• Talk about flynk’s abstractttlstate


    order This paper mainly studies the abstractttlstate of Flink InternalKvState flink-runtime_2.11-1.7.0-sources.jar!/org/apache/flink/runtime/state/internal/InternalKvState.java /** * The {@code InternalKvState} is the root of the internal state type hierarchy, similar to the * {@link State} being the root of the public API state hierarchy. * * <p>The internal state classes give access to the namespace getters and setters and […]

  • My toolbox (I) – git project submission line count script


    At work, I often need to pay attention to a lot of information.Working on git projects, I usually focus on who submitted a certain submission record and what has been changed. However, it’s interesting to think about some hidden data when you jump out of pure development work.One of the most intuitive data is the […]

  • What is your understanding of media inquiry? What’s your understanding of media queries ?


    What is your understanding of media inquiry? Brief concept Media query consists of an optional media type andZeroorMultipleExpressions that use media features to limit the scope of the style sheet, such as width, height, and color. Media query, add fromCSS3, it is very suitable to allow the presentation of content to be tailored to a […]

  • A lot of if / else parameter verification has finally been cleaned up by the springboot parameter verification component!


    This article has been included in the springboot Guide (springboot 2.0 + from getting started to actual combat!) GitHub address:https://github.com/CodingDocs/springboot-guide Code cloud address:https://gitee.com/SnailClimb/springboot-guide(GitHub can’t access or the small partners with slow access speed can see the corresponding content on the code cloud) It goes without saying the importance of data verification. Even when the front […]

  • The golang implementation calculates prime numbers in the range of 1 to 100000


    1. Calculate the prime number in the range of 1 to 100000, and implement golang package concurrentdemo import ( “fmt” “sync” ) //1-10000000 Var start int = 0 // start value //Var end int = 1000000 // end value var end int = 1000 Var interval int = 100 // divide goroutine interval var wg […]

  • Oracle view recent 60s resource consumption


    The specified time range is ash.sample_ Time > = sysdate – 60 / 24 / 60 / 60), format reason, adjust to/ COL WAIT FOR 999; COL TOTAL FOR 999; COL IO FOR 999; COL CPU FOR 999; col SCHEMANAME for a16; COL SID FOR 9999 COL MACHINE FOR A18; COL OSUSER FOR A15; COL […]

  • Shell script fragment


    1. Traverses the dates in a given time range #! /bin/bash start_date=2021.01.01 end_date=2021.01.30 start_sec=`date -d “$start_date” “+%s”` end_sec=`date -d “$end_date” “+%s”` for((i=start_sec;i<=end_sec;i+=86400)); do day=$(date -d “@$i” “+%Y.%m.%d”) echo $day done

  • [share] IOS development – realize the effect that uilabel displays different colors and some parts are underlined


    design sketch: @interface XSRecommendedPrivilegeViewController () @property (weak, nonatomic) IBOutlet UIButton *payButton; @property (weak, nonatomic) IBOutlet UILabel *termsLabel;// Terms of service @end @implementation XSRecommendedPrivilegeViewController -(void)viewDidLoad { [super viewDidLoad]; self.payButton.layer.masksToBounds = YES; self.payButton.layer.cornerRadius = 7; Nsstring * changestring = @ “listener package terms of service”; Nsstring * termsstring = [nsstring stringwithformat: @ “click next to agree% @, […]

  • Hive function — windowing function 1


    Windowing function First acquaintance Window: the range of datasets that the function evaluates at run timeFunction: running function! Only the following functions are supported: Windowing functions: LEAD: LEAD (scalar_ Expression [, offset] [, default]): returns the column value of the specified column of the following n rows of the current row! If not found, the […]

  • IOS development learning – uiscrollview


    1. Usage of uiscrollview: (1) Add the content to be displayed to uiscrollview(2) Set thecontentSizeProperty, which tells uiscrollview the size of all the content, that is, tells it the rolling range (how far it can roll and where it ends) 2. The solution of uiscrollview unable to scroll If uiscrollview cannot scroll, some of the […]

  • Golang slicing tool class


    package services import ( crand “crypto/rand” “errors” “fmt” “github.com/astaxie/beego/orm” “io” “math/rand” “strconv” “strings” “time” ) type UtilService struct { } //uuid func (this *UtilService) Uuid() (string, error) { uuid := make([]byte, 16) n, err := io.ReadFull(crand.Reader, uuid) if n != len(uuid) || err != nil { return “”, err } uuid[8] = uuid[8]&^0xc0 | 0x80 […]

  • Dry goods time series database partition tutorial (1)


    1. Why partition data? Partitioning the database can greatly reduce the system response delay and improve the data throughput. Specifically, zoning has the following benefits: Partitioning makes large tables easier to manage. Maintenance operations on data subsets are also more efficient because they are only for the data needed, not the entire table. A good […]