• Raspberry Pie 4 8GB version install Ubuntu 20


    However, it is not clear why ubuntu18 can not run in 48gb of raspberry pie. The following error occurs: recover4.elf not foundrecovery.elf not foundstart4.elf not found Install Ubuntu 20 to enter the system normally So this is a tutorial for installing the 48 GB version of raspberry pie First change the software source (Tsinghua source) […]

  • Raspberry pie foundation – the difference between analog and digital signals


    Raspberry pie is a favorite of many programmers. I also like to play raspberry pie. Open source has access to a lot of knowledge about Linux. You can also learn knowledge about database by reading hardware data. Link to the original text: https://www.pipipi.net/75.htmlprefaceThis paper explains the difference between analog signal and digital signal in detail, […]

  • [ubuntu18.0.4] raspberry pie 4B was installed with tensorflow (2.2.0), numpy, h5py, grpcio and SciPy


    Operating system version Ubuntu 18.0.4Machine raspberry pie 4B Target installation tensorflow Take a look at the link below and download the tensorflow you need Raspberry pie 4B installation tensorflow (install under Python 3.5 and 3.7 respectively) The download version needs to work with yourmachine、operating systemandPython versionThe three correspond Before installing tensorflow, you need to install […]

  • The pit of raspberry pie 4B


    Because Dachuang needs to use the machine to learn these things, he started a raspberry pie 4B (the novice has not done it, and the latest version is really a pit). Don’t spray it 1、 Raspberry pie installation system: 1. The SD card for raspberry pie (buy a good quality one) is inserted into the […]

  • Ubuntu builds WebDAV NAS


    preface In order to be a NAS, samba, which has been struggling for a long time, seems simple. In fact, samba’s user settings are too cumbersome and deep. User permissions are slightly different from directory permissions or even disk format, which will result in failure to log in. It’s not reliable, and the actual experience […]

  • Engineer home LAN configuration reference


    “Engineer’s good things recommendation” is the latest column content launched by leancloud. Engineers will share some tools that can improve the quality of work and life for you. Welcome to watch. Maybe you will meet the good things you need here.  If you also have “good things” that you want to recommend, you can contribute […]

  • Configuration staging, delete later


    part I [1. Install Sox, ffmpeg and pyaudio:] sudo apt-get install portaudio19-dev python-pyaudio python3-pyaudio sox pulseaudio libsox-fmt-all ffmpeg pip3 install pyaudio [2. Installation startup dependency] The CD file directory then installs the first part of the dependency for interaction pip3 install -r requirements.txt *Specific requirements.txt file content* pyyaml>=4.2b1 requests==2.21.0 baidu-aip== pydub==0.23.1 python-dateutil==2.7.5 watchdog==0.9.0 pytz==2018.9 fire==0.1.3 […]

  • Human target detection car based on raspberry pie and yolov3 model (3)


    Model effect: In the above, we made the data set, and used the data set to train the model, using static pictures and videos to test the detection effect of the model, and found that the effect is good. ​ The first two are static picture detection, and the second one is video detection effect […]

  • Human target detection car based on raspberry pie and yolov3 model (4)


    In the previous several articles, we completed the environment construction and model training of training end and deployment end, and finally deployed the yolov3 tiny model on the raspberry pie after two model transformations. In fact, the core content has been completed, and then there are some application level things. Raspberry pie control motor: 1. […]

  • Build a server with raspberry pie and run the website permanently


    1、 Foreword Because I saw a place called raspberry pie in this period, I found it very interesting after preliminary understanding, so I wanted to record the whole process. 2、 What is raspberry pie? Raspberry PI (Chinese nameRaspberry pie, RPI for short, (or raspi / RPI) is designed for learning computer programming education), only credit […]

  • PHP manage raspberry pie


    My classmate gave me a raspberry pie, which was very fresh at that time. However, each use requires remote desktop or SSH to log in, which is troublesome. Later, in order to facilitate management, the lamp environment was installed and deployed on raspberry pie, and then a simple PHP page was written, with the code […]

  • Turn off optimized notes for raspberry pie


    1. Turn off HDMI output /opt/vc/bin/tvservice -o 2. Close the module vi /etc/modules #snd-bcm2835 3. Turn off USB current limit Because the current of the USB interface of raspberry pie is limited by the USB current protection chip, a larger current can be achieved by bypassing the USB current protection chip (i.e. not letting the […]