• Laravel queue


    In the actual project development, we often encounter the situation that we need lightweight queue, such as SMS, email, etc. these tasks are not enough to use Kafka, rabbitmq and other heavyweight message queue, but they do need asynchronous, Retry, concurrency control and other functions. Generally speaking, we often use redis, beanstalk and Amazon SQS […]

  • C + + STL stack and queue


    Stack and queue Header file #Include // queue #Include // stack Definition method //Parameters are data types stack s; queue q; Common operations //Stack operation: s. Empty() // is the element empty s. Size() // returns the number of elements in the stack   s. Pop() // delete the top of stack element without returning its […]

  • Summary of interprocess communication


    The following is a brief summary of my understanding of interprocess communication. First of all, be aware of one thing:Each process has an independent address space, so it is impossible to complete the communication between processes in the user mode, and the corresponding operation must be completed with the help of the operating system, that […]

  • Kafka: the TA that real time can’t do without


    1、 Preface With the development of technology and market demand, real-time development has become an indispensable part of the current big data development. In the whole real-time development link, data acquisition needs to be written to Kafka, and data processing also needs to use Kafka. Today, we will give a brief introduction to Kafka, the […]

  • Dry goods time series database dolphin DB stream data tutorial


    Real time stream processing is to collect the data generated by the business system in real time, and then send it to the stream processing framework for data cleaning, statistics, storage, and real-time display of statistical results through visualization. The traditional static data table oriented computing engine is not competent for the analysis and computing […]

  • The use of spool-2.1.2 process pool module


    staySwoole-2.1.2In this version, we willServerThe process management module is encapsulated asPHPClass, now available inPHPCodeSwooleProcess manager for. In the actual project, we often need to write some long-term running scripts, such as based onredis、kafka、rabbitmqImplementation of multi process queue consumer, multi process crawler and so on. Programmers need to usepcntlandposixRelated extension library to achieve multi process programming, […]

  • Review four basic data structures: array, linked list, queue and stack


    preface This article is included in the album:http://dwz.win/HjK, click to unlock more knowledge of data structure and algorithm. Hello, I’m brother Tong, a hard core man who climbs 26 floors every day and doesn’t forget to read the source code. Array, linked list, queue and stack are the most basic four structures in data structure. […]

  • Record a TCP queue overflow problem troubleshooting process


    1. Preface The problem investigated in this paper is the classic TCP queue overflow problem. Because the TCP queue problem has no obvious index exception at the operating system level, it is easy to be ignored, so I share the investigation process with you. 2. Problem description When a service calls B service interface, the […]

  • C + + STL priority queue_ queue)


    std::priority_queue Priority queue   1、firstThe element is alwaysmaximumElements. 2. It has heap like features, in which elements can be inserted at any time.    3. SupportSubscript access(random access iterator) The implementation inside the priority queue needs to rely onFoundation vesselThe container should be passablerandom access iterators Access and need to support the following operations empty( ) […]

  • Restricted linear list queue (sequential storage and chained storage)


    1. Queue overview 1.1 queue definition A queue is a linear table that only allows insertion at one end and deletion at the other.A queue is a first in first out linear tableThe end that can be inserted is called the end of the team, and the end that can be deleted is called the […]

  • Code exercise of the rust programming language (Part 3 simple web server)


    A series of articles: Code practice of the rust programming language (Part 1 basic part) Code practice of the rust programming language (Part 2 advanced part) Code exercise of the rust programming language (Part 3 simple web server) My relationship with rust started when I found such a modern functional system programming language for system […]

  • Introduction to rabbitmq


    summary Rabbitmq is an open source message component based on AMQP. It is mainly used to store and forward messages in distributed systems. It is written in Erlang language, which is famous for its high performance, high availability and high scalability. characteristic High reliability: rabbitmq offers a variety of features that allow you to make […]