• Weekly point canvas animation – trigonometric function


    The main contents of this section include: Introduction to trigonometric function Analysis of common trigonometric functions The mouse rotates with the angle Seeing mathematical terms such as trigonometric function and Pythagorean theorem, do you have the feeling of shaking your legs! Well, even if you’ve been scared to pee, you can’t deny that the knowledge […]

  • Rest style description


    Rest style description A software architecture style, not a standard, only provides a set of design principles and constraints. It is mainly used for client and server interaction software. The software designed based on this style can be more concise, more hierarchical, and easier to implement caching and other mechanisms. Basic rest command description: method […]

  • Collation of common SQL server functions


    Today I sorted out a common function of SQL server, hoping to help you. 1. Statistical function (aggregate function) Avg() — average count() — statistical number max() — maximum min() — minimum sum() — sum stdev() — stdev() function returns the standard deviation of all data in the expression stdevp() — stdevp() function returns the […]

  • The first attempt of canvas: drawing magnifier Icon


    With the popularity of smart phones and the development of Internet front-end, the requirements of content style are becoming too elegant. Here’s how to use canvas to draw a simple magnifying glass icon: We divide the drawing process of canvas into path analysis and development path analysis First observe that the magnifying glass icon is […]

  • Drawing charts in wechat applet (Part3)


    Outline of this issue 1. Pie chart drawing2. How to add animation effect3. UserollupBuild project Related reading:Drawing chart in wechat applet (Part1)Drawing charts in wechat applet (Part2) Follow megithubProject view full code. I haven’t updated it for a long time. There are many things recently. Come and fill in the pit today! Pie chart drawing […]

  • Lantern Festival is coming, let’s set off fireworks!


    Lantern Festival is coming soon, but fireworks are not allowed in big cities. Do you miss the happy time of putting flowers in your yard when you were a child. Don’t worry, let’s teach you how to make the programmer’s little romance fireworks Scene analysis Fireworks are blooming in the sky, we use the curtain […]

  • Trigonometric function, slow in and slow out animation and C # implementation


    You can often see the animation effect of slow in and slow out in daily life, such as: 1. Scroll bar with slow in and slow out effect: 2. Breathing lamp with slow in and slow out effect: Like the above effect, it uses the knowledge related to trigonometric function. Next, we will explain how […]

  • Using canvas to draw a circular (ARC) progress bar


    The results are as follows Can show the whole circle, semicircle and any angle arc (left and right symmetry) progress bar. The overall idea is as follows: First determine the shape of the display, the whole circle, semicircle or general arc Divide the arc of the determined shape into 100 equal parts and calculate the […]

  • Canvas of HTML5


    Basic concepts of canvas 1.canvasIt’s just a container (canvas), and we can specify its size <canvas id=”myCanvas” width=”200″ height=”100″ style=”border:1px solid #000000;”> When the browser does not support canvas, it will be displayed here. </canvas> 2.canvasYou have to use scripts to draw //First, find canvas var c = document.getElementById(‘myCanvas’) //Then, create a context object (getcontext […]

  • JS Math.sin And Math.cos Introduction and application – fireworks effect after mouse click


    Basic introduction Math.sin (x) The positive value of: X. The return value is between – 1.0 and 1.0; Math.cos (x) The cosine value of: X. Returns a number between – 1.0 and 1.0; Where x is the “radian” rather than the angle. Radian definition: two rays shoot from the center of the circle to the […]

  • Wechat app canvas draws patterns (generate posters and circle of friends posters)


    Now it is very common for small programs to generate posters. For example, it is necessary to generate punch in posters, copywriting, publicity maps, promotion maps, etc. it is necessary to draw pictures. Some of them are drawn through front-end canvas and some are drawn through back-end. Of course, front-end canvas drawing is more cost-effective, […]

  • 01-html5 notes


    Browser kernel (rendering engine) IE browser kernel: Trident kernel, also known as IE kernel; Chrome browser kernel: collectively referred to as chromium kernel or chrome kernel, formerly WebKit kernel, now blink kernel; Firefox browser kernel: gecko kernel, commonly known as the Firefox kernel; Safari browser kernel: WebKit kernel; Opera browser kernel: it was originally Presto […]