• Basic use of canvas


    Canvas can be used to make photo sets or animation of checkpoints, or even real-time video processing and rendering. Here I will introduce the simple use of canvas 1: Canvas label The canvas tag and the IMG tag look very similar, Canvas has only two optional attributes, width and height. There are no SRC and […]

  • What is the world matrix in cocos creator


    What is the world matrix in cocos creator 1. (matrix) what is matrix and what is its use Matrix a magical existence? Is the meaning of the values in the development process scratching your ears and scratching your cheeks? Today, we’re going to break the mystery. Due to the large amount of content, the “worldmatrix” […]

  • Vue dynamically draws three-fourths of the rings


    Referring to a case on the internet, “Reference is to draw a dynamic circle.” Now I need to adapt it into three-quarters of the circle.Achieving results: Style display canvas drawing basic operation settings can beReference source code link: original: https://blog.csdn.net/qq_21058391/article/details/76691047 > To modify the source code cited above, several points should be noted 1. understanding […]