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  • IAPP background one pass PHP source code + IAPP source code


    To share a background source code, there are background PHP source code, IAPP docking source code, a pass IAPP + PHP source code After one hour’s research and testing, 1. Register and log in to repair normal, and sign in is normal 2. All tools are normal 3. Interface, iyu code, part of the tutorial […]

  • PHP + redis ordered set (Zset) to achieve blog Garden reading ranking function


    Many websites have the function of ranking list, such as player popularity list and reading ranking list. For some small websites, the function of ranking list can be realized by looking up the database. However, for websites with a little user volume and real-time ranking, it is a bit difficult to use some relational databases […]

  • Using redis to realize ranking function


    Ranking function is a very common requirement. It’s a good and fast choice to use the ordered set feature of redis to realize the ranking. General rankings are effective, such as “user scoreboard”. If there is no effectiveness, it will always be ranked according to the general list. Maybe the number one user on the […]

  • Online game score ranking based on redis


    introduce This scenario will introduce how to implement the player points ranking function in online games based on redis database. background knowledge RedisRedis is an open source, using ANSI C language to write, comply with BSD protocol, support network, can be based on memory and persistent log type key value database, and provides a variety […]

  • Ranking based on redis


    Recently, due to the company’s business, it is necessary to make ranking statistics for new people invited by users. I started to use SQL to do statistical display. After that, I felt that every time we refresh the ranking list, we need to query in the database, which not only affects the performance, but also […]

  • Collect and sort out some free APIs


    reference resources QQ robot developed by the author – most of the API here is used in this robot QQ group – Javascript advanced crawler – author self built group, welcome to join! Awesomejava crawler – the crawler related tools and materials collected by the author A script to help you automatically create alicloud preemptive […]

  • Unity combined with flag to realize ranking function


    Amateur do a small game, the leaderboard was originally usedPlayerPrefsStore locally and now want to put the data on the server. Because the function is very simple, we chose the small and exquisite flag to realize. Talk less. First consider the design of the URL. The charts are nothing more than scoresscoreAccording to the idea […]

  • Common application scenarios of redis


    String store Click count function, incr key:001 Self increasing, such as link hits Distributed lock set key value NX PX 1000 / / set random value and set expiration time through setnx. If the value is written successfully, the lock is added successfully. Session sharing in cluster environment List store Often used in queues, stacks, […]

  • Wx – a simple page


    An HTML page with top, bottom, and middle, but no JS Personality recommendation song sheet Anchor station Ranking List Private FM Daily song recommendation Cloud music new song list 推荐song sheet Who is the favorite in life? Who is the favorite in life? Who is the favorite in life? Who is the favorite in life? […]

  • Wechat applet development — jump between pages


    1、 Navigator — complete the jump between pages 1. Create a new page folder 2. Introduce page in app.json file “pages”: [ “pages/index/index”, “pages/ranking/ranking” ], 3. Using navigator tag to jump in wxml page Ranking List 2、 Jump and transfer between pages 1. Use after address? attribute = attribute valueThe value is transferred by using […]

  • Rownum pseudo line number – leaderboard – Pagination


     Rownum pseudo line number – leaderboard – Pagination 1. Rownum is a unique feature of Oracle database. For each query (including subquery), it will generate a rownum to number the query 2. Each rownum is only valid for the current select query and can be displayed by alias Example: select rownum, EMP. * from EMP; […]

  • WordPress Implements Articles Comment Ranking


    An advanced use of the WordPress function Query_post() is to get a certain number of logs with the most reviews this week, that month, or the last 30 days. The method of use is to place the following sections of code in the appropriate location in the theme template file that needs to display the […]