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  • Give a few simple examples to better understand the working principle of scratch


    Description: people who know about crawlers may know that in crawlers, requests are easy to get started, even if there is no basic Xiaobai. After learning for a few days, you can easily request the website, but it is relatively difficult to learn about scratch. This article can list a few simple examples to explain […]

  • Forecasting stock price with LSTM


    Notes before writing: A few days ago, I wore a thin coat for a few days, but I was defeated by the weather in Guangzhou (too hot). So it’s still short sleeve shorts. It’s not cold in Guangzhou. Environmental preparation Tensorflow 2.3.1 was used in this experiment. import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt […]

  • Oracle built-in functions


    Lpad() function: used to complete the left string.For example: lpad (‘original data ‘,’ expected length ‘,’ padding character ‘), lpad (‘123’,’5 ‘,’0′) outputs’ 00123 ‘. The code will fill in the string ‘123’ to 5 bits, and will use ‘0’ to fill in the insufficient digits on the left. When the length of the original […]

  • Leetcode Weekly – 174 – 2


    1338. Halve array size Hi, everyone. I’m a pig. Welcome to the weekly leetcode quiz of the “baby can understand” series. This is question 2 of 174 and 1338 of the list of questions – “halving array size” Title Description Here’s an array of integersarr。 You can select a set of integers and delete each […]

  • A kind of Mapbox GL JS learning Exploration Series (4) – solutions for marker overlap


    brief introduction Compared with layer, marker has a more flexible rendering mode, which is suitable for more complex annotation display on the map. At the same time, marker is rendered by Dom and then superimposed on the map layer, so its performance is inferior to layer. In practical application scenarios, when the map needs to […]

  • 3000 questions of data warehouse


    Put forward 3000 questions about data warehouse. What is a data warehouse? Data warehouse (DW or DWH)It is a collection of data storage, inputting a variety of raw data, sorting and storing according to the standard and standard data architecture,It can provide fast, effective, accurate and reliable data support for enterprise decision-making and downstream applications,It […]

  • Data mining practice — airline value analysis


    Simple data analysis import pandas as pd Datafile = ‘.. / data / air ﹐ data. CSV’ ﹐ aeronautical raw data, the first line is property label Resultfile = ‘.. / TMP / explore. CSV’ ා data exploration result table #Read the original data and specify UTF-8 encoding (you need to use a text editor […]

  • Flink uses sideoutput to replace split to realize shunting


    Previous data analysis project (version 1.4.2) forKafkaRead raw data stream, callingsplitInterface to achieve the shuntNew project decided to useFlink 1.7.2UsesplitWhen the interface is shunted, it is found that the interface is marked asdepracted(may be removed later)Search related documents and find new versionsFlinkOut of band data is recommended for shunting Pre establishmentOutputTagExample (LogEntityFromkafkaRead log instance class) […]