• XHTML three file type declarations


    XHTML defines three file type declarations. The most commonly used is XHTML transitional.<! DOCTYPE > is mandatory.An XHTML document has three main parts:The basic document structure is as follows:<!DOCTYPE …><html><head><title>… </title></head><body> … </body></html> In XHTML documents, the document type declaration is always on the first line.This is a simple (minimized) XHTML document:<!DOCTYPE htmlPUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML […]

  • The web page table or div layer is expanded in the web page


    When we design web pages, we will always encounter some unpleasant things. The most common thing is to find that the displayed pages are opened after adding content in the background, resulting in extremely unsightly web pages. In the past, we basically designed forms. Naturally, there are many solutions for forms on the Internet. Now […]

  • Configuring Apache virtual host instance for Linux system


    installapache,php: yum install httpd php Suppose the IP address of the VPS is, and there are two domain names pointing to the IP address, domain1.1 com, domain2. com, Modify / etc / httpd / conf / httpd Conf, add at the end of the file: ServerName NameVirtualHost <VirtualHost>         ServerName domain1.com […]

  • Detailed explanation of Linux system configuration network


    IinstallAnd configurationnetworkequipment IninstallIn Linux, if you have a network card,installThe program will prompt you to give the configuration parameters of TCP / IP network, such as local IP address, default gateway IP address, DNS IP address, etc According to these configuration parameters,installThe program will automatically compile the driver of the network card (first supported by […]

  • Implementation skills of Web Music in Web Design


    When inserting music into the web page, write different codes according to different suffixes! The following is the detailed use code of various format files.Note:“Music file and address” – the file name of the file to be played, preceded by the absolute path or the relative path of the site. width_ Num — specify a number […]

  • Introduction to XHTML common tags


    For some time, I found that many people can’t use XHTML, not only ordinary beginners, but also some programmers don’t know how to write XHTML. Here, I can summarize some common application problems, which can also enable us to form a tacit understanding in communication and cooperation.There are many tags in XHTML, but there are […]

  • HTML web page picture tag


    Insert picture marker < img >The colorful web pages we see today are all due to the role of images. When you think about the past, all the web pages in the network are plain text, which is very boring. You know the importance of images in web design. Images can be inserted into HTML […]

  • Five examples and skills of web form design


    1. Mobile selection of form text input: if a prompt is added in the text input field, visitors often need to select it with the mouse, delete it, and then enter useful information. In fact, as long as you add OnMouseOver = “this. Focus()” onfocus = “this. Select()” code to < textarea >, everything will […]

  • HTML web page hyperlink tag


    HTML web page hyperlink markup tutorialProperties of linked TagsLink is one of the most important elements in a web page and the soul of a website. A website is composed of multiple pages, and the navigation relationship between pages depends on links. Each web page has a unique address, which is called URL (uniform resource […]

  • HTML form markup tutorial (4):


    Suppose you now want to add such a content to the form: browse the city. There are dozens of cities above the provincial capital, not cities across the country. It would be unimaginable to list all these cities on the web page in the form of radio buttons mentioned above. Menus and lists appear in […]

  • HTML form markup tutorial (5): text field markup


    This tag is used to make a multi line text field in which you can enter more text. Basic grammar Grammatical interpretationThe meanings of these attributes are shown in the following table Attribute value of text field tag describe name Insert a text field into the page.01 <!– —————————— –>02 <!– Example of document: 11-17 […]

  • HTML form markup tutorial (3): entering markup


    HTML form markup tutorial. This section mainly explains how to use input markup in web pages, and mainly introduces the use of the attributes of input markupThe input tag < input > is one of the most commonly used tags in forms. Common text fields, buttons, etc. use this tag. Basic grammar Grammatical interpretationThe attributes […]