• How to use the rabbitmq administration page


    @[toc]Rabbitmq’s web management page is believed to have been used by many small partners. It is estimated that they all know what it means. However, in the spirit of excellence, brother song still wants to go through all the details of this management page with you. 1. Overview First, the web management page is roughly […]

  • How does the spring boot interface limit current? The interviewer asked how to answer


    Reading contents: 1. Preface2. Algorithm Introduction – counter method3. Algorithm Introduction – sliding window4. Algorithm Introduction – leaky bucket algorithm5. Algorithm Introduction – token bucket algorithm preface In a highly concurrent system, traffic control is very important. When huge traffic is directly requested to our server, the interface may not be available soon. If it […]

  • MII and RMII interfaces of STM32 network


    In the last article《SMI interface of STM32 network》In, we introduce the SMI interface of STM32 network controller. The SMI interface is mainly used to communicate with external PHY chip and configure PHY register. The data stream of real network communication is not transmitted through SMI interface, but through MII interface or RMII. 1. MII interface […]

  • Learning rate of machine learning


    Learning rate As mentioned earlier, the gradient vector has direction and size. The gradient descent algorithm multiplies the gradient by a scalar called learning rate (sometimes called step size) to determine the position of the next point. For example, if the gradient size is 2.5 and the learning rate is 0.01, the gradient descent algorithm […]

  • Service flow limiting algorithm, strategy and where to limit flow


    1. What is service flow restriction? With the development of microservices and distributed systems, the mutual invocation between services is becoming more and more complex. In order to ensure the stability and high availability of their own services, certain flow limiting measures should be taken when facing requests that exceed their own service capabilities. Just […]

  • Three implementation methods of redis current limiting


    There are three ways to implement redis current limiting: 1. Based on the operation of redis setnx, the expiration practice is set for the specified key; 2. Based on the data structure Zset of redis, the request is created into a Zset array; 3. Redis based token bucket algorithm requires current limiting when the output […]

  • Detailed instructions for use of flask limiter


    This article was first published in:Walker AI Rate limiting is usually implemented as a defense measure of the service. Services need to protect themselves from overuse, whether intentional or unintentional, to maintain service availability. In the development process of the flash project, when you encounter the need to restrict the interface and don’t want to […]

  • The method of checking the version and speed of the Linux


    There are four different specifications of PCI. Let’s understand two of them through the figure below   View PCI slots on motherboard # dmidecode | grep –color “PCI”   The corresponding transmission rates of different versions of PCIe are as follows:   The transmission rate is GT / s per second, not Gbps per second, […]

  • AIX performance management and monitoring suggestions (2)


    Transferred from the official account @twt community, author Chen Chihui 3 I / O monitoring 3.1 IO response time evaluation What kind of IO response time is reasonable? The following is a summary of some empirical rules: For the magnetic array with mechanical hard disk and without storage synchronous mirror, the empirical rule for evaluating […]

  • High concurrency and elegant current limiting


    technical analysis If you pay more attention to the current technology form, you will know that microservices are in a mess. Of course, things have two sides, and microservices are not the master key to solve the problems of technology and architecture. If the advantages of servitization outweigh the disadvantages, it is recommended that the […]

  • How does “Linux” socket cache affect TCP performance?


    All along, we all know that the cache of socket will have an impact on TCP performance, and there are countless articles telling us that we should increase the cache of socket. But how big? When will it be adjusted? What are the means to adjust? What is the specific impact? No one seems to […]

  • 50Mn18Cr4V


    50mn18cr4v is a typical and most commonly used Mn CR non-magnetic austenitic retaining ring steel. After solution treatment, semi hot deformation strengthening or cold deformation strengthening is carried out to improve the strength of the steel to meet the strength requirements of different retaining ring types. It can be used as non-magnetic retaining ring forging […]