• The skill of MAC system to block the advertisement of iTunes radio music playing software


    Mac users can directly obtain the data of iTunes radio from the iTunes client, so the iTunes radio Mac version is also a music player software that Mac users like to use. However, some small advertisements will be implanted in the use of the iTunes radio Mac version, so how to remove these small advertisements? […]

  • Examples of implementation of amazeui radio and multiple selection boxes


    This paper mainly introduces the implementation examples of amazeui radio box and multiple selection box, and I will share them with you and leave a note for myself. The details are as follows: <!doctype html> <html class=”no-js”> <head> <meta charset=”utf-8″> <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge”> <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1″> < title > radio box and multiple selection […]

  • CSS click radio to switch between two image styles, and only one checked in multiple radio


    We realize that the buttons that are clicked are in the red image style, that is, the other buttons that are not selected are in the gray image style. See the following picture styles: 1. First, I create two radio: (I can also declare several more, and the data here is normally dynamically obtained) <input […]

  • (4) C ා WinForm custom control – Select button group – hzhcontrols


    Official website http://www.hzhcontrols.com premise Has been in the industry for 7,8 years, has always wanted to do a set of beautiful custom controls, so there is a series of articles. GitHub:https://github.com/kwwwvagaa/NetWinformControl Code cloud: https://gitee.com/kwwwvagaa/net_ winform_ custom_ control.git If you think the writing is OK, please click a star to support it Welcome to discuss: Penguins […]

  • Modify the input type = Radio and selecet default styles, and implement the single click text selection option


    If you want to click the text, you can select the option. After searching the data, you can learn to put the input into the label to achieve this function. Generally, the input radio box is used to achieve the radio function, which is realized by controlling the checked value. The use of Vue to […]

  • Experience of using iView framework in project


    Writing method of form verification ruleValidate: { //Input box name: [ { required: true, message: ‘The name cannot be empty’, trigger: ‘change, blur’ } ], //Drop down selection box name: [ { required: true, message: ‘The name cannot be empty’ } ], //Radio box name: [ { required: true, message: ‘The name cannot be empty’ […]

  • Implementation of JS object-oriented radio box


    In this paper, we share the implementation code of JS object-oriented radio box for your reference. The specific content is as follows Description: JS object oriented — implementation of radio box Effect: Realization: Utile.js (function () { Object.prototype.addProto=function (sourceObj) { var names=Object.getOwnPropertyNames(sourceObj); for(var i=0;i<names.length;i++){ var desc=Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor(sourceObj,names[i]); if(typeof desc.value===”object” && desc.value!==null){ var obj=new desc.value.constructor(); Obj. Addproto […]

  • How does wechat applet realize radio radio radio check and cancel


    The front end uses input to write radio, and the applet can also use < radio / > single label if it uses radio label 1. Custom radio style Wx is really ugly by default /*Radio box style*/ /*Initial style*/ radio .wx-radio-input{ width: 32rpx; height: 32rpx; border-radius: 0 } /*Selected background style (background border)*/ radio […]

  • Using label mark to realize the selection of radio box by clicking text


    The < label > tag defines a callout (tag) for the input element. The label element does not present any special effects to the user. However, it improves usability for mouse users. If you click on the text within the label element, this control is triggered. That is, when the user selects the label, the […]

  • Examples of Radio and Checkbox Implementations in Pure CSS


    radio-and-checkbox Implementing Radio and Checkbox in Pure CSS reset-radio Radio and checkbox components are often used when developing PC-side projects, but because native styles are relatively inconsistent with the designer’s design style, we may often refer to third-party modules for implementation, or hack through JS or other means. This adds a relatively large amount of […]

  • A Simple Example of HTML Checkbox and Radio Style Beautification


    A Simple Example of HTML Checkbox and Radio Style Beautification checkbox: XML/HTML CodeCopy content to clipboard <style type=“text/css”>       input[type=“checkbox”]        {            display: none;        }               input[type=“checkbox”] + label            {                display: inline-block;                position: relative;                border: solid 2px #99a1a7;                width: 35px;                height: 35px;                line-height: 35px;                border-radius: 4px;            }               input[type=“checkbox”]:checked + label:after            {                content: ‘\2714’;                font-size: 25px;    […]