• Linux centos installs supervisor to manage Laravel queues


    install supervisor yum install supervisor After installation, a supervisord.conf file and supervisord.d directory are usually generated in the /etc/ directory, and configuration files are usually placed in this directory Open the /etc/supervisord.conf file, the last line will have [include] files = supervisord.d/*.ini Understand as loading all .ini files under the supervisord.d folder Then my configuration […]

  • Can Redis use List to implement message queue to ensure message reliability?


    A necessary middleware in a distributed system is the message queue. Through the message queue, we can asynchronously decouple services, reduce traffic peaks, and achieve eventual consistency. There are currentlyRabbitMQ、RochetMQ、ActiveMQ、KafkaWait, someone will ask: “Is Redis suitable for message queue?” Before answering this question, let’s think about it in essence: What features does a message queue […]

  • [Data Structures] 03 – Stacks and Queues


    From the perspective of data structure, stacks and queues are also linear lists, and their particularity lies in the fact thatThe basic operations of stacks and queues are a subset of linear list operations, they are linear lists with restricted operations and, therefore, can be called restricted data structures. But from a data type perspective, […]

  • Problem solving when using queue in Yii


    Recently, there have been some problems in implementing WeChat message push. When we push WeChat notifications in batches, I used the form of queue to implement WeChat message push, but when using the queue, there is no problem with the queue process, but the queue The task is the phenomenon of not being executed. After […]