• Draw 3D lines with arrows with three.js


       Demand: This demand is a rigid need! To show the escape route in a subway scene, this route must have an indicating arrow. In order to draw this arrow, I spent no less than ten hours, and finally made it, but there is still some problem. My requirement for this arrow is that no […]

  • Draw 3D lines with arrows (arrows inside lines) with three.js


    ArrowLineMaterial.js code modified on the basis of LineMaterial.js: /** * @author WestLangley / http://github.com/WestLangley * * parameters = { * color: , * linewidth: , * dashed: , * dashScale: , * dashSize: , * gapSize: , * resolution: , // to be set by renderer * } */ import { ShaderLib, ShaderMaterial, UniformsLib, UniformsUtils, […]

  • Three. JS to achieve 3D panoramic detective games


    background You are?Hey, hey, hey, Detective AgencyIntern detective ﹐ after receiving the task assigned by the superior, go toZhen Kaixin townSurvey citizensZhen BuzhangGem theft, according to the informantTramp Mr. ShiThe thief is hiding in the town. Find him and help Zhen bupao find the stolen gem! This article usesThree.js SphereGeometryestablish3DPanorama preview function, and add 2D […]

  • Tableview add fillet with section


    – (void)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView willDisplayCell:(UITableViewCell *)cell forRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath { if ([cell respondsToSelector:@selector(tintColor)]) { if (tableView == self.dataTableview && indexPath.section == 1) { //Fillet radius CGFloat cornerRadius = 10.f; //Set the cell background color to transparent. If this is not set, the original background color will not be overwritten // cell.backgroundColor = UIColor.redColor; cell.contentView.backgroundColor = UIColor.orangeColor; //Here, […]

  • Plicp point cloud iterative nearest neighbor registration method


    input parameter Polar coordinate set of point cloud a Point cloud a corresponds to the pose of lidar Polar coordinate set of Point Cloud B Point Cloud B corresponds to the pose of lidar Features Determine the starting position of point finding according to the radian relationship of two point clouds Set the stop conditions […]

  • Python code reading (Chapter 64): rotation between angle and radian


    Introduction to Python code reading collection:Why not recommend Python beginners to look directly at the project source code The code read in this article realizes the function of converting radian to angle and angle to radian. The code snippet read in this article comes from30-seconds-of-python。 rads_to_degrees from math import pi def rads_to_degrees(rad): return (rad * […]

  • Method of drawing flower curve with Python and pyGame


    The real multi flower curve is drawn by a gadget called multi flower curve gauge. The multi flower curve gauge is composed of two circles matching each other. Insert a pen into a hole on the small circle and roll close to the inner wall of the big circle to draw a beautiful pattern. This […]

  • Customize view from scratch – (I)


    I believe that every Android Developer has been in contact with the custom view, but I can’t figure out the details, so I decided to do a series of articles to introduce how to make cool effects with the custom view step by step. 1、 API reserve When starting to customize the view, we should […]

  • The center coordinates of two circles are known in canvas, and an arc is drawn between the two circles


    The cause of the above problem is the need to draw an arc between two circles.There are two ways to draw arcs in canvasarcTo()、 arc()。Arcto is an arc between two tangents, not applicable.Arc draws a circle or arc, which is more consistent, but the start radian, end radian, radius and center coordinates need to be […]

  • 【1】 Common graphic drawing demonstration / ring diagram


    Ring diagram Suppose we now have a set of data: var data = [ {type: “apple”, number: 124}, {type: “banana”, number: 56}, {type: “chestnut”, number: 310} ]; We hope to use the ring diagram to display, and the final effect is as follows: Single case We don’t consider the prompt text and polyline at the […]

  • Common coordinate system and coordinate transformation of cesium (tools)


    Common coordinate systems in ceisum include 1. Screen coordinates 2. World coordinates (Cartesian Cartesian coordinates) 3. Longitude and latitude can be in radian form and degree form 4. Webmercator web Mercator 5. Euler angle 6. Quaternion Look at a picture I drew myself and sort out the relationship between them The code GitHub address of […]

  • Weekly point canvas animation – trigonometric function


    The main contents of this section include: Introduction to trigonometric function Analysis of common trigonometric functions The mouse rotates with the angle Seeing mathematical terms such as trigonometric function and Pythagorean theorem, do you have the feeling of shaking your legs! Well, even if you’ve been scared to pee, you can’t deny that the knowledge […]