pop-up scenarios can be seen everywhere, and the quality of pop-up UI design directly determines the user experience to a large extent. For example, the interaction between WeChat and Alipay is easy to operate and comfortable to use. Explain We have developed mobile terminal pop-up windows […]

  • Summary of important open source projects of Alibaba in 2018 (under continuous update)


    Abstract:At the end of 2018, yunqi community will sort out some important open source projects of Alibaba, hoping to help you. Open source shows the charm of human cooperation and achievement sharing. Every technological development is on the shoulders of giants. Many technological innovations and developments are often based on open source development. No network […]

  • Build react development environment


    Use yarn package management tools, build tools based on webpack, build react development environment Because some software installation is related to the system environment, you need to select the corresponding system version according to your system environment. Running environment of this paper system:macosreact:16.8.6react-dom:16.8.6webpack:4.36.1 Yarn Yarn is a fast, reliable and secure dependency management tool, which […]

  • Elements, components, events, props passing of react


    By configuring webpack dev server to start a web server, automatically compile and refresh the browser, we can start the react basic fast pass Next: building the react development environment Using webpack dev server After building the react development environment according to the previous article, we found that every time we write the code, we […]

  • Using webpack to build react development environment


    Step 1: basic environment Initialization Project initialization npm init -y Install webpack npm i webpack Install react npm i react react-dom -s Basic framework of the project Entry file (SRC / index. JS) import React from ‘react’ import {render} from ‘react-dom’ import App from ‘./App’ render(<App/>,document.getElementById(‘root’)) Main component (SRC / APP. JS) import React,{Component} from […]

  • React + typescript + webback4 multi entry configuration


    Resources React-16.8.* react-router-dom-4.3.* TypeScript-3.5.* webpack-4.* eslint-5.16.* Project directory ├ – dist ├ package results directory │ ├├ – packing results of Demo1 // category Demo1 │ │ ├── demo1.himl │ │ ├── demo1.js │ │ └── demo1.css └ – demo2… // packing result of demo2 ├ – SRC business resource file directory │├ – category […]

  • Getting started with the configuration process of webpack @ 3


    Webpack Webpack Guide Webpack configuration of react PS:At the end of the article, there is a full instance starting method: GitHub address This configuration exercise is mainly aimed atwebpack-v3, switch branch [email protected] timeCommits, basically corresponding to the corresponding file configuration, which can be checked. Start installation Configure webpack Preparation environment: ➜ happymmall git:([email protected]) ✗ node […]

  • Fill in the rest background color automatically according to the background color of the wheel map


    Fill in the rest background color automatically according to the background color of the wheel map cause Today, the product manager came to say that we need to add a rotation chart similar to that of tmall on the homepage.Tmall’s carousel is a picture with fixed width and height. When the screen with different resolutions […]

  • Handwritten Vue pop-up modal


    As the most popular front-end framework recently, Vue has the advantages of simple entry mode and powerful API. At the same time, because of the diversity and richness of its API, many of its development methods are different from all component-based react. If there is no comprehensive understanding of Vue’s API (some of which are […]

  • Alibaba cloud front end Weekly – issue 16


    Recommend 1. introduction to neural network http://www.ruanyifeng.com/blo… At present, the most popular technology is artificial intelligence. The underlying model of artificial intelligence is neural network. Many complex applications (such as pattern recognition, automatic control) and advanced models (such as deep learning) are based on it. Learning artificial intelligence must start from it. 2. React Redux […]