• Asp.net core razor page routing


    In the server-side Web application framework, one of the most important design is how to match the URL with the resources on the server, so as to correctly handle the request. The simplest way is to map the URL to a physical file on disk, which is how the asp.net team implements in the razor […]

  • Detailed explanation ASP.NET Razor grammar


    Razor supports both C # (C sharp) and VB (Visual Basic). Main rules of razor C # grammar The razor code block is contained in @ {…} Inline expressions (variables and functions) begin with @ Code statements end with semicolons Variables are declared with the VaR keyword The string is enclosed in quotation marks C […]

  • Detailed analysis ASP.NET The C # variable of razor


    variable Variables are used to store data. The name of a variable must start with an alphabetic character and cannot contain spaces or reserved characters. A variable can be of a specified type, representing the type of data it stores. The string variable stores the string value (“welcome to” RUNOOB.COM “), integer variable stores numeric […]

  • Method of converting markdown to HTML by razor taghelper


    Markdown is a markup language that can be written with a common text editor. Through simple markup syntax, it can make the content of ordinary text have a certain format. purpose Markdown’s grammar is concise, easy to learn, and more powerful than plain text, so many people use it to blog. WordPress, the most popular […]

  • The method of asp.net core razor custom taghelper


    Another new noun (taghelper), through which you can operate HTML tags, condition output, and add internal and external elements freely. Of course, there are many ASP start taghelper built in. The following article also takes you to implement a taghelper; Create custom HTML elements Create a buttontaghepper class TagName is the label name. Create a […]

  • How to process Ajax requests in asp.net core razor


    When asp.net core razor (hereinafter referred to as razor) first came out, I looked at the official documents, but I haven’t used them very much. Today, I had nothing to do. I was ready to use rozor to do a project skillfully. As a result, I got stuck writing the first page.. It’s been a […]

  • Disable authentication of anti fake token on razor page in asp.net core 2.0


    In this short article, I’ll show you how to disable anti-counterfeiting token validation in the asp.net core razor page. Razor page is a page controller framework added in asp.net core 2.0, which is used to build dynamic and data-driven websites. It supports cross platform development and can be deployed to windows, UNIX and Mac operating […]

  • Razor syntax for asp.net MVC tutorial


    Preface Asp.net MVC 3 comes with a new view engine option called “razor” (in addition to the existing. ASPX view engine). Razor minimizes the number of characters needed to type in to write a view template, and realizes a fast and smooth programming workflow. Unlike most templates, you don’t have to interrupt programming in HTML […]

  • Detailed explanation of asp.net mvc3: Razor’s @: and syntax


    This is another article in my blog series that covers some of the new features of ASP.NET MVC 3: http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2010/10/19/asp-net-mvc-3-new-model-directive-support-in-razor.aspx Layout in Razor October 22) Server-side annotation with Razor (November 12) Razor’s @: and < syntax > grammar (today) This article will discuss two useful grammatical functions supported by the view engine in the new […]