• Detailed explanation of the implementation principle of react-router that is often asked


    In the process of developing single-page applications in full swing, less attention has been paidfront-end routing。 And it is often asked by xxx interviewers, what is front-end routing, what is its principle, how is it implemented, and the jump does not refresh the page… A lot of why, ask your head is big foreword Today’s […]

  • resso, the world’s easiest state manager for React


    1. resso, React state management has never been easier resso is a brand new state manager for React that aims to be the easiest to use in the world. At the same time, resso also implements on-demand updates, and changes in data not used by components will never trigger component updates. GitHub: https://github.com/nanxiaobei/resso import resso […]

  • Several React Mistakes You Must Know


    This article is a summary of the author’s practical work experience and some ways to use React wrongly, hoping to help you get rid of these same mistakes. 1. Props transparent transmission Props pass-through is the practice of passing a single prop from a parent component down multiple layers.Ideally, props should have no more than […]

  • JavaScript Framework Security Report 2019


    By Liran Tal Translation: crazy tech geek original:https://snyk.io/blog/javascri… Reprinting without permission is strictly prohibited Welcome to Snyk’s State of JavaScript Framework Security Report 2019. In this report, we investigate the security state of the Angular and React ecosystems. In this report we do not compare them as competing frameworks at all. Instead, we’ve reviewed them […]

  • A thorough understanding of react-redux in one article, super detailed and in-depth analysis of the latest react-redux8 source code in 2022: read the react-redux source code again


    The react-redux library must be familiar to anyone who is familiar with react. To describe it in one sentence: it serves as a bridge between “redux, a framework-independent data flow management library” and “react, a view library”, so that redux can be updated in react store, and can monitor the changes of the store and […]

  • The best practice of React-hooks+TypeScript


    React Hooks What are Hooks ReactThe use of functional components has always been advocated, but sometimes it is necessary to usestateOr for some other functions, only class components can be used, because function components have no instances and no life cycle functions, only class components have them. HooksYesReact 16.8Added features that allow you to writeclassuse […]

  • dumi builds react component library


    Dumi official website builds react component library According to the official website order, we build a component library mkdir vultures-react && cd vultures-react npx @umijs/create-dumi-lib npm install npm start Install required dependencies The current component library is very mature, and we can repackage it into business components used in work according to the existing component […]

  • Talk about the necessity and technical solution of react hooks UI and business logic separation


    introduction When the complexity of the front-end business rises to a certain level, how to improve the quality of the front-end code becomes a common topic. It seems that the front end can’t escape the fate of changing other people’s code, refactoring, and fixing bugs. So, how do we change this situation from the project […]

  • Exploration of large-scale project data state management


    tell a sad story This article should have been written last week. The story happened a week ago. I edited the article online on segmentfault. I wrote it for almost two hours. After I failed to post a picture, I ctrl+z undone a step. As a result, the entire document was instantly emptied, and the […]

  • Visualize regular expressions with regex-vis.com


    regex-vis.comIt is a tool for learning, writing and verifying regular expressions. It can not only visualize the regularity, but also provide the ability to visually edit the regularity Function introduction can go directlyregex-vis.comto experience its functionality,storehouseThe README also has a simple demo. If you like it, you can order a Star. If you find a […]

  • What is the difference between React’s useLayoutEffect and useEffect execution timing


    Let’s first look at the introduction of these two hooks in the official React document to establish an overall understanding useEffect(create, deps): This Hook accepts a function containing imperative, possibly side-effecting code. Changing the DOM, adding subscriptions, setting timers, logging, and performing other operations with side effects within the body of a function component (here […]

  • A new perspective: Are the front-end frameworks rolled in the wrong direction?


    Hello everyone, I am Carson. In recent years, many new frameworks have appeared in the front-end field, such asSvelte、 Solid.js、Astro、QwikWait. Along with them, there are manylarge and luxuriousnew concept of –runtime/compile-time framework、Islands Architecture、Selective Hydration…… The essence of these concepts is thatMake pages faster in various ways。 herequickIt mainly includes two aspects: LetHTMLloads faster (all andSSRRelated […]