• GitLab Runner


    Gitlab runner is an open source project for running your jobs and sending the results back to gitlab. It is used in combination with gitlab Ci, an open source continuous integration service used by gitlab to coordinate jobs. 1. Install Install GitLab Runner using the official GitLab repositories (Be the first choice) 1. Add gitlab’s official […]

  • LeetCode 17. Letter Combinations of a Phone Number


    Title Description (medium difficulty) Given a string of numbers, each number can represent several letters under the number key, and return all the possible composition of the letters under these numbers. Solution 1 multiplication of definitions I thought about using iteration and recursion, but I couldn’t figure it out. I came up with this algorithm. […]

  • Detailed explanation of rocketmq’s architecture design, key features, and application scenarios


    Content outline: Introduction and evolution of rocketmq The architecture design of rocketmq Key features of rocketmq Application scenario of rocketmq Introduction to rocketmq Rocketmq is a pure Java, distributed, queue model open-source message middleware, formerly known as metaq, which is a queue model message middleware developed by Ali. After that, rocketmq became the top open-source […]

  • Queue of data structure


    What is a queue? A queue is a linear table that allows only insertion at one end and deletion at the other. Is a first in first out linear table, referred to as FIFO. The end that can be inserted is called the end of the team, and the end that can be deleted is […]

  • Advanced interview questions at the front end – thoroughly grasp the JS event cycle principle


    Preface Why write this article? Because this problem involves a lot of knowledge points: synchronous task, asynchronous task, macro task, micro task, task queue, execution stack, JS operation mechanism, EventLoop, so I want to tidy up and write an article, hoping to help my friends! Classic questions Here is the promise, async and await code. […]

  • Installation and use of librdkafka


    Title: librdkafka installation and usecopyright: truedate: 2019-05-20 08:53:02Categories: Message Queuingtags: kafka Message queue librdkafka MQ Install librdkafka git clone https://github.com/edenhill/librdkafka.git ./librdkafka cd ./librdkafka ./configure # Or, to automatically install dependencies using the system’s package manager: # ./configure –install-deps # Or, build dependencies from source: # ./configure –install-deps –source-deps-only make sudo make install Using librdkafka Examples […]

  • Go data structure


    data structure Introduction of data structure (algorithm) Introduction to data structure 1) Data structure is a subject of algorithm research. Data structure only comes from programming language. Learning data structure well can writeMore beautiful, more efficient code.2) To learn a good data structure, we need to think about how to solve the problems in our […]

  • Getting started with data structure – queues


    One can be realized“FIFO“Storage structure for” Classification: Linked queue: implemented by linked list Static queue: it is implemented by array, and the static queue usually must beCircular queue Explanation of circular queue: Why static queue is circular queue Reduce waste of memory The loop queue needs several parameters to determine Two parameters,frant 、rearHowever, these two […]

  • Double end queue of data structure


    What is a two terminal queue? Deque is a queue that allows both ends to enter and exit the queue. Deque is the abbreviation of “double ended queue”. That means that the elements can come out of the team and enter the team from the beginning, or from the end. How to implement the two […]

  • Tidb source reading series (XVII) DDL source analysis


    Full text link: https://pingcap.com/blog-cn/t DDL is a very core component of database, and its correctness and stability are the cornerstone of the whole SQL Engine. In distributed database, how to realize the unlocked DDL operation on the premise of data consistency is a challenge. This paper first introduces the overall design of the tidb DDL […]

  • Spring cloud Alibaba (V) rocketmq asynchronous communication implementation


    This article discusses how to use rocketmq binder to subscribe and publish spring cloud application messages. introduce RocketMQ It is an open source distributed message system. Based on highly available distributed cluster technology, it provides low latency and highly reliable message publishing and subscription services. It is widely used in many fields, including asynchronous communication […]

  • C ා code instance of implementing sequence queue and chain queue


    And the implementation of the previous stack is basically one idea: No more nonsense, just write the code //Custom queue interface Namespace queue { interface IQueue<T> { int Count { get; } int GetLength(); bool IsEmpty(); void Clear(); void Enqueue(T item); T Dequeue(); T Peek(); } } //Implementation class of sequential queue Namespace queue { […]